1. Maybe we should just let that be the spam section. Have to delete ~ 20 threads there a day. Have "Real General" as the actual section, and up-side-down font? lol
  2. Nevermind. Went with a new captcha system. Hope this one works better :D
  3. General Section, now with all new FLOOD REPORTS!

    I think you understand why I got lazy Kroz D:
  4. I thought that was because I was starting to rub off on you ravi.
  5. You know you can only rub me the right way Eds.
  6. ^Lol
  7. Hello Everyones I am new here for good relationship. I hope Whole people are good in your countries. Here I found such a good news and articles related to my work and passion. Thanks For sharing with us such a great information
  8. now that's funny ^
    krozar likes this.
  9. Whole people are overrated.

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