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    Naruto's data
    Sasuke's data
    Sakura's data
    Kakashi's/White Fang
    Kyuubi's data
    Rock Lee's data
    Gaara's data
    Neji's data
    Chouji's data
    Shino's data
    Tenten's data
    Kankurou's data
    Ino's data
    Hinata's data
    Kiba's data
    Orochimau's data
    Jiraiya's data
    Tsunade's data
    The legends of the Sannins
    Curse Seal
    Itachi's data
    Kabuto's data
    Kisame's data
    Kimimaro's data
    Iruka's data
    Rin's data
    Obito's data
    Asuma's data
    Hyuuga Hiashi
    Anbu chick's profile
    Kiba's sister's data
    Chouji's dad
    Kiba's mom/Dog
    Nidaime's data
    The fight at Kanabi Bridge
    Seven Mist Swordmen
    Wood techniques
    medic jutsu
    Some random medic jutsu

    themes, character debt, favorite girl, and gai
    American Shounen Jump interview
    Translation by Pazuzu
    Another one by Pazuzu

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    Ok guys, I don't know if I should post it here or somewhere else. I haven't even reread it (it's laaaate), and I don't think it's polished enough to deserve a place in some Translation thread, but anyway, I thought it might be interesting to you.

    I bought the guidebook this morning and copied/translated some stuff from it. I basically took the post straight from my LiveJournal to post it here (after changing some tags obviously). Enjoy [IMG]

    I included: a few character stats, a LOT of character height/weight/age/birthday data, name of previously unnamed charas/jutsu, translations of polls/rankings, Kishimoto creation sketches & comments, Q&A session, special 5 pages manga.

    It also contains (crappy) photos I took with my iBook's webcam. Sorry for the absence of thumbnails, I've had enough problem uploading the normal pictures already... (hypercrappy connection)

    This is the cover + back. I wonder why he drew Sasuke with the bandages and that random dress.. By the way, this guide covers the manga up until volume 43 included, thus it also has everything about Uchiha, Itachi's death, the story Madara tells Sasuke etc etc

    :::Some character stats:::

    This is a quick overview of some character's growth, that is their abilities in Sha no Sho compared to how they were in Tou no Sho (2nd guidebook). I know it's impossible to read and it's also pretty difficult to see the lines, but anyway, you mainly need to know what the 8 points are. Starting from the top, clockwise:
    -(Physical) Strength
    Also, the charas in the lower left are (top>bottom, left>right): Neji, Shikamaru, Gaara, Rock Lee.

    Ok, well, I'll be kind enough to type the numbers XD; But only of the newest stats.. [IMG]

    Naruto: Nin 4 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 2 - Int 3 - Str 3.5 - Spe 3.5 - Sta 5 - Sea 1.5
    Sasuke: Nin 5 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 4 - Int 3.5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 4
    Sakura: Nin 3 - Tai 3 - Gen 3.5 - Int 4 - Str 3 - Spe 3 - Sta 2.5 - Sea 4
    Shikamaru: Nin 3.5 - Tai 2 - Gen 3 - Int 5 - Str 2 - Spe 2.5 - Sta 3 - Sea 3
    Rock Lee: Nin 0 - Tai 5 - Gen 1 - Int 2 - Str 4.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 1
    Neji: Nin 4 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 2 - Int 3 - Str 2.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 3
    Gaara: Nin 5 - Tai 2 - Gen 3.5 - Int 4 - Str 2.5 - Spe 3 - Sta 5 - Sea 4

    Most of the points definitely don't surprise me.
    Naruto's intelligence grew a lot.. He's almost as smart as Sasuke (-0.5 points) XD Sakura is smarter than both (0.5 points higher than Sasuke). I'm surprised about Neji, I thought he was smarter [IMG]
    Naruto should really improve his seal ability... Maybe now that he's been training for Rasen Shuriken etc he will also do that..
    Sakura improved a lot, though apparently, as strong as she looks, her taijutsu and physical strength are still lower than the other boys' (well, yes, she's a woman indeed and most of her strength depends on her chakra control, but anyway).

    :::Characters - Height & Weight (& Age/Birthday):::

    This totally crooked chart (I mean, the photo) compares the height of the various characters. Sasuke looks quite taller than Naruto, although he's actually only 2 cm taller.. Maybe it's the shoulders..

    Anyway, here's a list of the height/weight of the characters shown in the chart (it's in centimeters/kilograms, sorry, I cannot convert it for you... ==;[IMG]. I also included the age and birthday for those ones you might be wondering about XD By the way, Naruto & co. are listed as 16 years old.

    Naruto: 166.0cm x 50.9kg
    Sasuke: 168.0cm x 52.2kg
    Sakura: 161.0cm x 45.4kg
    Chouji: 172.3cm x 87.5kg
    Shikamaru: 170.0cm x 53.4kg
    Ino: 162.2cm x 46.0kg
    Neji: 172.1cm x 54.2kg
    Tenten: 164.0cm x 47.3kg
    Rock Lee: 172.0cm x 54.7kg
    Sai: 172.1cm x 53.3kg (17 years old, bday 11/25)
    Yamato: 178.0cm x 58.4kg (26 years old, bday 8/10)
    Kakashi: 181.0cm x 67.5kg
    Kiba: 169.1cm x 52.5kg
    Hinata: 160.0cm x 45.0kg
    Shino: 175.1cm x 56.6kg
    Akamaru: 127.2cm x 80.5kg (7 years old XD)

    Here is the same info for other charas you might be interested about (Japanese alphabetical order, except for the Hokage, who are where the "ho" would be):
    Kushina Uzumaki: 165.0cm x 47.0kg (age unknown, bday 7/10)
    Itachi Uchiha: 178.0cm x 58.0kg
    Madara Uchiha: only known thing is his bday, 12/24
    Iruka Umino: 178.0cm x 66.2kg
    Orochimaru: 172.0cm x 57.3kg
    Kakuzu: 185.0cm x 63.2kg (91 years old, bday 8/15)
    Gaara: 166.1cm x 50.9kg
    Karin: 162.6cm x 45.8kg (16 years old, bday 6/20)
    Kankurou: 175.0cm x 61.2kg
    Konohamaru: 141.1cm x 36.9kg
    Konan: 169.4cm x 45.3kg (age unknown, bday 2/20)
    Sasori: 164.1cm x 47.3kg (35 years old, bday 11/8)
    Asuma Sarutobi: 190.8cm x 81.6kg
    Shizune: 168.0cm x 49.2kg
    Juugo: 202.1cm x 75.8kg (18 years old, bday 10/1)
    Jiraiya: 191.2cm x 87.5kg
    Shin (Sai's "brother" XD): 174.0cm x 55.4kg (age unknown, bday 9/6)
    Zetsu: only known thing is his height, 177.0cm
    Danzou: 170.0cm x 52.7kg (72 years old, bday 1/6)
    Chiyo: 149.1cm x 39.1kg (73 years old, bday 10/15)
    Deidara: 166.0cm x 50.8kg (19 years old, bday 5/5)
    Teuchi: 170.0cm x 64.0kg (47 years old, bday 8/10) (I know you just wanted to know about him 8D)
    Temari: 165.0cm x 47.9kg
    Tobi: 175.0cm x 55.9kg (anything else is unknown; and yes, he and Madara have different profiles)
    Yugito Nii: 170.2cm x 50.8kg (29 years old, bday 7/24)
    Hidan: 177.1cm x 56.8kg (22 years old, bday 4/2)
    Pain (by the way, in romaji it's clearly written PAIN, not "Pein" [IMG]): 176.5cm x 57.2kg (age and bday unknown)
    Suigetsu Hoozuki: 177.4cm x 57.0kg (16 years old, bday 2/18)
    Hashirama Senju: 185.1cm x 74.0kg (age unknown, bday 10/23)
    Tobirama Senju (second Hokage [IMG]): 182.3cm x 70.5kg (age unknown, bday 2/19)
    Hiruzen Sarutobi (third Hokage): 163.1cm x 50.6kg (69 years old, bday 2/8)
    Minato Namikaze: 179.2cm x 66.1kg (age unknown, bday 1/25)
    Tsunade: 163.1cm x 48.9kg
    Kisame Hoshigaki: 195.0cm x 83.1kg (32 years old, bday 3/18)
    Maito Gai (yes, I do know the guidebooks have him as "Might Guy" XD): 184.0cm x 76.0kg
    Kabuto Yakushi: 177.0cm x 65.0kg
    Kurenai Yuuhi: 169.1cm x 54.4kg

    :::Character names & quick ages:::

    These are actually featured in the above part as well, but anyway...
    New names we found about:
    -Sai's "brother" was called Shin
    -Madara's brother was called Izuna
    -Fukasaku's wife is called Shima
    -After finding out about Hashirama Senju and Minato Namikaze, now we know about the second and third Hokage's names as well, that is: Tobirama Senju and Hiruzen Sarutobi
    -The names of Kakashi's dogs: Pakkun (this one you already know [IMG]), Shiba (the one with the black crest), Bisuke (little one with droopy eyes), Akino (one with glasses), Guruko (little one with Naruto-like whiskers), Uuhei (one with bandages), Urushi (one with not black crestlike fur), Buru (the big bulldog)
    -Sai's senpai from Ne (who we see when he hands Sai the envelope from Danzou) is called Hyou
    -The two guys from the Rain village, who Jiraiya questioned: Yuudachi (he got transformed), Ryuusui
    -The guy in Orochimaru's lair that Suigetsu kills ignoring Sasuke's orders: Takishi
    -The four women who were bathing in the hot springs Yamato & team 7 went to: Emiru, Sumire, Nae, Yui
    -Nekobaa's granddaughter: Tamaki

    And here's the age of some new charas:
    -Sasori: 35
    -Deidara: 19
    -Kakuzu: 91
    -Hidan: 22
    -Suigetsu: 16
    -Juugo: 18
    -Karin: 16
    -Sai: 17
    -Yamato (Tenzou): 26

    :::Jutsu names:::

    Some jutsu names you might want to know. Mostly jutsu whose name we didn't hear in the manga.

    -Ukojizai no Jutsu: Pain uses this jutsu to make rain fall.
    -Kagura Shingan: Karin uses this jutsu to check a vast range around her. It's labeled as "hiden".
    -Kagerou: the jutsu Zetsu uses to vanish and reapper in/from the ground.
    -Kamui: the jutsu Kakashi uses with his Mangekyou against Deidara. It appears to be an original jutsu of his (that is, other people with other Mangekyou Sharingan probably can't do it).
    -Karasubunshin no Jutsu: the bunshin jutsu Itachi uses to transform into crows XD It appears to be a normal jutsu, I mean, no hiden, no kekkei genkai XD
    -Kishou Tensei: the jutsu Chiyo uses to revive Gaara. Level S.
    -Kyoumen Shuuja no Jutsu: Pain used this jutsu to make team Gai clones appear.
    -Kirin is labeled as S-level.
    -Kuchiyose - Gamamise no Jutsu: Jiraiya used this jutsu to create the fake pub in the Rain village XD
    -Kuchiyose - Raikou Kenka: Sasuke used this jutsu to summon weapons in the fight against Itachi.
    -Gufuu Suika no Jutsu: Naruto & Yamato's joint jutsu used against Kakuzu.
    -Saikan Chuushutsu no Jutsu: the jutsu Sakura used to extract Sasori's poison from Kankurou's body.
    -CO (the second one is "O", not "zero"): Deidara's last jutsu.
    -Shikigami no Mai: Konan's jutsu when she was floating in the air and her body transformed into paper.
    -Shikoku Fuuin: the jutsu Jiraiya used to leave his last message on Fukasaku's back.
    -Jagei Jubaku: the jutsu Sasuke used to make snakes coil around Juugo and Suigetsu to stop them. It's actually Orochimaru's, so I don't know if he's able to use it now..
    -Shouten no Jutsu: the jutsu Pain used to transform random men into Itachi and Kisame.
    -Suika no Jutsu: Suigetsu uses this jutsu to transform into water.
    -Suiton - Gousuiwan no Jutsu: Suigetsu used this jutsu once to make his left arm bigger.
    -Sennou Sousa no Jutsu: Sasori used this jutsu to control Yura's mind.
    -Chidori Eisou: when you see Sasuke shooting a laserbeam-like Chidori from his hand, well, it's this jutsu XD;
    -Tensha Fuuin - Amaterasu: this is how the Amaterasu Itachi sealed into Sasuke's left eye is called.
    -Fuuton - Rasenshuriken is labeled as S-level.
    -Magen - Kasegui no Jutsu: the jutsu both Itachi and Sasuke used against Orochimaru when he tried to enter their minds.
    -Yamata no Jutsu is labeled as S-level (the user is Orochimaru, not Sasuke)

    ::[IMG]olls & Rankings:::

    The results of some polls XD In most of them the male/female rate is 4:6 or 3:7... No wonder.
    Be prepared to also see the results of the overall character popularity poll... XD

    The best scenes that went straight to your heart
    1) Ch306, "Naruto and Sasuke meet again" - 161 votes
    2) Ch279, "Gaara revived" - 132 votes
    3) Ch393, "Itachi's death" - 122 votes
    4) Ch281, "Gaara's handshake" - 87 votes
    5) Ch383, "Sasuke VS Itachi, the fight begins" - 63 votes
    6) Ch362, "The last ultimate art" - 56 votes
    7) Ch310, "Title 'Friends'" - 49 votes
    8) Ch328, "Shikamaru's tears" - 45 votes
    9) Ch278, "Cry of grief" - 40 votes
    10) Ch339, "Overlapping backs" - 38 votes

    The best lines that moved you (my translation will be very rough, sorry)
    1) Ch307, "No way you can become Hokage if you can't even save a friend. Right... Sasuke?" by Naruto Uzumaki - 131 votes
    2) Ch382, "Not to give up.. That was the real choice I had to make. Naruto, the 'boy of the prophecy' is undoubtedly you. I leave the rest to you." by Jiraiya - 97 votes
    3) Ch249, "As Kazekage of the village of the Sand." by Gaara - 90 votes
    4) Ch383, "'The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki'... Yeah... That sounds good." by Jiraiya - 75 votes
    5) Ch321, "You're the only shinobi able to surpass the Yondaime Hokage. That's what I believe." by Kakashi - 63 votes
    6) Ch333, "It's because only the power of the 'wind' is able to save the 'fire' and make it burn higher than before." by Naruto Uzumaki - 61 votes
    7) Ch362, "Be scared!!" by Deidara - 57 votes
    8) Ch303, "Orochimaru might even try and rip me apart, but I'll definitely steal Sasuke back from him!" by Naruto Uzumaki - 47 votes
    9) Ch278, "If you Sand shinobi hadn't put a monster inside of Gaara all of this wouldn't have happened!!!" by Naruto Uzumaki - 40 votes
    10) Ch304, "I wanted to show this to niisan..." Sai by - 38 votes

    The best battles that heated you up
    1) Sasuke Uchiha VS Itachi Uchiha - 361 votes
    2) Sasuke Uchiha VS Deidara - 130 votes
    3) Sakura Haruno & Chiyo VS Sasori - 107 votes
    4) Gaara VS Deidara - 94 votes
    5) Shikamaru Nara VS Hidan - 56 votes
    6) Jiraiya VS Pain - 50 votes
    7) Naruto Uzumaki VS Kakuzu - 46 votes
    8) Naruto Uzumaki & Kakashi Hatake VS Deidara - 45 votes
    9) Sasuke Uchiha VS Orochimaru - 44 votes
    10) Hashirama Senju VS Madara Uchiha - 43 votes

    Which shinobi would you like as your teacher?
    1) Kakashi Hatake - 268 votes
    2) Itachi Uchiha - 104 votes
    3) Jiraiya - 100 votes
    4) Minato Namikaze - 84 votes
    5) Maito Gai - 66 votes
    6) Tsunade - 54 votes
    7) Yamato - 44 votes
    8) Iruka Umino - 40 votes
    9) Asuma Sarutobi - 38 votes
    10) Deidara - 32 votes

    The king of chapter covers (I know that the titles alone don't help you remember the pics, but anyway, you can still look them up somewhere..)
    1) Ch384, "Two roads..." - 192 votes
    2) Ch317, "The nightmare begins!!" - 144 votes
    3) Ch388, "Difference in strength...!!" - 128 votes
    4) Ch341, "Results of training...!!" - 64 votes
    5) Ch377, "Sennin mode!!" - 52 votes
    6) Ch357, "Deidara VS Sasuke!!" - 51 votes
    7) Ch294, "The fourth tail...!!" - 50 votes
    8) Ch332, "Shikamaru's fight!!" - 45 votes
    9) Ch337, "Shikamaru's talent!!" - 37 votes
    10) Ch364, "The target is...!!" - 36 votes

    Which shinobi would you like as your older/younger brother/sister?
    -Younger brother:
    1) Naruto Uzumaki - 92 votes
    2) Sasuke Uchiha - 76 votes
    3) Deidara - 48 votes
    4) Gaara - 26 votes
    5) Sai - 20 votes
    -Younger sister:
    1) Hinata Hyuuga - 30 votes
    2) Sakura Haruno - 16 votes
    3) Tenten - 7 votes
    -Older sister:
    1) Temari - 52 votes
    2) Sakura Haruno - 28 votes
    3) Ino Yamanaka - 21 votes
    -Older brother:
    1) Itachi Uchiha - 158 votes
    2) Deidara - 116 votes
    3) Naruto Uzumaki - 93 votes
    4) Neji Hyuuga - 78 votes
    5) Sasuke Uchiha - 50 votes
    6) Shikamaru Nara - 31 votes
    7) Gaara - 30 votes
    8) Kakashi Hatake - 29 votes
    9) Sai - 24 votes
    10) Sasori - 16 votes

    Overall Character Popularity Poll (basically they additioned all the votes of the past popularity polls... XD)
    1) Kakashi Hatake - 48431 votes
    2) Naruto Uzumaki - 42862 votes
    3) Sasuke Uchiha - 33632 votes
    4) Iruka Umino - 23532 votes
    5) Shikamaru Nara - 11211 votes
    6) Sakura Haruno - 9701 votes
    7) Neji Hyuuga - 9362 votes
    8) Gaara - 8660 votes
    9) Rock Lee - 8614 votes
    10) Itachi Uchiha - 7067 votes
    11) Hinata Hyuuga - 6917 votes
    12) Haku - 3551 votes
    13) Maito Gai - 2913 votes
    14) Temari - 2803 votes
    15) Yondaime Hokage (Minato Namikaze) - 2734 votes
    16) Deidara - 2555 votes
    17) Kiba Inuzuka - 2398 votes
    18) Hayate Gekkou - 2183 votes
    19) Jiraiya - 2055 votes
    20) Shino Aburame - 1963 votes

    :::Secret character creation sketches:::

    I took some (crappy) photos of the sketches Kishimoto did to create the grown-up versions of his characters. I'll also roughly translate (aka "the meaning is fine, just ignore the horrible English adaptation") what he says about them... Click the names to see the pictures. Note: the "LOLs" are actually in there, it's not my comment (though sometimes I do agree 8D).

    Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha
    -Naruto: "The forehead protector is slightly wider"
    "Actually, the main characteristic of Naruto's clothes is his forehead protector. In the earlier version the line used to show the "thickness" of the metal and the line of the cloth part were very close, and that made it kind of difficult to draw the eyebrows that were right under that. For this reason, I made the cloth wider. This made both the metal's and the cloth's thickness visible, plus the eyebrows are a lot easier to draw. Besides that I also removed the rolled up part of Naruto's pants and changed his shoes from sandals to high-cut boots. Showing too much the ankle looked childish, so I tried to fix that."
    -Sakura: "Sakura changed from China-style dress to karate suit..."
    "I changed Sakura's clothes from the previous China-style ones to a more lively karate suite style. I gave her boots and gloves. The upper part, though, still has a Chinaesque feeling to it, so as to make her more feminine."
    -Sasuke: "I thought I had to make him look cool!"
    "I changed my mind a lot of times in my quest to make him look cool. I tried to put a "shimenawa" (the rope, ndt) around him to preserve Orochimaru's style.. I tried a turtleneck to show cleanliness.. I tried a military uniform.. In the end I just chose Japanese-style clothes and left his chest naked (LOL)."

    Sai, Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi, Shino Aburame
    -Sai: "I tried to make him look interesting to a certain extent by showing his belly (LOL)"
    "Since he's Sasuke's successor, I thought that he had to somehow look cool and interesting...The result is his exposed belly (LOL). I also made him look unbalanced on purpose by making the gloves different in length."
    -Shikamaru: "The focal point is the forehead protector on his arm"
    "I wanted him to be unique despite wearing a normal chuunin vest. That's why I decided to put his forehead protector on his arm, so that it wouldn't hide his peculiar hair line."
    -Chouji/Kiba: "One similar to his dad and a ninken rider"
    "As for Chouji, in the past I've drawn his father Chouza, so I thought he might just follow his style. Kiba rides Akamaru, so he has sweat-proof clothes. Like those of a ninken rider (LOL)."
    -Shino: "Even Shino's bag is stuffed with bugs"
    "I eventually decided that Shino must be dressed in layers (LOL). I decided not to show much his face and other parts of his body to make him look eerie. He's also a bug user, so even his backpack is full of bugs."

    Tenten, Akamaru, Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuuga
    -Tenten: "Her design is my favorite"
    "Tenten wears a comfortable three-quarter China dress. I tried to think about the ease of movement when I drew it. This Tenten is my favorite design."
    -Akamaru: "Akamaru..... well, I just made him bigger"
    "I just made Akamaru bigger (LOL). His face is the same as before. I never decided a specific breed for him. I just thought of him as a dog that gets bigger and bigger and that would be able to carry Kiba around."
    -Ino: "She was full of bandages, so I removed them"
    "The previous Ino was covered in bandages, so I first removed those. Then I thought about the ease of movement, and since she's a girl I tried to leave some parts of her body exposed."
    -Hinata: "Hinata is cute-but-uncool (LOL)"
    "Hinata has to look simple, so I tried to cover all of her body and to give her a "provincial" feel. She's not interested in fashion... so I do want her to look cute, but in an unfashionable way. ...Cute-but-uncool (LOL)"

    Pain, Hidan, Konan, Zetsu
    -Pain: "I wanted coolness and danger"
    "He's Akatsuki's leader, so he has to look cool at least to a certain extent, but I also wanted him to look dangerous. Since his name is "Pain", I decided to put some piercings on his body. Kind of like a person who gives pain to himself".
    -Hidan: "Bones and a scythe remind of a shinigami"
    "Hidan uses curses and such, so I wanted him to look similar to a shinigami. That's why he carries a scythe and bones. I originally planned the scythe to have a lot of tricks, but I didn't have time to show all of them... (LOL)."
    -Konan: "Yeah, she's obscene... but she wears clothes (LOL)"
    "I'd thought since the beginning to have Konan as the only woman in Akatsuki, so I tried to make her somewhat obscene, but...... In truth, she wears the Akatsuki mantle above that (LOL). And then, she transforms into paper right away..."
    -Zetsu: "I originally wanted to make Akatsuki into a group of monsters"
    "Zetsu is modeled after an insectivorous plant. I originally wanted Akatsuki to be a group of individuals with close to no human characteristics. I decided to make Zetsu half black and half white to better show his double personality."

    I forgot to take photos of the page with the Nibi and Sanbi, but anyway...
    -Nibi: "If it was just a cat it would be too cute..."
    "There's actually a youkai (Japanese folklore monster, ndt) called "Nekomata", so the Nibi was easy to imagine. With two tails.. But if it was just a cat it would look too cute, so I tried to make him more beastlike, sort of similar to a tiger or lion, to make him look more powerful."
    -Sanbi: "I've always liked monsters (LOL)"
    "I've always liked monsters, youkai and huge creatures. With Sanbi I tried to mix many kinds of those. Its body recalls a turtle, and its tails are modeled after shrimps."

    :::Kishimoto Q&A Session:::

    I'll translate the very short Q&A session to which Kishimoto answered. It's 4am, ignore my horrible English.

    **About the sensei**

    Q. How do you choose the characters' names?
    A. I think about Japanese nouns and decide which ones might be good as names.

    Q. What character would you like as your girlfriend?
    A. No one. It's characters I create, after all...

    Q. If you were a girl, who would you like as your boyfriend?
    A. Shikamaru. He's smart and looks like he might be successful in life.
    **About the characters**

    Q. Do members of Akatsuki pairs sleep somewhere at night?
    A. They get two single rooms.

    Q. Now that Gaara doesn't have the Ichibi anymore he's unable to use the sand, right?
    A. Both the sand and the rings around his eyes are there for good, they can't be taken away.

    Q. If a Hyuuga and an Uchiha had a child together, what eyes would s/he get?
    A. His right eye would be a Sharingan. Meaning that the left one would be a Byakugan! (LOL)

    Q. If I drank Suigetsu would I get diarrhea?
    A. He would just come out from your bottom.

    Q. Why is Naruto able to summon Gamakichi if he signed the contract with Gamabunta?
    A. Because signing a contract with Gamabunta means that he's able to summon not only him but any toad.

    Q. What is Naruto's "new erotic ninjutsu"...?
    A. I'd like to draw it one day. I can do it anytime, I just need the editor's approval.
    **About the mysteries**

    Q. Why did the Kyuubi's seal gradually fade?
    Q. Why was Naruto able to grow up to four tails?
    Q. What did Karin do to Sasuke in the past?
    Q. Is Kushina alive?
    Q. How did Kakashi awaken his Mangekyou Sharingan?

    A. It's a secret!! Just keep on reading the manga!

    Some questions are really useless.. Though..... did SO many people ask about Naruto's new ero ninjutsu and what Karin did to Sasuke???? X°DDD Of course I also wanna know, but anyway...

    :::Original short manga:::

    And now, last but not least, I'll translate the 5 pages long original manga featured in the guide. I took (crappy) photos, please bear with me. Someone will definitely scan it more decently, sooner or later.

    Page 1-2
    Page 3-4
    Page 5

    Title: Sha no Sho: ~Kakashi's face is finally unveiled

    "Special original manga by Kishimoto-sensei!!"

    Pakkun: What's the matter, Naruto?

    *look look*

    Naruto: Shhhh!

    Naruto: Don't speak so loud!

    Naruto: Listen... Today I secretly came here to ask you something.

    Pakkun: What?

    Naruto: I'm tired of waiting, I wanna know how Kakashi-sensei's face looks like!

    Pakkun: Uh, you've never seen it?

    Naruto: So you have??


    Pakkun: Of course. We are his ninken after all.


    Naruto: Do you have.. uhm, photos?

    Pakkun: Nope.. No photos exist.

    Pakkun: He doesn't like them.

    Naruto: Uuhmm...

    Naruto: Well, then tell me about it, about how it's like!

    Guruko: I'll explain it to you, just look at my thoughts.

    Guruko: Ok! This is Kakashi's face.


    Guruko: It's like this.

    Bisuke: No, it's like this.

    Urushi: Kekeke, no, it's this!

    Shiba: No no, like this.

    Akino: Nooo, it's like this, woof.

    Pakkun: You really have no memory.

    Pakkun: This is Kakashi's face!

    Akino: ...That's right.

    Guruko: I-it's this, this!

    Uuhei: Yeah... It's this one.

    Bisuke: Oh yeah, it was like that!

    Naruto: S-so it was like this...!

    Naruto: Yesss! I must tell Sakura-chan~~!



    (on the paper cup) Ramen

    Kakashi: What's all this noise while I'm eating?

    Kakashi: What?

    dogs: [Ok, so it wasn't exactly like that...]

    "Kakashi-sensei, please show us your face~!!"

    *The end*

    Ok, now I finished everything.... Phew. Again, forgive my bad grammar, I've been speaking more Japanese than English lately.. ==
    I hope you enjoyed the info~ XD
    I might post more when I actually read the whole book. But it will take a while and I'll be busy, so... Maybe someone will be faster and more precise than me ==;
    Anyway, see ya~
    Some more stats

    Uchiha Itachi: Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 5 - Int 5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 5 - Sta 2.5 - Sea 5 = 35.5

    Jiraiya: Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 3 - Int 4.5 - Str 4.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 5 - Sea 4.5 = 35.5

    Tsunade: Nin 5 - Tai 5 - Gen 3.5 - Int 5 - Str 5 - Spe 3.5 - Sta 4 - Sea 4 = 35

    Orochimaru: Nin 5 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 5 - Int 5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 5 = 35

    New Tobi Pages















    Credit goes the Leroy for do the hard work. Trust me this was really tedious to do.
    the skills are read clockwise starting from north

    Skill mastery



    Those stats are most likely as follows:

    Ninjutsu: 5
    Taijutsu: 3.5
    Genjutsu: 3.5
    Intelligence: 4.5
    Power: 3.5
    Speed: 4.5
    Stamina: 4
    Seals: 3.5

    Birthday: May 5, Age 19, Taurus
    Height: 166cm
    Weight: 50.8kg
    Blood Type: AB
    Personality: self-respecting (be proud?), militant
    Favorite food: Bakudan (boiled egg wrapped in surimi)
    Dislike food: Maze-gohan (Japanese food)
    Wants to fight: Itachi
    Favorite word: Art is a Bang
    Hobbies: Creating art = Blowup

    Mission completed
    D: 4
    C: 27
    B: 35
    A: 13
    S: 3

    Deidara's using forbidden jutsu for detonating his clay.
    Deidara used to be a well known great artist in his village (Iwagakure = Rock village).
    Deidara loved to stay in the Akatsuki, because he thought all of the Akatsuki members are kind of artistic and is easy to get a chance to fight against a strong enemy by catching Biju.

    His last jutsu is called "CO" (not zero, O) - I assume it's the self-destructing one




    Birthday, Age: unknown
    Height: 175cm
    Weight: 55.9kg
    Blood Type: unknown
    Personatily: luck-pusher(?)
    Favorite food: ?
    Dislike food:?
    Wants to fight:?
    Favorite word: Secret
    Hobbies: accompany Deidara(?)
    Birthday: Dec 24



    Birthday: Nov 8, Age 35, Scorpius
    Height: 164.1cm
    Weight: 47.3kg
    Blood Type: AB

    Black Blood Puppets Sea that can destroy a country.

    A puppeteer's strength is measured by the number of puppets he can use at the same time. 10 puppets (total number of fingers a person has) is the peak/limit. But Sasori has overturned that common sense of the jutsu, by connecting the puppets to a core inside his body and controlling their motions through his determination/mind. So he can control a hundred puppets at a time. Its power can destroy a country.




    Hidan hails from Yugakure (the Village Hidden Amongst Hot Springs), the village purported to have forgotten war.
    Even as the Great Wars disappeared from the world and the Hidden Villages were scaled back as military powers, those with an abundance of nature and tourist resources gained positive position in the new times. Hidan, who had lived as a shinobi constantly starved for strife, grew frustrated and discontent with this new pacifism, eventually directing his feelings at the village itself.
    It was inevitable that the newly found religion of Jashin would set its eyes on him.
    Thou shalt massacre thy neighboor.
    The religion's teachings would prove be abundant with elements that affirmed Hidan's own desires.
    Birthday: April 2, Age 22, Aries
    Blood Type: B
    Height - 177.1 cm
    Weight - 58.8 kg
    Kakuzu -


    Birthday: Aug 15, Age 91, Leo
    Height: 185cm
    Weght: 63.2kg
    Blood Type: A

    Kakuzu was given the mission to assassinate the Hokage, but was defeated by the Mokuton jutsu. The next sentence says something like he returned to his village barely alive. Apparently the forbidden jutsu Kakuzu used to get the hearts or whatever is called "Jiongu". The kanji split up mean something like "Earth Hatred Fear"

    All that awaited him (when he returned from his mission to kill the Hokage) was the dishonor of failing his mission and heavy punishment. Feeling intense hatred for village's cruel deeds after he risked his life for it (or something along those lines), he broke out of prison.

    After that is where he learns the forbidden jutsu and kills the village leaders. jutsu and kills the village leaders.

    First of all, Seishitsu Henka 性質変化 (manipulation of (chakra) elements)
    Seishitsu Henka is when chakra is added to elements like fire or wind to create a more powerful effect. Though individual talent is needed to master this, most people are able to master one such element easily. Among the jounins, many are able to master at least two elements.

    Fire: Burns everything it touches, a high temperature chakra that is like fire. Can burn objects and like the wind element, it is a specialised offensive type of chakra.

    Wind: A chakra that cuts through everything like a blade. When used on special ninja weapons or deployed in jutsu, it is best for short to middle distance offensive attacks.

    Lightning: Easy to spread out and suitable for jutsu that are middle to long distance in offense. When used with metal based weapons, the effects get multiplied!

    Earth: Has the ability to change the hardness and composition of all objects. A person who masters this element can make an object to be as solid as metal or soft as clay in his jutsu.

    Water: It is very compatible the diverse "Form Modification". Whether it is in the form of a fog for masking your form or to trap someone in a tsunami, its auxilliary capability is very high.

    Keitai Henka (形態変化) (manipulation of shape/form)
    Keitai Henka manipulates the chakra form itself to create the "shape" of the ninjutsu and controls the power and area effect of the chakra. While Seishitsu Henka emphasizes and brings out the form of the chakra's elements, this particular technique is largely dependent on the user's conceptualizations, the skill's system, method of mastering it, etc. Many of the skills now are the results of the achievements of the earlier users.




    Name: Uchiha Itachi
    Ninja registration #: 012110
    Level: N/A
    Birthday: June 9th (21 Gemini)
    Height: 178.0cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Blood type: AB
    Personality: Brotherly love, Self Sacrificing
    Favorite food: Omusubi (konbu), Cabbage
    Least favorite food: Steak
    Wants to fight: Uchiha Sasuke
    Favorite Phrase / Word: Peace
    Hobby: Going to sweet shops
    Graduated Academy: Age 7
    Became a Chuunin: Age 10

    Mission Experience
    D: 53
    C: 152
    B: 134
    A: 00
    S: 01
    Answering the question "Is there anything interesting in Itachi's profile, for example about his illness?"

    About Itachi, let's see.. I browsed the entry (it's a bit long, I didn't read it fully, but I think my overview was decently thorough XD) and most of it just says what we already know, that is Itachi's past, what he did for the village, Sasuke etc. It doesn't say anything about his illness, his blindness or such :/ It doesn't even say anything about how he obtained his Mangekyou in detail or about Shisui, which I would've actually liked to know.. I still hope we will find out one day...

    The only thing that might be interesting to know, or well, that might be useful to explain what happened in the manga, is what it says under "Naruto" and "Mangekyou Sharingan".
    Under "Naruto" it says that Itachi saw Naruto as the one person able to save Sasuke and the village, that's why he told him what he did and "he put his hopes in him". And I guess also why he gave him some of his strength, though that isn't mentioned. This piece of info doesn't surprise me, but maybe some people were wondering...
    Under "Mangekyou Sharingan" it says "He sacrificed himself and by having his younger brother witness his death he left him the 'Mangekyou Sharingan'. 'I will always exist, with you'... Itachi decided to continue to protect Sasuke even after his death." Judging by how it's written, it looks like the point (to get the Mangekyou, I mean) is not Sasuke killing Itachi, but Sasuke seeing Itachi die.





    Kisame Hoshigaki (stats): Nin 4.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3.5 - Str 5 - Spe 4 - Sta 5 - Sea 3.5

    Ninja registration number: -
    Birthday: 3/18 (32 years old, Pisces)
    Height: 195.0cm - Weight: 83.1kg - Blood type: AB
    Personality: merciless, belligerent
    Favorite food: shrimps, crab
    Food he dislikes: fukahire (shark fillet)
    Person he would like to fight: anyone
    Favorite word: survival of the fittest
    Hobby: taking care of Samehada

    Graduated from Academy at: 10 years old
    Became chuunin at: ? years old
    Mission history: 3 D-rank, 68 C-rank, 154 B-rank, 78 A-rank, 29 S-rank





    Pain Page 1

    Pain (Clearly says "pain", not "pein", BTW... not that I expect that to change many people's minds)

    Catchphrase Text:
    People, countries, and the world will know pain!!

    Title Text:
    The shinobi in which the Rikudou eyes reside, a "god" born form a cycle of strife

    Body Text:
    Akatsuki, the group that secretly plots to hunt the Jinchuuriki and capture the Bijuu!! Their leader is none other than Pain. In pondering his mysterious true identity, that which serves as a hint is the Rinnegan appearing in his eyes. What will this "god", describing himself as having "attained growth through pain", bring to the world? Will it be "peace", or will it be "destruction"!?

    Ninja ID: ?
    Birthday: ?
    Height: 176.5 cm Weight: 57.2 kg Blood Type: ?
    Personality: Emotionless
    Favorite Food: Unknown
    Least Favorite Food: Unknown
    Desired Opponent: Uzumaki Naruto (the Nine-tails)
    Favorite Phrase: 雨夜の星 "The stars hidden on a rainy night" (idiom referring to "things that may exist, but are nonetheless unseen" or "things that are extremely rare")
    Hobbies: Unknown

    Mission Stats, Academy Graduation, Chuu-nin exam passing: All "?"

    Lower Left Text:
    The expressions of Pain are always devoid of life. One is incapable of finding any form of emotion in his face.

    Pain Page 2

    Text Lead:
    Countless mysteries maintain the "undefeated" status of this god...

    Entry 1:

    Text Body:
    The "Rinnegan", the doujutsu (eye technique) said to have been the origin of ninjutsu. Presently, not even a portion of the abilities generated through this most supreme of doujutsu, possesed by Pain, is certain. What is obvious, however, is that the Rinnegan serves as a great hint in identifying who or what Pain truly is. In the past, one of the Sannin, Jiraiya, raised and mentored a young boy named Nagato; the reason being that this boy too was in possession of the Rinnegan. Currently, it is not reasonable to assume that he and Pain are indeed one in the same. Still, judging from Pain's conversation with Jiraiya, and given that Konan is by Pain's side, at the absolute least it is certain that there is some form of connection between Nagato and Pain.

    Caption Pointing Nagato:
    Nagato is reported to have wielded all five basic [chakra] elements. Is this the power of the Rinnegan...?

    Nagato Pane Text:
    Gifted with the capacity to become versed in all major ninjutsu... at only ten years of age he mastered countless jutsu of all kinds

    Caption Pointing Pain:
    One of the animals summoned by Pain. A common feature is to be noted between the eyes of Pain and his summons. Specifically, all of their eyes exhibit the same pattern of concentric circles.

    Entry 2:
    Pain Rikudou (The Sex Paths of Pain)

    Text Body:
    That which was summoned by Pain was Pain Rikudou, five additional shinobi, each with their own Rinnegan. Not only do the six of them possess unique and fearsome abilities such as "jutsu negation" and "body alteration*", but they also all share eyesight with one another. It is unclear whether or not this awesome power is the product of the Rinnegan.

    (*based on the scans of the abilities available - more specifically, based on their text - it looks like this is the Pain "rocket punch", or as its known in the databook, "kaiwan no hiya", lit. "strong-arm flaming arrow")

    Pain Page 3

    Entry 3:

    Text Body:
    Make use of what jutsu you may, a god cannot be killed. "Immortal", and thus "undefeated"... The lone Pain that was dragged into [Jiraiya's] barrier space did cease to be active, but whether this means he "died" or not remains uncertain.

    Caption Jiraiya Surprise:
    Jiraiya was absolutely certain he had ended their lives... yet Pain Rikudou came back to life, attacking him from behind.

    Pane Text:
    If I remember right, it was you who taught me not to let my guard down... Jiraiya-sensei.

    Entry 4:
    Previous Identities

    Text Body:
    One of the answers Jiraiya arrived at was the revelation that, beginning with Yahiko, a previous pupil of his own, all six bodies of Pain Rikudou held a resemblance to shinobi he had previously encountered. Through what twist of fate did they become Pain Rikudou... And why do they all have the Rinnegan.

    Caption Shinobi Faces:
    The previous identities of Pain Rikudou, as identified by Jiraiya. Among them is the face of Fuuma Ichizoku clan member, matching the rumors of the Amagakure shinobi.

    Entry 5:

    Shared among Pain Rikudou are long black strips, serving as swords. The chakra of any individual pierced by this weapon is disrupted, a property not seen in any of the vast number of ninja weapons known to exist.

    Caption Blade:
    Extending from the arm of this cloak is Pain's weapon.

    Caption Jiraiya:
    Jiraiya after having been pierced by the weapon!! Along with a deep chill, he feels the presence of the Rinnegan gaze in his mind, and reels in fear!!
    Fat Pain
    Fat Pain's absorption ability is classified as a sealing technique that is not ranked. It's something like reversing the chakra flow from one's body and absorbing the chakra thrown by the opponent. In this way, the chakra is neutralised in a bottomless pit in his body and digested. And this regardless of the opponent's chakra element type. All gone, period.
    Smily Pain
    He can modify his body to make his wrist detachable and shot out like a missile. Chakra is focused at the joint to create a small explosion that propels the wrist/hand in a straight line towards the target. Its destructive power is strong enough to destroy a rock plate(?) easily. Chakra will protect the hand from getting hurt. Chakra at the joint can act like a magnet to attract and re-attach the hand.

    "Pain gives to a subject a part of an Akatsuki member's chakra to create a sophisticated 'copy' that is used to fight in their place. The ability of the copy is proportional to the chakra that was given to it, and it's also possible to use the original's abilities. However, when the chakra is over the jutsu ends and the subject dies. It's a merciless jutsu that uses up even the subject's own chakra."

    The captions say:
    -"Pain is the one who decides the chakra quantity and performs the jutsu."
    -"With Shouten no Jutsu the copy is also able to use the same weapons and ninja tools as the original." (like for example Kisame's Samehada, ndt)
    -"After Shouten no Jutsu is used, the copy looks exactly the same as the original."
    -"Of course the copy can use the same ninjutsu as the original. Even the Uchiha clan's peculiar 'Katon - Goukakyuu no Jutsu' is perfectly recreated."

    EDIT: Oh I forgot, the jutsu has no difficulty rank, so I guess it's unique to Pain. I reckon it's a Rinnegan thing, although there's no "kekkei genkai" written on it.

    The text says:
    "It can be performed by a maximum of 10 shinobi at the same time, that by focusing their minds together can start up the sealing statue. The 'absorbing chakra' radiating from its mouth extracts the bijuu's chakra and seals it. The whole process takes days to be performed by Akatsuki-level shinobi; average ninja wouldn't even be able to summon the statue."

    Caption: "The 'absorbing chakra' takes the shape of 9 dragons and seals the bijuu's chakra. When the sealing is complete, the statue awakens."



    Akatsuki stats
    Sasori: Nin 5 - Tai 4 - Gen 4 - Int 5 - Str 3 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 5 - Sea 4 = 34.5
    Deidara: Nin 5 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 3.5 - Int 4.5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 4 - Sea 3.5 = 32
    Kakuzu: Nin 5 - Tai 4 - Gen 3 - Int 5 - Str 4 - Spe 4 - Sta 4.5 - Sea 3.5 = 33
    Hidan: Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 3 - Int 3 - Str 4 - Spe 3.5 - Sta 5 - Sea 3.5 = 31.5
    Itachi Uchiha: Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 5 - Int 5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 5 - Sta 2.5 - Sea 5 = 35.5
    Kisame: Nin 4.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3.5 - Str 5 - Spe 4 - Sta5 - SM 3.5 =32.5
    Senju Hashirama(Shodai Hokage)


    Senju Tobirama(Nidaime Hokage) and Sarutobi Hiruzen(Sandaime Hokage)


    Namikaze Minato(Yondaime Hokage)


    Wants to Fight: Jiraiya.

    Favorite Food: Kushina's Cooking.

    Least Favorite Food: Nothing in particular.

    Favorite Saying: I can't make out the kanji after the "no" in the sentence, but I'm assuming that the whole thing is "will of fire" (hi no blank) and it's something like "The village shines with the will of fire." (hi no blank wa sato wo terasu.)

    Hobby: The kanji's blurry, but I'm pretty sure it says "Reading" and in parentheses: "Jiraiya's novels are his especial favorite."
    Tsunade(Godaime Hokage)
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    and a link to all the pages that has been scanlated so far
    Link(the pass is "narutorocks")

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