1. Hardy Har har
    Marvel has a decade long history of PROVING they know what they are doing

    Can't remember clearly...
    Didn't they do that before and blame hydra?
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  2. You're thinking of the Ultron trailer that they were planning to release during AoS but someone at Marvel accidentally released it early online. When it comes to SDCC footage, Marvel usually never releases it and does a really good job at keeping people from recording it too.

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  3. i see no Antman or Wasp


    in teh source material Valkyrie is white!!
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  4. Thor Ragnarok is being said to be the shortest MCU movie at around 100 minutes total for the current cut.

    Domino from Deadpool 2

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  5. Damn she got some knockers on her. Bet there's going to be plenty of jokes about those.
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  6. Boobs rock.. rest is meh but I mean what are you going to do paint her white like the comic.

    Reminds me of:
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  7. That is probably the best they could do since they hired her to play the part.
  8. I don't like the afro.
  9. I'm tellin.

    Kapernick says so too:
  10. An afro is fine... but usually not in the lines of work Domino is involved in.

    Her long hair was kindof a problem too, which I imagine is why they cropped it.
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  11. What do you guys got against afros?

    Anyways, I watched Spiderman Homecoming last night and I thought it was great from beginning to end. I even loved the revamped 60's/70's music intro at the beginning. The kid that played Spider Man did great he had the character of Peter Parker locked down and I liked how they made the audience go through the trial and error of the Spider Man suit. Thumbs down to the Flash kid, that Flash would be getting bullied in the schools I went to lol.

    Michael Keaton did phenomenal, it's actually interesting that I've been alive long enough to see him as one of my first superhero actors and still see him in superhero roles now, just not as the hero but villain. I thought they would of made Shocker the level 2 boss in the movie but I wasn't sure if it was the guy that got incinerated, then I realized it was Bookeem Woodbine so that was cool. Seeing the extent to Spider Man's agility never ever gets old, it's really amazing to see. The ferry scene displayed that perfectly as he was trying to keep the boat together. With Spider Man's new tech and once he masters it who could really mess with him? He should be the top Avenger.

    I was a bit surprised they made that girl Mary Jane, but she was funny as hell through out the movie so whatever. Good for this version of Peter Parker wanting to dip in some chocolate.
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  12. [IMG]
    OH HELL YEAH!!!!!
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  13. [IMG]

    That wasp has been hitting the royal jelly.
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  14. dont like Cable's haircut
    ...but he looks baus

    truth be told...I always pictured Steven Lang as the perfect cable
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  15. This has my attention, Cable has to be done perfect.

    I hope we get a Bishop solo movie, that would be cool too.
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  16. They just started filming avengers 4. If they're starting 4, how much work could 3 possibly have that it won't be out till next year?
  17. A lot. There's a whole lot of editing, CGI, etc. that has to go into it. If they've finished shooting all the scenes with actors/actresses in it, then it doesn't surprise me they're already shooting 4.
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  18. Dude, a whoooole lot. Reshoots, pick up shots and all that post production.
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  19. Well you have to do a lot of cgi (environments, the black order, aliens, and the avengers to name a few things.) then there's the music score, sfx, cutting, reshoots if needed, etc. And all while shooting avengers 4 which was originally supposed to be shooting at the same time or right after IW finished principal photography.
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  20. I guess all that takes way longer then I would've guessed. I always figured stuff like editing and cg happened as they film each scene

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