1. ...Naruto.

    I know you're all thinking it; don't deny it.
  3. since the Jayriya vs Pain battles its been going good.
  4. POOR SASUKE ;______________;
  5. Naruto has been pretty good, the Jiraiya episodes were awesome, I still generally enjoy One Piece episodes more though, even though this is the peak of Naruto in recent times.
  6. stopped watching at episode 10.

    it was a correct choice.
  7. Wrong.

    Sasugay(LOL) deserves no sympathy...because he's a faggot.
  8. I so wish Sasuke was gay and had some good yaoi moments in actual serie. But no such luck yet.
  9. ^There was that thing Sai did.
  10. Naruto has been badass lately, and if done right it could get badasser.
  11. HYPERVENTILATING FTW...wait we're talking about the animu.
  12. Sasuke isn't annoying now like he was pre time skip, he's actually cool now, instead of wannabe cool like he used to be.
  13. ^I lol'd its like looking at dark sakura from FSN with brains, still a bitch in my eyes
  14. You're the faggot.
  15. ONE PIECE is superior.
  16. I've seen Pokemon fights which were more interesting than Itachi vs. Sasuke. In other words it's been pretty shitty.
  17. You obviously have never engaged in a battle between a magikarp and a metapod.
  18. O I have. I have.
  19. Yeah, look at him. Pathetic.
  20. Wrong, you did not see the epicness that was Zabuza in his full glory, still the best story in naruto in my opinionz

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