1. So they finally revealed what Fury said to Thor to make him unworthy.

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  2. [IMG]
    The new ultimate thor.
  3. Preacher's Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to turn Robert Kirkman's Invincible into movie.
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  4. Aren't they gonna call him War Thor now?
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  5. Yes totally ripping off Doctor Who. My guess is Odin.
  6. I haven't been keeping up too much but I did just read the latest Invincible which is 135 and I'm getting sad that the series is ending. It is such a fantastic series. Also, I still think Thragg's daughter will turn on him.
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  7. Brian Michael Bendis one of the best writers in the industry has left the raging dumpster fire that is Marvel Comics and has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics!
  8. [IMG]

    Announcing a wedding while picturing at least 4 that you ruined? :wut:
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  9. Meh. Comic book weddings almost always end up the same way, in ruin. Even now I think the same will happen when if DC decides to go through with Batman/Catwoman.
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  10. I totally forgot about Bats getting married lol.

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