1. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/03/29/fullmetal-alchemist-live-action-movie-announced

    This is a terrible idea

    1) Japan continues the trend of pop stars and idols instead of hiring actual god damn actors

    2) FMA takes place in a world that is essentially Europe with Ed being a shining example of as white as a person can get.

    FMA is definitely a project that would be better handled by Hollywood.

    Majority of anime adaptations are god damn awful. Kenshin films were amazing but they were also very difficult to fuck up. That kind of film is right up Japan's alley. The production value doesn't need to be that high and the aesthetics fit Japan.

    Arakawa has to be pissed off, I know I would be. Same shit as Black Butler and Attack on Titan. I also can't imagine Japanese fans will like this idea either.
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  2. Im on board

    anything FMA = great
  3. The best adaptation by a Japanese studio that did both the foreign cast justice and the Japanese cast was BECK. I hold Japan to the same standards as Hollywood in the way of casting. Do it right or not at all. I don't mean when it is ambiguous, for example I always said that Goku is an alien and therefore could be cast Asian...or not. He's an alien.

    They wouldn't even need to cast a bunch of Japanese speaking non-Japanese. Just make the film in English. Not that difficult to have English speaking Japanese/foreign staff assist in communication. Sukiyaki Western Django is a Japanese film that is set in a fictional Wild West version of Japan and the entire cast speaks English. Of course it is phonetic English because I think only one of the actors actually spoke English fluently (Not including Quentin Tarantino) but still it can be done.

    It isn't like Japanese audiences aren't used to reading Japanese subtitles either. Japanese people don't watch dubbed versions of foreign films because it's just like watching dubbed English. It sucks and you prefer hearing the actors' actual voices. Only animated films are dubbed and that's for small children (which is why I don't watch any American animated films at Japanese movie theaters).
  4. I see japan and hollywood as so completely separate entities. They could do a fma movie there and one here the following year and I would be fine with it.

    I like seeing Japan's perspective on anime live action flicks. To be honest they do a hell of a better job than suckywood...so far and we're talking about content that is coming from their own backyard..their guys.

    I see it this way.. we possibly get the best of both worlds or the worst lol. I would at least wait for a trailer but so help me god if Hollywood goes all PC along with flat chested chicks for these anime flicks I will refuse to watch.

    I've given up on Hollywood for anime flicks so I expect failure and then maybe they'll surprise me...until then I'll take Japan. At least they will stick closer, more true to the original material.
  5. Come on now DM, you think this would be better done by Hollywood when they still have a tendency to fuck up American comic adaptations?
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  6. Good stuff, I'll check this out.
  7. Yes listen to Eson you will. Trust his words you do.
  8. Considering that most anime/manga adaptations suck and that 99.9% of the adaptations are done by Japanese studios...they really don't do a better job. Mainly because Japan doesn't cast actors, they cast pop stars and idols. I have a different perspective seeing as I live in Japan but even Japanese people admit that the Japanese film industry isn't really producing quality stuff in general.

    Yes. Hollywood actually does a pretty damn good job with comic book adaptations these days. What exactly do you mean by tendency to fuck up American comic adaptations? Batman v Superman was okay but it wasn't a complete and total garbage fuck up. Yeah, there are some bad ones or less than ideal ones but ever since the Marvel boom comic book adaptations have been pretty solid overall.

    Objectively speaking, Hollywood makes better films overall. Hollywood films do better in Japan than Japanese films do. It's the exact same with TV shows. I remember one person saying this to me, "American TV shows are like movies when compared to Japanese ones."

    Game of Thrones which is the highest level of TV visual effects has better production value than major Japanese films.

    Hollywood is just on an entirely different level and I'd be pretty hyped for a Hollywood Attack on Titan or FMA. Hollywood FMA would be totally sick, man. Assuming they took it seriously, enough. But even if they didn't I would probably be more entertained by it than the Japanese one.

    Super Japanese cultural adaptations are done well by the Japanese. Japan goes out of its way to ignore source material. At least I understand why Hollywood does what it does, they have hundreds of millions of dollars going out the door to make films. So yeah, they want to cast actors that will bring in audiences. I get it. That's why I say things like surround the unknown actor with major players. So in the case of Ghost in the Shell, cast Motoko as Asian and surround her with Hollywood heavy hitters. When X-men was made they took a big risk on Hugh Jackman, lets face it. Casting Wolverine was a big deal. They took the unknown and surrounded him with heavy hitters like Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hallie Berry.

    The same isn't true for Japan. As I said before, everyone would still see a FMA film with an foreign cast that is done in English. The main actor isn't as important as it is in Hollywood films. They don't need to anchor the film with a big name. Fans of FMA are going to see it and think, "Wow, that guy looks exactly like Ed." and those who don't know the series will still see it regardless. They won't care the the actors aren't Japanese.

    If Hollywood decided to cast Motoko as Asian for Ghost in Shell there would be no complaints and everyone would be super excited for a Hollywood GiTS. Reason being is because Hollywood has done plenty of sci-fi and it really would have the potential to be a sick ass film.

    There are certain adaptations that are best handled by Hollywood. Fullmetal Alchemist is one of them. If for nothing more than the effects. Even on lower budgets Hollywood VFX studios do a much better job than Japanese ones.

    The problem with Hollywood is thinking too much about the Japanese source material in terms of adaptability. They over adapt it when they don't have to do that anymore. One of the strengths of Hollywood is that they can take something that is very Japanese and create a world where the Japanese and other Asian elements are there while diversifying the source to fit the west. This is if the source is heavily Japanese.

    However, when the Japanese source material is based off the west, that is what Hollywood does every damn day. It's their bread n' butter. Unlike Japan. They don't know how to nor do they care to even try stick to the source if it is Western inspired.

    Could you imagine Japanese Gungrave, Tiger and Bunny or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? They'd be awful.

    Now trickier ones would be things like Bleach and Naruto because the cast is diverse with both characters that are clearly Japanese/Asian, those that aren't and don't need to be cast as Asian.

    I just want Japan to at least try. Plus it's supposed to be released next year? NEXT YEAR? Totally not going to be a rush job, right?
  9. Of course production values are going to be better for stuff coming from Hollywood. They have a bigger budget and better access to talent.

    And going from when the MCU began there was...

    Punisher War Zone
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance
    2 Amazing Spider-Man movies
    Fantastic Four
    Jonah Hex
    Green Lantern

    And that's not including decent movies that were fucked up by editorial and/or writing decisions like Batman v Superman.

    If you want to look at foreign film adaptations, there's Speed Racer, Dragonball Evolution, and Oldboy. Not to mention Avi Arad trying to get his hands on the rights to a live action Naruto movie. And I'm not even going to get into Hollywood's track record with video game adaptations.
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  10. Do you really want me compare that list to good comic book films? Because the solid to good films vastly outweigh that list and that list even gets bigger when you compare add films like BvS where they were lacking but not terrible.

    Oldboy doesn't even count. Oldboy was an adaptation of the Korean film and the Korean film was COMPLETELY different from the Japanese manga so no, that doesn't count. You then need to hold the Korean film to the same standard it was an inaccurate adaptation as well.

    Speed Racer was an adaptation of Speed Racer NOT Mach Go Go Go. The animated Speed Racer/Mach Go Go Go relationship is similar to:

    Voltron/Beast King GoLion
    Power Rangers/Super Sentai

    The above took the Japanese source material and created something new with it. Speed Racer the film was an adaption of Speed Racer, the american cartoon. Honestly from a production standpoint it was the closest thing to "live action anime" ever. I mean that film was "anime on screen" aesthetically speaking.

    Again you seemingly didn't acknowledge that the majority of anime/manga adaptions come out of Japan and the majority suck.

    I mean there are films you guys don't even hear about because they aren't major series' internationally but they are based off manga/anime. It's almost like every damn month Japan produces these things.

    My point still stands. Majority of adaptations aren't good and the majority of them come from the source country, Japan.

    My concern with Naruto is Avi Arad not Hollywood. I still think Hollywood could do a great Naruto film.

    Why do people think of Hollywood as one gigantic movie studio? There are thousands of people who work in Hollywood that can affect the outcome of a film's production. Japan is much more homogeneous and much more likely to follow the same concept and way of doing things. I see it every day. They even cast the same people in everything. How many anime films has Takeru Satou been in? Six. Six of the 15 films he has done have been anime/manga adaptations and then another 3 of that 15 were Kamen Rider. Now Satou actually is an actor and I like him. My point was that Japan does the same thing over and over.
  11. I think you guys are maybe going a tad overboard on this and analyzing too much. Until Hollywood can do for anime what they did for comic book movies then this is what we get from here and over there in the land of DM. You do have a unique perspective but it goes both ways. I don't know Japan's actors from pop stars and don't really give a shit.

    Perhaps I see Japan's live action so much better because all I have to go by is Hollywood shit and shit usually doesn't look good.
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  12. My point about the pop idols is that they are shitty actors. You know shitty acting when you see it, right? The Japanese actors that make it to Hollywood are in fact actors, not pop stars if that is any help.

    Until Hollywood can do for anime what they did for comics?

    Hollywood hasn't even really had the chance. I keep going back to a fact that you guys seem to ignore. Hollywood hasn't really done that many anime/manga adaptations. So to say that Hollywood fucks up everything but Japan doesn't (or that Hollywood is more likely to fuck it up) is a double standard and what can I say? I hate double standards regardless of where they appear. Hell, it's why I get so crazy about politics and the Donald Trump hate...haha. Based on track record, Japan is more likely to fuck up a anime/manga adaptation than Hollywood is.

    I'll ask you this. If you had 60 million dollars to adapt Naruto into a film where would invest it? A Japanese studio or Hollywood studio? Keep in mind you are the executive producer. It's your money. You are the boss.

    My money is definitely going to an American studio for the bulk. I may want some Japanese actors and maybe some help from a Japanese studio but the best return on my investment is an American studio. The American studio can raise more money if needed and because I'm bringing so much money I have a larger say in the overall direction of the film's production.
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  13. To be honest.. most of them aren't worth a damn actors or not and they all come across the same. Pretty much why I can't tell the difference until like your point.. they make it to hollywood. That is pretty rare though. Sorry but the JP talent pool doesn't seem very deep. You're looking for a gold sliver. Japan isn't exactly known for great actors.
  14. It is the style of acting. Western acting tradition comes from a very different place. Japanese acting comes from this very over exaggerated style that frankly is hard to take seriously.
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  15. Shouldn't this be the one anime that actually has to be made by hollywood? The whole alchemy/steampunk screams of industrial age europe.
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  16. Depends on if you're gonna try to include movies from studios that make only one product.

    Alright, not even counting those 2, and especially Speed Racer since the Wachowski sisters only have like 2 or 3 good movies to their name, how many good manga/anime adaptations can you list from Hollywood?

    Of course I didn't acknowledge them. I haven't seen any of the bad ones in order to acknowledge there are any bad ones.

    The point was never completely about them being good. It was about them being good and faithful to the source material. And have a better understanding on how to get a adaptation right. Except for things like Black Lagoon for instance because stories like those are best done by a foreign studio.

    I don't even know who that is.
  17. Generally speaking, yes I would agree. It can be oftentimes oversaturated with aggrandized emotion and pathos, which is just a nice way of describing screaming in front of the camera.
    But the greats, like Toshiro mifune, I would hold up to even the most legendary of western actors.

    Watching throne of blood, which was essentially kurosawas version of Macbeth made me an instant fan.
    And Yojimbo inspired Sergio leone to create what became Clint eastwoods most iconic role.
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  18. Toshiro Mifune was one of the manliest men to have ever existed. The Japanese film industry of old was legit. Then something happened in the 90s.
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  19. I think the influence of anime and manga as it began to supplant traditional Japanese cinema(that while unique in many ways, still derived much of its foundation from the west) slowly changed the mood and tone of Japanese filmmaking. Pioneers(such as kurosawa) established themselves as visionaries at a time of postwar revival and subsequent civil unrest upon the fall of the empire.

    Their movies reflected the very immediate and profound sentiments of the Japanese people during those turbulent years, on top of providing a momentary suspension of concern for the present through the assuagement of fiction.

    Simply put, they had more to say on an infinitely deeper level.
  20. sidenote: Damnit eddie that panther sig is gonna give someone a seizure lol.

    See that was my point I guess is I look at Japanese movies as being more in line with the source material and pop star or true stars..to the western eye the live action movies usually do a damn good job both visually, story wise and acting.. at least to me. I guess in a way like I said before japanese acting seems overly half ass to me in the first place unless it is like you said the A list JP actors in Hollywood films.

    Maybe the scripts here give them more of an opportunity to shine and under our directors than what is expected or taught in Japan? Seems the market is heavily saturated with Shaolin, Kung fu, Edo period type movies which I never thought I would be sick of but that is A LOT of what we get exposed to and they all start to feel the same.

    The older movies I have watched on TCM ..yeah I can see the difference. It isn't like I get to see a lot of japanese movies which maybe I should work on this year. I mean the old Godzilla flicks on Elrey network don't exactly blow your skirt up acting wise lol but that is what westerners relate to or maybe Seven Samurai which is a superb classic.

    As far as anime / manga live action which is what I have been watching mostly from Japan to me it blows away any Hollywood (albeit not many) adaptations that have been done. I do not really give a damn about the "whitewashing" gripe as long as the movie is legit. You can pour in all the special effects you want from HWood big budgets and it will not make a difference if the acting and story are not appealing to the source material fan and your avg moviegoer.

    Plus.. anime flicks are a hard sell here because they are not comic book / character driven stories we and kids still grow up with on TV, print and online. Anime is more prevalent now through various outlets here and more accessible via online so maybe the time is right for all these live action anime movies to kick into gear.

    Someone must think so eh? Everything is risky in Hollywood financially unless it is Marvel, DC, Spielberg, Disney/Star Wars and I could name quite a few others but anime probably gets a.. ehh..ehh..I'll think about it.. type response. That's why I am sure they are trying to put in A list actors but the movies will still suck ass. :p

    Also, they will be some bastardized western version because the source is not well known. Comic book movies were even probably a hard sell to the non comic fan but look at what has happened there.. try that with anime from Japan. Yeah good luck.

    Until Merica here gets it right and establishes a proven track record: Japan > Hollywood with whatever actors I get.

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