1. The house isn't haunted, the mutants themselves are the haunters! dun dun dun....

    And then they band together and defeat American Horror Story 12.

  2. Well then.
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  3. Hallelujah! That trailer is epic as hell. I'm stoked. Give me the movie right now.
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  4. Damn that trailer was fucking amazing.
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  5. If this movie gets bad reviews you know people are just going to call everyone that doesn't like it racist.
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  6. I didn't realize New Mutants was a movie, and not a tv series. My bad.

  7. Oh Marvel and Netflix, that's a bold move to release the same day as Justice League. :troll
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  8. A very smart move IMO.

    Also, Black Panther looks fucking bad ass. I am loving the look of Michael B Jordan as the villain. He has always been a favourite actor of mine. The music for Marvels trailers always create such a feel for the film, and they still manage to keep them fresh
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  9. Just came from Ragnarok. It was ok. A lot of jokes. Two post credits scene of which i watched only one. Movie starts off with Thor trying to figure out what his ragnarok visions meant and then we follow him to Asgard. That followed by a jaunt to earth and then Hela is introduced. Next is to Sakaar and back to Asgard and then Ragnarok. All of that within like 3-5 days. Felt a bit rushed in that sense.
    I was ok with Hela's origins but not with how her powers work. I mean she keeps throwing swords outta nowhere. Also there is a mural on Asgard that sheds some more light on Hela's origin which I wished was explained or even acknowledged. The Mjolnir situation is not exactly how I would have done it. Definitely did not like how Surtur and Fenris wolf was used. Feel like they deserved to be a separate movie of their own. Hopefully I get a more myth accurate Midgard Serpent in a future movie.
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  10. See what happens when Scott Buck isn't in charge of things like Inhumans. :troll

    Also they have a new showrunner for Daredevil season 3.
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  11. Well, uh. It's got teenage angst?
  12. This opinion^ and any others are hereby null and void after the below:

    As for the new mutants thing..DM said it best:

    Runaways looks like it has real potential and at 1:26 is that the guy from Buffy? The mutant show on ABC I think or is it fox..is damn good.
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  13. You never read The Runaways have you? It's got it all. A lesbian alien girl, a goth asian sorceress that tries to get with all of the guys, a sjw girl that has a genetically enhanced telepathic raptor, a jock who tries to get with every hot girl, celebrities, doctors, and more. And it starts streaming 4 days after the Punisher is released and a couple weeks before AoS returns.

    Yes, James Marsters from Buffy and who played Brainiac on Smallville, is in this as a part of the Pride. A group of villains that include time travelers, mob bosses, mutants, sorcerers, geniuses and alien criminals.

    Yeah you're talking about The Gifted that Fox and Marvel TV have on Fox to go along with their collab Legion on FX.
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  14. bro AoS has been awesome for years.
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  15. Yes I am quite familiar with Runaways.
  16. They said the Gibborim are gonna be in it too. But this like Cloak and Dagger and New Warriors is only going to be 10 episodes long. Though there is a rumor that the first episode of The runaways will be from the view point of the kids and the second will be from the parents view point.
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  17. The Gib? lol.. yeah I am not really sure how that is going to turn out on screen on a low budget. I think having two diff view pts would be a great idea cause angst teens will get old fast even with powers.
  18. They seem to be doing a good job with Old Lace so maybe they'll do a good job with the Gibborim.
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