1. Yeah, I was pretty surprised they used that scene. Kinda silly really, as it didnt have anything from Groot but the animation. There are many scenes where he talks lots (But says little) like when they first enter the prison, I think he says his name 3 times or so. Or they coulda used "We are Groot" and other shit like that.
  2. http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/01/07/ant-man-trailer. New trailer for the antman movie. When he says antman out loud it really sounds stupid. That's the most stupid super hero name I've heard in movie. Even more then Mr. Boomerang.
    Besides the silly name the trailer looked ok. Kinda like most of the marvel movies if you ask me.
  3. Only Marvel trailer to wow me was Guardians of the Galaxy,

    Only Marvel movie of the MCU to not wow me was The Incredible Hulk. Your move Marvel....

    But yeah, not many have gotten me suuuper excited, so I still have high hopes. I am a big Paul Rudd fan, and I love Ant-man as a character.

    Also, anyone else watch Agent Carter yet? I was definitely not disappointed. Really enjoyable. She is as lovely as always. I liked having "Jarvis" as her little sidekick type deal, and found it cool that it wasnt about SHIELD at all from the get go. More of a huge build up. I find it amusing how they still think she is a helpless girl, trying to leave everything to the big boys, while behind the scenes, she is kicking ass and taking names.

    Really interesting series, cant wait for the next episode
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  4. Yeah, I really enjoyed Agent Carter more than I thought I would. I'm glad that they decided to start with things pre-SHIELD.

    Ant-Man looks like it will be interesting. Especially since they're starting with Lang rather than Pym with Pym as the mentor-figure.
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  6. Is that April 10th, or October 4th?
  7. April. Between Oct and Dec is when Jessica Jones is expected to come out.
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  8. Ah. I am not totally sure how excited for DD I am. I was never a fan of him, and the Ben Aflec movie didnt help at all haha. Only real things Ive seen him in would be some spiderman comics, and if I remember correctly, I think he was in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (Loved this comic)

    So, I will definitely be watching, but Im not hyped for it at all.
  9. He was in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Got his billy clubs jammed into his eyes.
  10. So after watching ign rewind theater of the trailer and hearing about ant mans powers I'm completely disappointed in his powers. So correct if I'm wrong, he keeps his human strength when he becomes tiny but when he's normal size he's just a normal human being? This sounds like the worst super power ever. Of course I can think of a few things to mess with people, like becoming really small and punching someone in the face. But still it's human strength so why should that hurt more then any other regular punch.
    Can anyone give me at least some epic examples of what ant man has done for the marvel universe.
  11. he can easily grab a tiny part of your flesh and rip it like a paper. plus a tiny fist works like a needle. so he can punch and remove parts of your body at the same time...

    but he is lame. no idea why they chose him for a movie even though there are many other heroes out there who would be more fun to watch.
  12. He literally puts all of the mass that he shed when shrinking into that single tiny punch. Plus with the help of the helmet he can control insects. And he can use the Pym particles to grow in size to become a giant.

    Wasp pretty much can do all of that as well. Though she also had some wings surgically implanted on her back by Hank so that she could fly, and can shoot bio-electric blasts from her hands.
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  13. Also, the Ant man suit will eventually slow him to become Giant man
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  14. Though he doesnt use the helmet as Giantman. I wanna see that happen, though I find the animation may turn awkward having him so huge. I dont know why, I just find it hard seeing it go smoothly.

    Not marvel related (Well, GotG was mentioned so theres that) but this is why Chris Pratt remains in my top fave actors.

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  15. What animation? Hollywood has been doing giant people since the dawn of cinema, having some giantic man with regular sized people would be easy. They don't need a giant CG character, just a green screen and clever shot angles utilizing forced perspective (also a technique that has been used for like 100 years).

    Say that while he's beating the ever loving shit out of your eardrums from inside your ear...WITH his regular sized strength.
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  16. That's at the same time the most hardcore and most uncool way of beating someone.
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  17. You should see some of the things Deadpool was able to do with some of those pym particles.

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  18. All in favour of Deadpool being the Don of Marvel say aye? Haha, killed DD with his own clubs through his unseeing eyes, and his abuse of the Pym particles. Seriously cant wait for that movie.
  19. I don't want Clay too happy, so I say nay.

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