1. Saw Thor: Ragnarok last night, and all I have to say is:

    Wow. Pretty neat movie. I lot more humor than I expected, which is kinda disappointing to me. I really wanted more of a serious, action packed flick. I was hoping all of the jokes would be in the trailer, with the rest of the film focusing on everything else, but whatever, I still enjoyed it as a comedy. The Hulk vs Thor battle was hilarious though, especially when Hulk smashed Thor around and Loki stood up and screamed. That was great. Korg was hilarious too, and I had no idea he was played by Waititi himself, so thats neat. Kinda lame how Fenrir was used. He was built up pretty good in my opinion, and then just kinda tossed around in the background, and defeated by being thrown off. Lame. Anyone catch the easter egg of who played Loki in the play near the beginning? Matt freaking Damon. That was hilarious. Thor was a little more sniveling in this than I would expect from the God of Thunder, but meh, beggers can't be choosers. I dunno, overall it was good, but certainly not in the top quality of Marvel films like both Guardians, Winter Soldier, Civil War, and Strange. Still enjoyable. I'll probably see it again before it's out of theatres.
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  2. My God Thor was fucking awesome! If I had to describe it, I would say extremely funny and action packed.
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  3. I'm pretty sure Sam Neil was playing Odin and a different Hemsworth brother played Thor[

    Where was Sif? Has she been killed off screen? Was she on another planet and just didn't return? I feel like that's a fairly large gap that needs to be filled. All her mates are now dead, Asgard went to shit and she disappeared./spoiler]
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  4. I haven't seen the movie, but Agents of shield had an episode dealing with Sif back in the earlier seasons. Might play into that a bit.
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  5. Is that back?

  6. There was a scheduling problem from where they filmed Thor and when they finally asked her to be in the movie and when she was shooting for her show Blindspot. So her character got dropped completely. Which in hindsight was a good thing since her character was fleshed out about as much as the warriors three and we both know how they just got wasted in useless cameos.

    AoS comes back Dec 1st.
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  7. Do any of you post on the comicbookmovie site. That would be funny if one of those posters was any of you. Yet to see Thor.
  8. I went in with high expectations, which is always a bad idea. Like nearly every time when I go in with expectations that high, my expectations weren't met.

    There were a couple genuine laugh-out-loud moments and some good chuckle material, but overall the movie felt... off. The dialog switches between serious and humorous weren't always fluid and a good chunk of the time the jokes felt forced. In previous marvel movies that went heavier on the humor I found the director(s) tried to keep it interspersed throughout. When we had lengthy periods of time in Thor that were super-serious I quite literally started thinking "are we back to the 80s/90s superhero villains, or are they going to make fun of it again anytime soon?"

    Jeff Goldblum seemed to be having a lot of fun, though.

    Spoiler-heavy specifics:

    Loki... made no sense. He helped Thor escape, took him up to the hangar, pointed out the best ship, then... pressed the alarm button. If you're going to betray him, why the hell did you wait that long?

    Odin's main hall had a mural of him and Hela butchering people and taking over everything, then he decides "nah screw that" and just... makes a false ceiling with a new mural?

    The scenes with Dr. Strange were completely extraneous and a detriment to the movie.

    If Thor and Hela derive their power from asgard, then now that asgard is gone... they'll have no powers (even if she's still alive)? Also Thor's in space now, can he even summon lightening? Is he just super-strong at this point?

    Thor losing an eye was... silly at best. Their depiction of him losing an eye was even worse. The trailers also had to be heavily edited at this point, because the had lightening coming out from the eye he lost in the movie. Was losing an eye added later?

    Did the Valkyrie... play dead until Hela left? How did she live and then get away in the end?

    Also, Hela is Thor / Loki's sister? What?

    Movie had some great moments, but it felt like it just wasn't balanced well overall. I missed out on Thor 2, so I'm assuming some of the plot points I didn't bring up happened there, but who knows - maybe there are more or less holes than I'm seeing.

    If you've got a nice TV/home theater setup, I'd actually recommend just waiting for video on this one.
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  9. ^ Waititi is a comedy director and the movie was always billed as being a "comedic road trip " movie so...

    Nothing from the second movie has any bearing on what happens in this third one. The first movie yeah but the second no.

    Yeah they seemed to have changed the Odinson family from the comics where things are a bit strange.
    Loki was the son of king Laufey and was taken by Odin
    Thor is the son of Odin and Gaea (mother earth)
    Angela (from the Spawn series) is the daughter of Odin and Frigga
    Laussa is the second daughter of Odin and Frigga
    And Hela is supposed to be the daughter of Loki
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  10. Bless be the Cthulhu. Such a great news
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  11. Could my theory that consequences of Thanos using the gems means that the ff and x-men enter the mcu be happening?
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  12. @Ed: I went into it thinking it would be more comedic. I loved Ant-Man (it's actually the lady's favorite marvel movie so far) and Guardians 1. There were parts in Thor that were really funny, but there were a lot more parts that were... meh. The visuals make this absolutely worth seeing in the theaters if you can't replicate the experience at home, but the movie itself I don't think is a strong entry into the MCU.

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  13. If it was just a planet hulk movie i could accept the comedy. Hell give as much comedy as you want. But Ragnarok is a heavy topic. We are talking about the apocalypse here and they made light of it.
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  15. Holy shit balls that's huge news. If it goes through that would give Disney access to the Alien, Predator, Ice Age, Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Planet of the Apes, Kingsman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the Deadpool franchises.
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  16. Oh God...Kung fu panda with Deadpool as a guest character.
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  17. Haha all of that isn't even including the tv shows like Empire, The Simpsons, The Gifted, Queen of the South, Homeland, Modern Family, New Girl, and Legion.
    Oh and lol at Ryan Reynolds tweet about it.
  18. Does fox the company include the Fox News channel?
  19. No Fox would still have their sports, news, and stations it seems. And Disney would more than likely keep the stuff from Fox separate like they did when they bought Pixar, Marvel and LucasArts.

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