1. THIS!

    I ask myself sometimes if I should still be here as often. I'm still carrying on moving forward in life so I guess it's okay.
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  2. Anticipation is killing me.
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  3. why is there not a countdown to when you will put him on blast?!?!

    I vote for the day after Christmas (just because Ill be out of the country til Dec 24 [and will need a day to recover])

    yea...I told someone else that the site just isn't the same because the big 3 brought me to the forums...and now there is only 1 left
    (I have joined exactly 2 forums in my life -- and purposefully got myself banned from the other one but I'm no where near as active as I was 3, 5, 10 yrs ago)
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  4. I'm curious now too. I want to know! Even though I've never been involved much with you guys in things like skype. Not that I would be against it. I just haven't done it.
  5. At least you could still create an identity on forums like these. Reddit is just a shithole full of anonymous shitposters and memes.
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  6. It's all about balance. I feel I am up for a vacay too. Is there a lot to do in Vegas. I always hear good things but never felt compelled to go. I always have it in the back of my mind is you go there to blow your money on gambling.
  7. Hey boys, nice to hear from so many of you.

    Thunder, you've always been a cool guy. Killa, too.

    DM, you're a hella intelligent dude, I miss our talks. Hope life is well with all of you.

    I don't think this person is taking the bait and my rage is subsiding, but we'll se how it goes.
  8. You're a fucking dick tease and that's not nice. Look at all of us peeping Tom's lurking around the thread with anticipation as though it's an Eastenders Christmas special!

    MD what did you think of the recent Berserk anime and are you looking forward to next season? :p
  9. MD it's been too damn long man
  10. Can't help it bruh, this person gave me a crying phone call earlier and now I feel bad. I'm not as ruthless as I once was, but the week is still young. Perhaps Prime MD will return.

    I enjoyed it a lot, loved the My Brother remix, but understand why people hate the CGI.
  11. Rai! Nice to hear from you buddy. How're you doing? The days when we used to watch anime with all the other TAL bros were pretty good.
  12. MD Yesterday: This is going to be the best ever. It's going to be YUGE.
    MD Today: Eh maybe not.

    Our expectations are high. OP must deliver.

    Don't keep us guessing though, we'll start trying to guess who it is until we decide on some poor schmuck to take all the blame. Who haven't I seen around...
  13. In college, joined a frat, taking finals. If you're on skype I can try and remember my account.
  14. ^ Yup I'm on Skype, same username as before.

    It's worth noting, some of this shit is so heavy that if I drop it, you'll never feel the same way about some of TAL's longest-tenured members ever again, so I have to be careful. But hey, at worst I'll get to reconnect with some of you guys. At best you guys are going to see some shit that's going to make you think less of both myself and a certain other someone you all adore so much.
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  15. Krozar? Was it Krozar?
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  16. Don't play coy, you already know. :awesome
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  17. Always the voice of reason! ...probably not in fairness but I actually thought it was ok too. The CGI was not good and the music was repeatitive but I thought that the episodes got better the more episodes they went through.

    If anyone is only now learning that K is dodgy as all hell then something's wrong with them :p
  18. Oh, the things that you read on an anime forum.
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  19. Im sure we already know all the shit Kro has done...
  20. I was like great wth did I do now lol. Hello MD. Now we just need Martz back.

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