1. Been watching a bunch of stuff like this lately.

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  2. pfft.. thought this was porn. Whatever.

    Eson sama.. one day we need to meet up and have food.

    Nothing and I mean nothing will ever surpass the episode of Tony Bourdain going to Mexico to visit his NYC chef. They hit this spot early in the morning for breakfast and OH MY GOD.

    The food is just ridiculous. I would eat there every single day. Huge deep pots of beans, rice, meat. Mexican food is and always will be my fav and only authentic.

    If you ever catch it on the travel channel watch for his mexico trip to visit Carlos family.


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  3. Texas barbecue? :want:

    Speaking of Mexican food, I did just watch these and laughed my ass off that they think these are completely authentic.

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  4. I wish no reservations was on any of the streaming services (hulu/netflix). Parts unknown can be hit or miss with some episodes being fantastic.
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  5. That is so right Bob. Too bad he is divorcing his wife. From the sounds of it he scewed it up and she was hot, smart.. some foreign country but I forgot. He can be a little smug at times but No Reservations especially the early seasons were so so good. The Japan, China and Hong Kong eps were the best.
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  7. The first 2 min is all I needed to see....hhmmmmm. Could that be the way to win North Korea over, through the food? Either that or Dennis Rodman lol.
  8. Awesome vid Ed. Man it is just gut wrenching to always hear N.Korea stories. So glad they got to taste bbq. Texas Bbq sauce ftw!
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  9. lol San. Food is one of those things people love and need in their lives. And that is kind of evident by how things like poutine has been starting to trend for the last like 6 months.

    Texas does know their bbq. But yeah, their stories of how it is there makes a person appreciate what they have.
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