1. So what does everyone else think of the Kakashi parts happening in the manga lately? I for one am liking them, and do hope that some more of his back story is revealed.
  2. Pretty interesting so far.There has been a few twists the last few weeks.
  3. You can say that again. Hope there is more of his backstory that gets revealed now.
  4. Yeah me too.Would love to know more about him.
  5. And it's flashback time. :awesome
  6. [IMG]
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  7. LOL! That's funny.XD
  8. [IMG]

    Just dropping this here. <3
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  9. Oh very nice! Thanks! :3:
  10. You're welcome. ^~^


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  11. I agree with that! I still love Kakashi.:in love: Even if I love Law too.LOL
    I miss seeing Kakashi haven't read or watched Naruto in a while now.:(
  12. I haven't read Naruto in few years. I dropped it because I didn't want to read chapter per week... That was after time skip. ^^; I should start reading again soon. If I found were I was that is.
  13. It's hard finding where you was at after not reading it in so long. I'm surprised I found the chapter I was on.
    I'm on chapter 609. I love Kakashi he is awesome! :3:
  14. Wow! It's been a long time.
  15. A ghost of TAL's past!
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  16. lol @ bumping this kind of thread.
  17. lol Her FC is in disarray! It's a total disaster ! You left people starving and homeless..

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