1. Even Bryan singers first X-Men movie that came out like 15 years ago looks better then this, and I'm not just talking about the effects but costumes and everything
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  2. I know right. I'm hyped up for that Jumanji. The Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart in one movie? Thats some good comedy shit right there.
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  3. Yeah that Jumanji trailer looked fun.. wiped out that juarez toilet taste in my mouth from the Inhumans trailer. My god that was awful. Let's uh.. let's have Netflix handle this kind of stuff pls.
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  4. The Inhumans showrunner is the same guy that was the showrunner for Iron Fist though.
  5. [IMG]
  6. Well then the solution is rather simple isn't it? Get rid of the showrunner. Iron Fist was pretty low compared to the other Netflix shows.
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  7. hmph.. I rather enjoyed it but then again I guess I shouldn't expect someone like you to understand.
  8. Their casting of Blackbolt is the best choice I think. And either he's really hamming it up or they really depowered him because cops would be able to do nothing to Blackbolt.
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  10. Wtf this trailer looked fucking awesome. Is the whole series going to be done with IMAX cinematic stuff?

    Looks like I'm going to have to watch this.
  11. I think the whole series is shot on imax cameras. And the main thing I want to know is where they spent that supposedly $100+ million budget for 8 episodes at cause those costumes and sets aren't really showing me much.
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  12. Even though they were marked up 200% the new cameras are sweet, the detail dial goes up to 11!
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  13. So you're the one.
  14. I don't want to say too much about Spiderman Homecoming but I will say that I enjoyed it and I enjoyed it more than I expected to.

    Plot spoilers in the below.

    There was no origin story which I really liked. The suit is very heavy on tech (which is to be expected given that Stark made it) and although it worked I think I would have preferred a less advanced suit.

    I feel like I just saw Spiderman on the big screen for the first time. He was (in almost every way) the Spiderman I grew up with. I liked his quips and turmoil and it was a good idea to give him his own Jarvis so that we could hear more of his thought process.

    Before seeing it I thought there would be too much RDJ... I don't think that now though.

    I assume everyone will refer to it as the Iron Spider suit that we saw at the end. I thought it looked great as a standard suit but not enough like the full blown Iron Spider. More gold and red was needed and less blue. It was very like Ben Reillys suit (not Scarlet Spider) which is my favourate so I enjoyed seeing it.

    The twist was brilliant. I didn't expect it and I really enjoyed it. The film suddenly became dramatic and the stakes were raised. Well done for that moment and well done for the entire scene in the car, it was fun to watch.

    The MJ reveal was disappointing. When I heard that Kirsten Dunst was cast in the Raimi film I boycotted it. I wish I was joking but Spiderman was my favourate comic book character and to me MJ was always an attractive redhead with big eyes and lips... Emma Stone was (in my opinion) perfect but they missed her by 1! Back on track I do not like MJ and I'm hoping that they undo that in some way. Given that her name isn't Mary Jane it may also just be a red herring.

    The other note worthy casting mention goes to Flash Thompson. He's meant to be a jock and he's meant to be popular. This character was certainly not a jock and he was just an unlikeable dick. Flash has always been a dick but at least you could see how or why he may have been popular. I really wasn't sold on the casting and he is probably the worst thing about the film.

    While I'm on the subject let me say something about Michael Keaton. It was a great performance and like most other things in the film I enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing the Sinister Six... I'm sure they've already started their plans.

    Vulture was actually quite menacing and he was a genuine adversary. When he killed Shocker (accidentally) he could have shown some remorse, that was a bit of an odd moment.

    Ned should piss me off more than he does. He’s only there to be funny or set up jokes but he was fine.

    At the end when May walked in she's bound to make assumptions, I just hope the assumption is that it's a costume or that he can blag it. It wouldn't be right for her to know.

    With May having been introduced in Civil War I think I got my annoyance over her age out then. It just didn't seem to factor in to this film and I didn't mind that people kept hitting on her... she's fit. It's another thing that should probably bother me more than it does but because so many other things were right I wasn't even distracted by it.

    Clearly I've had a lot of thoughts about the film and I think I've got them all out now.

    One more: It was a really good idea to show Spiderman out of Manhattan. Whith nowhere to swing from he's really incapacitated.

    This was the best Spiderman film I've seen, the best casting for Peter Parker that we've had, the best looking suit and also the portrayal most like what I wanted to see in a film.
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  15. When it comes to suit and high school portrayal I agree. I just feel that this movie was aimed too much at younger people. Most of the jokes weren't that funny.
    Also for newcomers that have only seen the cartoons from the 90s it's pretty annoying how they've changed all the characters. Flash is an Indian kid, MJ is a awkward highschool girl that has like 6 lines in the movie. I've read some of the new comics so I knew I could expect some changes but my friends kept asking me: dude wasn't flash the big blond football playing bully. Yes he was man, yes he was...
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  16. Its a more diverse world man. I mean Peter didn't have a single white friend in the school. And I do get the young people vibe from it. For the first third of the movie my gf and I were going "fucking millennials" all the time. Its good that Iron Man's involvement was limited but I agree with Mongor that it should have been lesser still for the suit. I do get the high tech suit. But I wanted to see more of Peter's innovation and skills than a "multi-million dollar" suit.
    On the one hand I'm glad they skipped over the whole uncle Ben thing. But on the other hand I think that made this Peter a lot less responsible. I know that Uncle Ben died in this universe as well but I don't see the effects of that on Peter. I felt like something serious should have happened to make this Peter more responsible. I mean towards the end we are to believe that he is a changed hero. But i'm just not feeling that the message has sunk in. Peter Parker has always been defined by two deaths. The death of Ben and Gwen. Give me my deaths.
    And he clearly doesn't have spidey-sense. I don't care what Kevin Feige says he doesn't have it. If he had it he wouldn't have been caught unaware so many times in this movie. Did not like that. And clearly the suit AI was there to compensate for that.

    And what the hell was with the crappy end credits scene? I would have loved to seen Donald Glover's character's cousin(?) cameo a lot more than a stupid Captain America PSA.
    Please. Spider-man and Spider-man 2 is better than this.
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  17. I can see where you are coming from a bit with your review, but this was by far the best spiderman we have seen. Best villain for Spiderman to date.

    The part in the girls house, where Peter sees him as her dad for the first time, and all the way leading up to their confrontation in the car was so intense. Way more intense than Willem Defoe when he discovered Peter was spiderman. The stakes were so much higher. I felt actually anxious and scared at that moment. It was portrayed perfectly. I was also not a fan that chick was MJ, but who knows, we still may get the classic Mary Jane. I hate how they had that chick to portray an edgy girl, all of her lines and quips were pretty terrible. Vulture was far and away the best villain they had, it kinda sucks the way he went out, I would have loved for the stakes to be raised, and he die at the end, but whatever. As for the after credits scene, I laughed my ass off.
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  18. Fuck homecoming, I just want spidey on the ps4!!! Although I do really wanna see this movie.
  19. Spiderman Homecoming
    10/10 easily
    The minor annoyances didnt ruin the movie at all

    The Flash character was a miss. MJ was a miss. Other than that, this was an excellent movie. Ned was comic relief, but so what? I doubt they had plans to make him into Hobgoblin (just because there are more interesting villains that havent appeared in a spiderman movie - Im looking at you Carnage and Scorpion, specifically). But Tom Holland has the "look" of a high school student...and the "stakes" were just right for someone who is just starting their superhero career

    I do feel they relied on the suit too much...a "smart" fabric suit would have been fine...but the pacing was done so skillfully that it added to the story and didnt take away

    no world shaking event that he has to respond to...just an arms dealer in the city that he needs to be stopped...and the fact that hes ignored/underestimated works well

    MCU ranking and order
    Captain America CW
    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Incredible Hulk
    Captain American WS
    Thor DW

    Captain America TFA

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    Avengers AOU

    Ironman 2
    Ironman 3

    Doctor Strange
  20. You really liked Thor DW that much? @killacross

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