1. Thats Spiderman, bro.
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  2. That is 100% Tony.
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  3. Nope that's Tony getting one shot by Thanos bare hand.
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  4. I actually take Thanos more seriously without the getup. Nothing ruins a supervillain more in movies than stereotypical dialogue and an awful costume (apocalypse...), and going super-basic with Thanos makes it look like he really doesn't give a damn. He's there to get his infinity stones, not take a nap in his blue pajamas.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they give it to him later on either as a coronation symbol or something else like they did for Thor in Rangarok or Luke Cage in his show.

    Edit: I forgot they actually already gave him armor in some of the other movies. While the bald head still isn't imposing, I like the overall minimalist look better than his full armor shot.
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  5. I shouldn't have brought this subject up. But good to know that I'm not the only one who finds the bald head weird. There are memes about it. And thats a good sign now that its time to stop talking about it.
    Back to the awesome trailer. Here are some other stuff i noticed.
    • Tony seems to have his arc reactor back in the chest. Or maybe he just likes to wear some armor under his street clothes.
    • Hulk seems to have fallen back to earth. The likeliest of explanation is Thor sent him to warn Strange about the coming of Thanos. Would be cool if Thor just flung Hulk in the general direction of earth.
    • Two big battles seem to take place. One on a different planet and the other in Wakanda.
    • The alien planet battle seems to have Tony's team against Thanos. Maybe they get transported via the ring that appears in NY.
    • The Wakanda invasion seems to be led by the Black Order in order to retrieve the soul stone? There are theories that the soul stone is hidden on Wakanda. There is the other theory that Cap's team is fighting to protect Vision's mind stone.
    • Loki probably saves his own ass by handing the space stone to Thanos when his ship attacked Thor's ship at the end of Ragnarok. With the order of stones going into the gauntlet Thanos has probably gotten his hands on the power stone from Xandor.
    • The only thing connecting Tony's team and Cap's team is Bruce/Hulk. Maybe Tony sends him to get help from Cap and thats why Bruce is in the Hulkbuster armor in Wakanda. And yeah thats Bruce and not Tony in the armor.
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  6. ^
    I wonder just how many of the stones Thanos actually collected himself cause all we've seen so far was Ebony Maw walking among the defeated Asgardians and likely taking the tesseract and Proxima Midnight and Corvvus Glaive taking the mind stone from Vision.
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  7. That was Ebony Maw? Nice catch. Who knows? Maybe the reality stone? But with him being occupied with the avengers he could have send one of his children to the collector. Same with the power stone on Xandor.
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  8. @Leroy:

    If Thanos attacked Thor's ship (which the after credits of Ragnarok would imply) Hulk could have been launched in the explosion or pushed by Thor towards Earth.

    And I most certainly did NOT give Thanos the power stone.

    Ok, I did, only because I sold it to him thinking I was on Pawn Stars. Honest mistake.
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  10. Looks cool. Although Manhattan doesn't have that many high rises, lol.
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  11. omg just watched the first ep of AoS season 5, wow the quality with this show is unmatched.
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  12. You're just now getting around to watching the season? [IMG]

    That said, The Runaways has been changed so much unnecessarily from the comic story that I'm finding it hard to continue it. And so much so that I can see why the Vaughn wouldn't want Saga made into a live action movie or show.
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  13. ^ there is no rational explanation for me watching it now, I'm usually on it right away.

  14. [IMG]
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  15. I'm sure it will be entertaining, but I think Marvel is now starting to enter that area where they are now all the same thing.

    Also, the Captain Marvel film...a film nobody wants.
  16. I like the look of Ghost.
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  17. I want the captain marvel film. :(
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  18. I loved the first Ant-Man. Looking forward to the sequel.
  19. If it were based on THICC Carol Danvers then yes but it is taking its inspiration from the terribly selling Captain Marvel of today aka Carl Manvers.

    Seriously, google Carl Manvers and see what they have done to this once Goddess of comic books.
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