1. Well they have ceased talks for now. Doesn't mean it is off the table just not moving forward at this moment.
  2. Well the same thing was said when the Sony emails leaked.
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  3. Thor Ragnarok was entertaining but I agree about the humor, it was way too heavy handed.
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  5. hugs not drugs people
  6. He was born for this
  7. I finally started watching Iron Fist and I'm okay with it. It does start off really slow though.
  8. IW trailer tomorrow?! :3:


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  10. [IMG]
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  11. Ten years of movie magic all coming to a head. Gonna be fucking sweet.
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  12. Now that is how you do a trailer and soon enough a cbm movie. I am not even some huge marvel fan but man they have their shit together. I thought about it and it hit me.. it looks like a star wars trailer. Epic, Professional, Clean. Great cgi. It looks like Star Wars and not Transformerish/Justice League. Marvel truly is a class above the rest. So many good parts in this but Thanos just looks awesome and so real.

    I got that excited, goosebumps feel that is rare from a trailer. Also, that Avengers music. :3:

    So many moments of heroes together..hero overload! Gotg at the end and spidey getting the beatdown from Thanos.
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  13. It will be interesting to see how they handle loss, because they are going to lose. It looks like Thor will handle some space stuff with will put him in contact with the Guardians while the Avengers freak the fuck out on Earth. I imagine the space heroes will make their way to Earth towards the end of the first film.

    I can't wait to see them show why Thanos is so terrifying. Think about what it takes to be able to handle just one infinity stone raw. Loki required the staff, Ronin was strong enough to handle one but had it placed in his weapon, Malekith could handle it in some weird liquid form absorbed into his body, Vision has a body made of the next evolution in robotics and AI and the Sorcerer Supreme can handle it within a casing. This mofo is just gonna have ALL of them on his hand. No casing, just raw stones embed on a fucking glove...A GLOVE!
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  14. I just came twice watching that trailer OMG!
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  15. DC and WB on suicide watch again. Their last ditch effort will be to approach Disney and Marvel and say..."So...how about Marvel vs DC guys?!"

    Which I'm totally okay with.
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  16. I still don't like the bare head of Thanos. He looks too cute to be a conquerer. He should always be in his full armor.
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  17. The filmmakers explained that he is above armor. That his thinking is that assembling the stones to "fix" the universe is a spiritual journey that will put him above armor. Frankly all he needs is one to be above the need for armor. He is already near invulnerable with super strength.
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  18. Yeah I saw that explanation and that makes it even worse for me. Maybe if they had said that Thanos was on the spiritual journey for Death I feel like it would have been better. Then I can imagine him like someone trying to find spirituality giving up their worldly possessions and offering everything they have to whatever they worship.

    But all of this boils down to his bare head. I just can't take him seriously like that. If I were Iron Man I would be dead of course, but only because of laughing too much. Just give him a hat or something.

    In fact I was anti-jokes for this movie but I hope someone makes a quip about Thanos purple bare head.
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  19. LOL! He rolled up all G'd up flousin his ice like he was in a rap video.
  20. I'm guessing Tony tried to. [IMG]
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