1. I think this was just a genius was on MD's part to get us all together in a thread together again. You could of just said you missed us....nah better to do it this way I may of ignored you.

    In 2020 I hope there is a new and better big 3 of anime or tons of great series. I also hope I'm even more successful in my professional and personal life.
  2. What is this "personal life" you speak of? Is it related to this "IRL" thing I keep hearing about?
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  3. Says the one with two kids... LOL!
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  4. We should all do a big skype chat one day
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  5. You can show us power rangers ^^
  6. Uh.. y-yes, of course. This was my plan all along.

    I am glad you understand.
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  7. I've commented on that issue about reddit before myself. Reddit's a great site in that it has virtually all topics on it, but everyone you communicate with is anonymous, in fact I rarely post on reddit I mainly just browse it.

    It's not at all like the old days where you were on different forums and had amusement with other people, I'm not sure if it's because the Internet has changed and forums are irrelevant because of reddit or if it's because I was a teenager back then and more inclined to chat on anime forums than what I am in this era.
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  8. Also I'm going to gloss over the fact people were listing names of forum members and forgot to include the most infamous and illustrious Duo.

    Amusingly I was in America for the first time recently and I also went to Vegas, I decided to visit LA and TheYoungTurks for the election because I have a modest interest in American politics thanks to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

    So I was over in November by myself checking out LA which was an interesting and massive city to see, I was surprised how decentralised it was and that Holywood is fairly run down and that in LA you'd hardly have been able to tell an election was going on, I barely saw or heard any mention of it. After being in LA for a week I went to Vegas for 2 days which was enough for me, was very cool to see all the casinos which are a novelty. I'd hate to spend any lengthy period of time there though, I'm not really an alcohol drinker and after losing $40 on blackjack I'd had my fill of gambling too.

    Most of the Americans I interacted with were pleasant, some dicks, food was okay, chocolate was poor, very elitist culture with Museums and everything having special lines for people who pay more and then pleb lines. I was in San Fran for a few hours for my flight home, not long enough to judge it properly but got a weird vibe from it and didn't like it much.

    Random mentions:

    A guy in the airBnB I stayed in in LA beside one of the universities had a swastika tattoo, I found that surprising to see in California.

    I like that Denny's appeared to let people sleep there overnight, which I took some advantage of after not being let on my Vegas bus and having to wait 6 hours for the next one.

    Was pretty surprised Donald managed to win.
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  9. I could never get into reddit. I prefer this place and the fact that you can actually get to know people.
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  10. Yeah you definitely don't have fun characters on reddit, it's almost like a more organised 4chan.

    I mean you can see the same people posting in a particular thread, but you don't see them again after that. It's still great though with all the information and fun stuff on it, but definitely a different experience.

    Also, what has happened with this forum? I can't post replies using Chrome unless I quote someone post a blank post and then edit the post >_>
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  11. I mainly browse in the big subs as well and just comment on some other comments or just a general thought I don't want to keep having in my head. It's a great way for me to get rid of my opinion and then move on, something I sometimes can't do in real life, because we're not following the same events. I don't use it as an echo chamber though, because opinions on reddit have absolutely no fucking value for me.

    I'm mostly active in subs relating the videogames I play or my hobbies, they're pretty small and sometimes I get a really constructive back-and-forth between someone. I start recognizing certain names because they always start shit with the mods or always get shit on by the others. In those subs, the opinions and experiences are more informative to me.It still doesn't create personal bonds like here, but eeh, I can live with it.

    and yeah, I use Firefox only for this lol. Both Chrome and Vivaldi don't support the OS of the chatbox here.
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  12. Something broke with Chrome so you can't see the chatbox. And for me if I want to post I can do it regularly butI have to refresh the page for the post to show up.
  13. Ya just use firefox for this forum
  14. Bitches... how you guys forget to mention Tony? :toenee
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  15. 'Sup bruh?
  16. This is actually entirely Bout EndoMilik. Him and Barry had a magical three years together, until Endo decided that it would be in his best interest to drop the bomb on Barry that he has had a severe rectal disease thier entire relationship. Barry still can't make peace with such a betrayal and has sworn revenge upon EndoMilik. No matter what the cost.

    It's truly a tragedy...
  17. Oh and....

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  18. You know me too well.
  19. I figured it was about time to let the cat out of the bag..
  20. Arukas whats up!

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