1. Alright, while we get the try to get the forum running with all of the hacks, there might as well be a brainstorm thread to pick a name for this new forum.

    If you really like one of the names posted before your own, vote for it and that'll help improve the odds of it becoming the name of the site, if you don't like any of the suggestions, suggest your own name.

    go for it

    I thought of those in a dream,... for some reason. Quite the tongue-slipper.
    There was a person on the other site who pitched something in the genre of:


    Don't know who it was but it definately caught my eye.
  3. 2 first ideas are already taken Ravi...

    The last one is nice.
  4. Oh that was me. And I support http://www.loungemania.com.
  5. Big ups to you then, my love.
  6. I thought it was my idea MD.
  7. I've mentioned this before, but one thing to consider is whether or not the name is going to attract new members. Without some sort of influx of new members this place will eventually die out, so that's something to keep in mind.
  8. So you guys have already given up on NM lol. I don't really care what name it gets as long it isn't tonylovers.
  9. Can't really blame people for giving up the second time the site was shut down for the same reason.

    I sorta like the http://www.loungemania.com, but it doesn't really matter to me what this place is called.

  10. You could keep it as a general anime forum.

    Have a front page which lists popular currently airing anime, Krozar said we could offer megaupload links and torrent links to newest releases.

    Instead of giving Naruto and Bleach sections for themselves, place them in the "popular anime" category. I doubt many people here actually watch those 2 shows. Popular Anime could include, Gundam, Code Geass, Slayers, Ippo, Macross, Gurren Lagann, Soul Eater, One Piece and all the other big names everyone talk about.
  11. Yes, some things really ought to be changed.
    But the names we've had so far have all been pretty general, so I think we should keep some coming.
  12. Loungemania seems to be the most popular. Though like Insin has brought up - would a name like that appeal to outsiders when searching for a forum?

    and the site will still be about general anime. Which is why I wanted to concider anime related names.
  13. I think it would, lounging is something anyone could enjoy. It gives the impression of a relaxed atmosphere. It does not however, give an impression of an anime based forum, but it will certainly have an appeal outside the range of Otakus.

    If you want anime-based names you could go animeasylum.com (Hyura's pitch) or one of the others with 'anime' in it.
  14. I like the idea of keeping this anime based and of course no focusing on one or two series like NM did.

    I like AnimeA's style of having MU direct downloads and torrents listed in anime pages. I think we could better integrate that into the forum itself to create a stronger community.

    Having an influx of 'newbs' is very important. Some end up being quite epic.
  15. And the more I think about it, the better it seems that we keep something anime related in the name. Look at the Hitman Reborn site, it has almost no members because not many people watch the anime, and because its not going to come up very high on the list when searching for anime.

    edit: And I think it's a great idea to have megaupload links available. People want sites to download for convenience. It would attract new members and also keep older ones coming back. It would be easy to maintain too, since we just have to have people be active and tuesday/thursday night and doesn't cost anything.
  16. I deffiently am in agreeance with the MU links idea, however before I do that - I'd like get the board transfered over the server we'll be buying for it, since right now, we are still on Raug's domain.

    Animeasylum is a great idea, though it looks like it is taken. Most good anime based names are. So it will be difficult to come up with a good one that hasn't been used.
  17. how about AnimeLounge.com
  18. or just shorten that to anilounge o.o?

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