1. Different movie but still on topic.
    ScarJo as Makoto from Ghost in the Shell
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  2. Same thing I've said all along:

    -Surround an Asian actress with major Hollywood hitters


    -Completely do their own thing with the material like Edge of Tomorrow. Even though with All You Need Is Kill it had a more international cast in the source material to begin with. (Emily Blunt's character was not Japanese in the novel either)


    In the case of GiTS since she is an android have her switch to this ScarJo body from her original one for some reason. I could at least swallow that reasoning a bit more.
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  3. THE PEOPLE DEMAND NUDE SCAR-JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. http://io9.gizmodo.com/oh-no-ghost-in-the-shell-considered-using-cgi-to-make-1771222939
    The fact that they even considered this an option :again:
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  5. I have to imagine this was a situation where the studio heads thought this would be great idea and the director and producers were like, "...."

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  6. [IMG]
    Here's the cast. Boy band member Ryosuke Yamada stars as Edward Elric, while actress Tsubasa Honda is Winry Rockbell and actor Dean Fujioka is Roy Mustang.
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  7. lol so they really do put boy band members in cast roles. kinda weird I guess but not unprecedented.
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  8. DM, looks like you were right.
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  9. Big fat, "Nope."
  10. I'll check this out.
  11. why are they YELLOW WASHING these characters?!?! it is literally EVERY ONE!!

    I'm outraged!!
  12. Is it time to riot yet cause I've been prepared for a while now?

  13. now that Ive read the thread
    ...even the Asian guy in the vid DM posted cant act


    IT'S FMA -- Ill still D/L and watch it one day...after some very heavy drinking of course
  14. The guy playing Gluttony is clearly the best choice appearance wise lol.

  15. New trailer. Ed looks like a girl in most of the shots.
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  16. Al's armor is spot on perfect.

    That's the thing with japanese adaptations of their own brands, visually and stylistically true to a fucking T.... but utterly shallow in direction and thematic appropriation of the material.

    Directorial quality especially, the only exceptions for me are the kenshin movies.
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  17. That run at the end though. :derp
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  18. I've only seen the first Kenshin and it was awesome. Japan knows chambara and jidaigeki films. That's their bread and butter, they've been doing them since the 50s. I expect Blade of the Immortal to be pretty cool too, but everything else...ehhhhhhhh. Pretty poopy.

    Ed's wig looks pretty awful and yes...that run. As a director I'd be like, "Look, I know that you're not really being chased but how about you...fuck it, get me a car. I'm going to chase your ass in this car and so if you don't want to get run over you better haul ass!"
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  19. lmfao

    nani? Blade of The Immortal is coming out? Is there are trailer for that yet?
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