1. Editing happens after they finish shooting the movie. And cg for major blockbusters at least starts either before or during shooting but can take a long time depending on what is needed to be done, and if the director decides to change things.
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  2. The only show that got cranked out back to back was South Park (and even then, they had to create a very special process to be able to do it). Their focus was on putting out shows that were relevant, not amazing visuals
    ....thats why South Park looked like South Park and Avatar looked like Avatar
  3. There's been times when things have been done back to back. Such as the last 2 Harry Potter movies and Kill Bill to name a couple. Although Kill Bill was just a matter of the studio telling Tarantino to split it up cause the audience wouldn't sit through a 4 hour movie.
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  4. Done with Defenders. I don't know. This is probably the 4th or 5th place of marvel netflix shows for me. The first 2 eps were the setup. 3rd ep onwards we get some team up action. Nothing about the action was standout like in the 2 seasons of daredevil. And then we spend an absurd amount of time with two groups of people debating. The whole don't be a hero group and I want to be a hero group. Honestly it was irritating as hell whenever Karen or Misty say some shit like that.
    As for the villains the Hand came in full. I think Stick said they had something to do with Pompeii. If thats true then these fuckers have been around close to 2000 years. None of the villains stood out except for Madam Gao. She and Stick go on proving that old bastards kick the most ass. I mean there is one scene where she was taking on both Luke and Jessica.
    Overall I'll have to say it was a solid 7/10 for me. It was ok. Nothing special.
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  5. I was late to the party for Netflix marvel shows and although I watched them in order I only started once Luke Cage was released. I was holding off because I wanted to be able to watch them all together. Either way I was most looking forward to seeing Iron Fist and it was quite disappointing. I've seen the Defenders now and I did enjoy it but the problem remained the same. I do not like the Iron Fist character.

    The character I should have liked the most is being portrayed a disconnected, spoilt drama queen. Many of the problems from the Iron Fist program have been sorted. The fights scenes were better in the Defenders and when we were focused on Iron Fist it was much less cringe worthy. If they can keep improving like that perhaps anthoer series of Iron Fist wouldn't be a bad thing.

    I don't know if there are intentions to brings these characters into the MCU but I would like to see that. Even a small cameo would be nice. Similarly I wouldn't mind Cap or someone similar making an appearance in the Defenders. Maybe we could get to see the Hulk or Doctor Strange in some way as a nod to the original Defenders. I appreciate that Namor and Silver Surfer won't be possible.

    On the whole The Defenders wasn't at all bad but it also wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be. They're not as well polished as they could be and frankly they seem too underpowered. JJ can't even fly and Iron Fist just isn't as special as he should be.
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  6. Season 2 Luke Cage set pic.

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  7. Warning, stream of consciousness. Might be wonky.

    I just finished Defenders. There was some really weak writing in the middle, but overall I thought it was decent. I didn't like what they did with the very end, but maybe something will eventually come of it in the next seasons of the individual shows.

    No real development for Rand, which is... kinda sad really. He gets called on it too, so I don't know what the writers are thinking. They had enough chatter between Claire and Colleen about how she's not really on the sidelines, only to... keep her on the sidelines the whole time.

    The pacing was a lot better than some of the individual seasons (JJ especially, I felt like hers stalled for half the season), but the action felt very close to Iron Fist... which is to say that sometimes it felt like flips for the sake of flips and inconsistency with how fighting works in general. I liked how Luke Cage's fighting style was displayed (gives 0 shits about enemy attacks, barrels them in response), but I'm still confused how Jessica lived through everything. They can dodge and fight with Rand / DD, but somehow don't run Jessica through and let her throw them?

    Bigger spoilers:
    I can't imagine the hand is gone, given that Matt somehow survived (and will get cancer, given how close he was to the building). I can imagine that everyone except Gao is gone from the hand though, since all of the other major fingers (whatevs) are dead. I could have done without seeing Bakuto again, but I guess now he's dead... again. That also means they got a bit more of the "substance" or whatever since they probably ran off with what bones they carved up. I loved the line Gao had near the end... "you're the one who punched [shao lao] in the heart."

    Essentially I felt like Defenders was "pretty decent" all the way through, whereas I felt the other series all were like a roller coaster. Maybe watching 2+ episodes a night helped me gloss over the bad parts, but I'd probably rank it as a tie with #2 or between #2 and #3 overall. Mostly because dead episodes really annoy me I guess. When JJ and LC were on, they were good. When they were off... not so much.

    Heads up to everyone else - if you open the picture before you watch the final episodes of Defenders, you'll be slightly spoiled (since we sometimes use spoiler tags to hide large images, or maybe that's just me).
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  9. Are they retconning his backstory from Daredevil a bit, or is it just supposed to be "something deeper?"

  10. Old Lace!!! :3:
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  11. Well, can't say Fox doesn't like to try different things with the genre.
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  12. ^You beat me to it.
  13. :troll
  14. Gonna nope the fuck outta that.
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  15. Been keeping up with Inhumans so far. It's decent enough show to continue for now. Does anyone like it?
  16. Nope. Gave up on it after watching the blackbolt scenes from 3 episodes. And I'm one of the biggest inhumans fans here.
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  17. I noped after the first episode. I really did not enjoy it, (and that's coming from someone who thinks Iron Fist, and most of Agents of Shield is good). So I dont know if it gets better or anything, but Inhumans disappointed me to the max.

    That New Mutants looks creepy as fuck. What the hell.
  18. Agents of Shield is light years ahead of anything out there now in it's entirety imo.
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  19. Creepy? Did I miss the creepy part? Using mutants in a horror movie is the worst possible way to try to scare someone. What the fuck are the ghosts and demons gonna do that a mutant can't? "You wanna levitate yourself and jumpscare people? Bampf!! I can teleport too bitch!!!"
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  20. Yeah Boone said he was going full on horror movie with it and that the villain would be Demon Bear. And unless they change the powers it's gonna be Demon Bear against a werewolf, a guy who controls solar energy, a sorceress that teleports, a guy that becomes invincible when he flies, someone with the psychic ability to create illusions of people's worst fears, and a doctor who can create force fields around herself.
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