1. This is pretty awesome. Feels like a solid last airbender game.

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  2. You're telling me there wasn't a thread like this in this section?
  3. lol I guess not unless I missed it. I'm on my 2nd playthrough on Witcher 3 for platinum trophy and so love the game. I have Battlefront, siege 6 and the division all preordered. That along with my ffxiv expansion just out I have enough gaming for the year into next spring.

    Also starting a new gaming pc build.
  4. There might be one but you might have to dig like crazy to find it lol. I worked late yesterday to take off a bit early to check out this Arkham Knight. Vicious I need to get on that Witcher 3. Had it since it first game out and only played a few minutes of it over the weekend finally. I'm going to try and main Arkham Knight and Witcher 3 when I can.
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  5. I need to finish my plat on Witcher 3 still... such a great game but man they had massive delays that literally made people have to stop playing like the xp bug and the 1 card people could not get for the gwent trophy. I am almost done with the nightmare or whatever they termed it mode playthrough.. I just gave up waiting so never finished.

    I still have to play Arkham and going to but holy hell I have a slew of games this fall to play starting with:

    That comes out on the 1st and is going to be awesome. Speaking of which I buy so many games digital anymore on my ps4. Gamestop just was shit for trade ins and I'll pay the balance off every month to avoid int.

    Anyway, I signed up for Sony Rewards http://www.sonyrewards.com/en/home/ and you can earn pts all sorts of ways. Then I applied for the Playstation card as you get more pts buying games digital and I do that so.. Apparently my credit is really good cause they gave me a 10 grand limit lmao. :eek: Like I'm going to come close to that pfft. It's good though for my credit score..high limit/low balance.

    I still have preorders in for Battlefront, Division, Rainbow Six Siege and Street Fighter V - beta has had all sorts of issues. I'll get to play betas for these to check it out ahead of time so I can still cancel order if need be. Battlefront looks sick though. Just have to finish my dragon age; Inquisition nightmare run by Tuesday.
  6. MGSV TPP is awesome. That is all.
  7. Anybody here play Life is Strange?
  9. Haven't played that yet Eddie. Finished up dragon age inquisition on nightmare.. that was fun actually. Bastion and Journey on ps4. Now mgsv..so many open world games lately and witcher.
  10. I didn't want to make a thread for this but did want to share it.

    I had a NES growing up so got to play Adventure Island but had very little exposure to Wonderboy. I played it a bit with friends that had Master Systems and a bit more on the game gear but this remake looks fantastic:

    The art style is how Mighty No 9 should have been and the fact that you can flip between 8-bit and current graphics is brilliant.

    My playstation hasn't been turned on for games in a long time and I rarely play anything current. I thought about buying a Wii U and missed the boat, then I thought about a PS4 but couldn't justify it... it's the same with the Switch. I don't think I'm that into games anymore (I did just buy a RetroUSB AVS though!). Lots of people say they are tired of HD remakes but I think something like this looks great.
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  11. Shiit, didn't even know this thread existed.

    Anyone play BF4 or Rocket League?
  12. Anything relevant with Sega Masters in this day in age brings a tear to my eye and commands my attention. If they bring back Alex Kid I will buy a console.
  13. Has anyone here played Breath of the Wilds?
  14. Yeah i have its fucking great

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