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  2. When are they going to sub 94 and +. I know for sure they're there, subbers are extremely lazy on this one. Might be because of all the text and weird dialogue.

    This show is awesome though, Madao is my favourite <3
  3. Episode 156 had some interesting shipping material for once, sorta.

    Also it seems like the anime is close to the latest chapter I downloaded but never read a couple months ago, so I'm guessing we're about to get a lot more fillers soon.
  4. I'm so behind on this show now, episode 74....
  5. I'm on episode 109 right now and I loved the Itou arc. My favorite arc so far in this series.
  6. I stopped watching this cause Crunchy Roll took away all their older episodes. I think that they had it their for a long time. Anyone knows any other streaming site that shows good quality of all Gintama eps? I think I left off around ep 56ish or something, 55-60 around there.
  7. I would say something, but I'm even further behind so...

  8. There was more after this scene, but it was kinda unrelated to this and stuff the other characters were doing when they thought they were all alone on the island.
  9. LMAO, I have to check this out when I get home.

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    Thats shit I use to do ALL the time LMFAO!!!!!!! GINTAMA FTW!!!!!

    It is not cool to form a kamehameha in real life, lol
  10. Bump because I've started watching Gintama again - honestly I have no idea why I stopped, I'm laughing so much each episode right now.

    Currently in the middle of the Kyubei arc. The episode where Kondo has a meeting the gorilla princess was so damn funny.
  11. Gintama is boss. You've got a lot of catching up to do, Krakerman. XP Good arc though. The Gorilla princess is one huge biotch. Gawd, I love this series. They better not ever cancel it. I'll weep large for many many days.
  12. Haha yeah, I guess its a good thing I have about 100 episodes of catching up to do, this should keep me entertained for a whole year. What's the latests subbed episode?
  13. I'm only on episode 26....hooo boy.
  14. 174, so you aren't exactly 100 behind. XP Just almost.
  15. ^ How far behind would that make you?
  16. Pft. I'm up to snuff on the subs. I don't know how far behind they are on the raws. I think they've caught up.

    Just checked. Subbers are caught up with the raws. Huzzar!
  17. Well, in that case, I'm not even going to say how far behind I am. <_<
  18. I'd say this is probably the final season. This new Tsukuyo arc was pretty much the last thing I read in the manga and that was about 20 chapters ago. They haven't really put in much effort in putting original content besides those filler scenes about production and whatnot.

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