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  1. Forum Rules

    Rules in this thread are now outdated. Visit the link at the top right of the forums to view the most up-to-date rules. The rules below are there for reference in order to know what changed.

    [size="+1"]General Rules and Conditions[/size]
    1. All posts must be written in English unless posted in an appropriate forum.
    2. Respect the admins, moderators and other users.
    3. You are only allowed to have one account.
    4. The only place spamming will be tolerated is in the Lounge. If done elsewhere such as outside of the Lounge, through PM's, etc., it will be reviewed by a moderator and be dealt with accordingly. Reputation threads should not be made here. If you have a rep problem, PM staff member with your issue/complaint.
    5. Tags are not to be abused. They must be relevant and must not contain profanity.
    6. Spoilers are strictly prohibited. Anything already revealed up to the latest episode of a series is fair game. Anything related to the manga that has not happened in an anime is considered a spoiler and must be spoilered and not be reflected in titles.
    7. No warez. Considering the already grey area of our nature, we do not want to bring any more risk by the discussion of warez. If it is related to anime, such as ripping and backing up your DVD's, fansubbing, video playback help, etc. it can be discussed as long as the topic remains within the world of anime and manga.
    8. Advertising of your DA, LJ, MAL, or any other type of personal blog is okay. Advertising of similar themed discussion boards is prohibited unless the site in question is an affiliate of ours or you have the permission of an administrator and can submit written proof and an administrator can verify it if questioned.
    9. We will stick to a "soft" R rating on TAL. Excessive swearing is detrimental to the overall image of our board and should be limited. The following point also touches on this rule.
    10. By agreeing to these rules, you agree that you will not post any messages that are obscene (including pornographic or hentai images), vulgar, hateful, offensive, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any local and/or international laws.
    11. By joining TAL forums, you agree to never undertake any negative or detrimental action(s) against TAL, and of its associates, members, servers, websites and/or any associated services. These include, but are not limited to, DoS or DDOS attacks; spam, whether it be via e-mail, pm, or otherwise; hacking or otherwise entering or modifying without prior written permission of any websites, servers or otherwise associated services of TAL.
    12. By joining these forums, you agree to forgo the right to, and/or agree not to take, any legal action or recourse regarding any of they content on our site and/or servers or anything related to TAL.
    13. You agree not to report any of the content/information/links/files to any authority or entity, which you may be privy to as a result of signing up to the forums. You agree to also not distribute or make available any such information to any authority or entity.
    14. The owners of TAL reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post for any reason with or without notice.
    15. The administrators of TAL reserve the right to have the final say in any matter linked to TAL or any of its associates. Administrators reserve the right to ban your account and/or IP from the forums and/or any of TAL's services if they believe you are in breach of these rules and/or are acting in an unsuitable manner.
    16. Private messaging is private messaging. Sharing PMs without consent of all parties involved is not allowed with the exception of reporting abuse such as spam or excessive flaming to an Admin or Smod.

    [size="+1"]Signature and Avatar Rules[/size]
    Registered Users
    Profile Picture rules:
    • Width: 100
    • Height: 100
    • Filesize: 100KB

    Avatar Rules:
    • Width: 150
    • Height: 150
    • Filesize: 300KB

    Signature Rules:
    • Width: 500
    • Height: 300
    • Filesize: 500KB total
    • Can have whatever you want under spoilers as long as you don't break the 500KB limit and don't overdo things.

    [size="+1"]Name Change Request Guidelines[/size]
    Name change acceptance is at the discretion of the administrators. You should not request a new name within 30 days of a previous name change. Names containing vulgarities or profanities will not be accepted. In addition, stick to a simple character set of A-Z; 0-9; and basic symbols. Read more in this thread: New Name Change Guidelines

    [size="+1"]Reputation Comments[/size] (added May 21, 2009)
    Flames and negative attacks in reputation comments will not be acceptable. They will be deleted and an infraction may be handed out with the possibility of a 777 pt. de-rep. Examples include: "faggot," "dipshit," and so forth. Hell, I might even give some temporary super rep to the member you neg repped.

    [size="+1"]Private Messaging[/size] (added July 3, 2009)
    I want to make it clear that private messages are not to be shared on the forum, forwarded to others, or through any other means without consent of the other party or parties involved--period. The only exception is to report abuse such as spam, excessive flaming, or inappropriate images and links.

  2. 04/22/10: Updated rules to fit the new forums. They have also been reworded to hopefully be clearer. No major changes at this point.
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