1. In life you encounter many pains and just as many hardships, you are hurt countless ways and at times feel like you have been broken. Things often appear like they wont ever get better and days arise when you feel like life itself has knocked you to the ground and you wont be able to stand back up. As you lay there, beaten you say to yourself; yes im down for the count 1, 2, 3, ... 8, 9, 1--- but before the cout can end your back on your feet, and ready for the next round. as you stand a question comes to mind, why? why do i get up, why do i take these punches ? then you see, you feel, and smell it and even though it may not be around you know that its out there waiting for you to stand and take it. you see the clouds and sun shine of a lovely day, you smell the sent of a ruby red rose, you taste the flavor of your favorite dish, you see..... you see the smile and hear the voices of those that care for you, they are reaching out their hands to you when ever life knocks you down. They say "take my hand, get on your feet and stand" even though they are not present at that very moment you can see them clearly and hear them as if they were right next to you "stand" "stand" "stand" and then i stand, because you are worth standing for my love.

    i wrote this for the most wonderful girl a few months ago. wrote quite a few more as well but you guys well never seem them :-P
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  2. It's very good.I like it.
  3. :) thanx ninagirl

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