1. Funny you mention her...
  2. I knew it was Martzu!!
    ..she give you the clap?!?!
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  3. That was my way of guessing who without actually guessing. Nooo not Martz!
  4. Can't complain brotha, things are shitty but I'm hustlin', hope you enjoyed Vegas.

    You game much these days? What're you playing?
  5. But I didn't even get to mention Kraker, Haoh, Bats, Seka, Drak, or Kigga yet. :troll
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  6. [IMG]
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  7. It's already been answered sensei.
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  8. Damn a couple of those names are blasts from the past like Kiggakid and Kraker.
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  9. Such fun times here when those 2 were around. And Trejo, Spidey, Nat, Llian, JC, Jurai, Clay, Flare, Fresh, SL, 4thseal, Entix, vigilante, panthera, nezumi, NG, Mater, and Marlie. Also Raug. And might as well throw Atem, Alex, fieldy, and Tony in there as well.

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  10. Delph and Raoul

    haha....we do this every couple of years and remember our fallen brethren
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  11. You guys remember Shade?
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  12. You guys are like a bunch of very old war veterans with dementia at a reunion.
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  13. Shall we toast to the fallen?
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  14. Eh? Why would we roast pollen?
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  15. I think that is an accurate description of us.
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  16. Anybody know what the fuck happened to fresh? And Yachiru?
    A part of me always thought I'd turn on the news one day, watch a report about a mass shooting and see Yachi's punk rock mug holding a gun and smiling from ear to ear.
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  17. Vegas is an interesting place. You can do a lot there without gambling just by eating delicious food, seeing the sites, and partying. That being said, I went there to play blackjack with a friend and see a show. I think all said, with my gambling losses and such, I only spent about $200. The trick to gambling is to only play with money you're willing to lose and never go to an ATM in the casino to pull out more. For $45 round trip and $25 for my portion of the hotel room I slept in for 3 hours, it was worth the trip.

    I'm looking forward to the new zelda game but that's about it, I don't play anything new anymore. I'll probably get a ps4 when ME:A drops but that's it.
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  18. Damn I forgot about Mater, she was always using those funny/weird jokes in the anime threads.
    Another oldie would be Eddie.

    I feel like Marlie still posts in the manga threads around here.
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  19. I was a late joiner on the old Naruto forum but I so remember so many of these names from there and here. In the end our age playing games or posting on a forum your positive anime articulation does not mean a damn thing. I hope some come back and I hope you all stay. It's funny and a bit absurd but I just cannot imagine not having this forum.

    I know I am not alone when I have friends who I have never met in person.. friends maybe even better friends from the net. Why the hell do I need to see your ugly ass faces to be friends? lol. I hope all of you stick around cause we have a lot more manga and anime to watch and discuss. 2020: What an awesome year of anime! Just stop in and say hi even if you do not want to post often..from time to time.

    No other anime site I would rather have been a part of for the last 7-8 years of my life than TAL. My friends. My brothers. Now MD bitch your ass up to the store and get me some beer.
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  20. I almost forgot about Arukas, EE, Lokes, Pebbles, Ice, endo and Sheep. Oh and Denny Crane though I forgot his NM name.
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