1. from what I remember...yes
    but to be fair...I havent seen it in a few years -- I remember skipping it in theatres because Thor 1 disappointed so much
    ...when I finally rented it at Redbox I was thoroughly surprised

    I WANT to see Thor 3
    I am EXCITED about Black Panther
    there is a difference
    other than those, Ill probably just Redbox the rest -- unless I get caught in the hype machine

    the plan is to see Thor and then marathon the MCU at the end of the year
  2. Saw it with my brother's while we we're on vacation whenever it came out. I just remember coming out, and being the only 1 out of 4 who thought it sucked.
    And these are people who saw nothing wrong with Batman vs Superman, and Suicide Squad.
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  3. Wait shouldn't you want to see black panther. I thought most of you guys in here were flipping out after watching the trailer. I understand why you have to see thor tho. That short trailer was really awesome
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  4. WANT to see means that I will see it when I see it (just in theatres -- matinee showing or wait til it hits the discount theatre right before it hits rental status)

    EXCITED for it means I WILL see it opening weekend (at full price if necessary)

    The others just means I will see it in Redbox or d/l it eventually if I ever remember
  5. [IMG]

    But seriously, that's a lot to marathon cause by then Spidey would be out on video so you're looking at around 32 hours for just the movies and around 200 more hours if you include everything from the MCU.
  6. just the movies (1/day)
  7. Att girl as Squirrel Girl? Yes!

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  8. [IMG]

    Squirrel Girl.. pls.
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  9. [IMG]
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  10. [IMG]

    by our gif's I'm beginning to think this was her "bad B movie" everyone has lol.
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  11. [IMG]

    lol well as you said everyone has to do one at some point.

    I'd commend you if you could actually stay awake to do such a thing cause I know I couldn't sit still for the almost day and a half it'd take to get through the movies up to the title sequence.
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  12. SJW Marvel (the comics division) must be so upset they cast a traditionally attractive woman as Squirrel Girl. Considering that they reboot the character into this mannish, down syndrome-looking retard.
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  13. Check out a youtube channel called Diversity & Comics he covers everything going on with SJW Marvel
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  14. First look at Thanos' black order.
    Left to Right: Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Thanos, Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf

    The footage began with probably a two-minute intro of footage from the first several movies, all focusing on the Infinity Stones we’ve seen so far. Then, the Marvel Studios logo, and on to the new stuff.

    The Guardians of the Galaxy are flying around. “Put on your mean faces,” Star-Lord says, because he expects something nasty. There has been crazy destruction, and then a body smashes up against their ship. “Get it away,” Rocket says. They bring the body in and it’s Thor. (Spoilers for Ragnarok, we guess?) Mantis wakes him up and Thor jumps up and exclaims “Who the hell are you guys?”

    Next we see the Guardians with Thor, flying to another planet, and when they arrive—again, it’s just massive destruction again. They all know something is very wrong.

    Cut to Earth. Scarlet Witch is moving around some cars or something and a female voiceover says “Death follows him like a shadow.” Loki emerges and presents the Tesseract to someone who is taller than him.

    Cut to Queens and the hairs on the arm of a young Peter Parker stand up on end. He turns around in fear and we see a ship flying toward a planet we assume is Earth. “We have one advantage,” Tony Stark says. “He’s coming to us.” As the ship crashes, we see Mantis, Iron Man, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, and a few others characters in total shock.

    “Fun really isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe,” a voice says. Gamora turns around in total horror. “But this puts a smile on my face.” Star-Lord: “Oh no.” And out of a black hole emerges the purple madman, Thanos.

    A fight begins. Doctor Strange is putting down platforms and Star-Lord is jumping off them, shooting his guns. Cut to Spider-Man, in his new suit revealed at the end of Homecoming, jumping through the air. A shot of Vision behind bars. A shot of a Wakandan army which includes Bucky. Captain America comes out of shadows with a full beard. Black Widow is shown with blonde hair. Iron Man has new, very sleek armor. Someone is using the Hulkbuster armor. Just a huge montage of shots.

    Peter Parker is on the ground very hurt. “I’m sorry Tony,” he says behind tears with Iron Man holding his head. Thanos grabs Thor’s head and squeezes. Then Thanos, in the heat of battle with the Infinity Gauntlet on his hand, uses the power of the two stones he has (Purple and Blue, I think) to grab a moon. He starts to drag it toward whatever planet everyone is standing on. The debris starts to fly and... cut to title card.
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  15. Sounds epic I wish I could've seen it
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  16. lmao wow.


    So that Black Order is going to be in the movie? Awesome if so. Black Order, First Order, New Order.. everyone has an Order.

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  17. Damn that trailer sounds epic.
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  19. I only know of Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf, somehow the others names escape me... I read that they changed the name of Black Dwarf, because apparently its offensive.

  20. At least this trailer is better than the last one.
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