1. They changed it to Cull Obsidian and didn't include Supergiant in the Black Order. Most of them were introduced in Hickman's awesome Infinity storyline.
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  2. Why does Black Bolt look like he is puckering up his lips when his voice cry happen?
  3. @Leroy: At 1:32? Looks like he's breathing in before releasing his power to me. @1:38 it's where he was forced to grunt from cops beating on him.

    Medusa's hair looks... bleh.
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  4. The second instance. I guess you are right.

  5. Defenders trailer #2
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  6. This will get torrented beyond belief like GoT did in a crazy epic way just recently. I will probably buy the defenders blurays though.
  7. This is on netflix. So i doubt it would get as much torrented as GoT.
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  8. Marvel Netflix shows seem to be coming out on torrents same day they release lately.
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  10. Holy hel, is Hulk taking on Fenris and Surtur? Thor, you better be taking on the midgard serpent.
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  11. Looks like Thor meets Guardians of the Galaxy, even got its own Gamora and Groot.

    Looks awesome.

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  12. [IMG]
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  13. Hulk looks handsome lol. Looks so good and so many other Marvel movies coming that just scream winner winner chicken dinner. This is why I love being a comic book fan of DC and Marvel.
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  14. [IMG]

    Now if only they had the rights to the super skrulls.
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  15. Good ol' Captain Marvel...the movie nobody wants.
  16. That Infinity War trailer though :drool
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  17. Any copies of them surface yet?

  18. I'm sure this won't be up for long so watch it asap. With that said I expect Marvel wil release it in a few days anyway.
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  19. Disney should just release it at the same time and stop being retarded.
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  20. Is Thor going to be 4 hours long? I'm a little afraid that they're cramming too much in.

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