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  2. Oh noos, the troll face. It won't go away. This is pretty cool Right click>save as
  4. Doesn't work for me. I always see coolface when I close my eyes.
  5. [IMG]
  6. Coolface is Trollface because Trollface precedes Coolface.

    This is the very first appearance of Trollface: http://whynne.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d1mk5ec (Submitted: September 19, 2008) The illustrator even calls him "Trollface".

    Once the comic made its way to 4chon, someone O SO EXPLOITABLE'd the face into his MS PAINT creation that you know as Coolface..

    Coolface is a plagiarism and IMPOSTER!

    "[...]but call it what you like." is passive aggressive for: "you're a dumbfuck if you call him anything else."

    How did you not learn that? I don't know what bullshit they call "History" in Ireland, but in Texas we learned about all the very important world events so that we may repeat them for lulz and/or energy contracts.

    Problem officer?
  7. Except that the very first appearance of it was in a comic where it was called Coolface, NOT in that image. I dunno what kind of shit they teach you in Texas, but in Ireland, you're fat and you should feel fat.

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