1. I'm unfamiliar with the source material, I do like the director but more importantly this looks stunning. This will probably be my IMAX 3D splurge of the year.
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  2. Look... Besson makes some cool looking stuff and he's definitely had some classics in the past but for the most part they end up being 2.5 star ish type flicks that we have seen a jillion times on TNT.

    That being said it's good entertainment if he manages to get off the cheese wagon this time. He has a lot of writing credits more than I thought. Seriously a Lucy 2 is being made? Sorry that flick was shit.
    We all loved Fifth Element but this just has the feel of that and John Carter and Jupiter Ascending. The last two which are very forgettable. I have high hopes for any scifi movie. Always looking for that next Star Wars. I'm sure this will be a fun popcorn date flick.
  3. Yeah, pretty much. He makes visually stunning films but they typically fall flat. Lucy was terrible.
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