1. New trailer

    International version
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  2. @Haoh I've told a few people that I didn't care for the movie and to lower their expectations, and pretty much everyone I've told that to came back saying they liked the movie. Either they have different movie tastes or the lowered expectations helped, so... lower your expectations :)
  3. I need to stop watching trailers, other than reveal trailers. All these Spidey trailers, I know the movie now. They showed too damned much, I have pretty much seen the movie now...
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  4. I can't see this movie suck. It has the same director and the same awesome cast. If the funny movies and action is at least on par with the first movie I'm already convinced
  5. Actually, I ended up seeing it a second and third time, and each viewing made the film much better for me. I initially didn't think too highly of it in comparison to the first, finding its pacing in the first and second act forced, and not great, but upon reflecting and watching again, I take back what I say. This movie is definitely on par with the first one for me, and I very much enjoyed it as one of the best MCU films (Civil War is still better, as is Doctor Strange, IMO). Definitely a dope ass movie for sure.
  6. New animated spiderman trailer
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  7. That looks like it was animated in Adobe Animate CC. I like Animate CC...but not for Marvel-level stuff.
  8. eh I don't think it's that bad DM. I will give this a shot for sure. I actually enjoyed the fight scenes.
  9. [IMG]
    Thats one fine chair you got there Mr Panther.
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  10. That looks fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yuush:
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  11. ANOTHER contender for the iron throne? Damnit, dragons or gtfo.
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  12. Black Panther trailer!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Looks fucking sick
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  14. That looks awesome and the beats at the end of the trailer are the shit.
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  15. Next year its going to be the battle of two kings. Aquaman and Black Panther. I'm interested in seeing the ruling approach of both monarchs since their circumstances are quite similar.
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  16. ahem.. did uh anyone else get a Eddie Murphy Coming to America vibe? ...lol
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  17. Damn. I really had high hopes for this. But this trailer was definitely a letdown.
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  18. I enjoyed the Guns N' Roses in the Jumanji trailer that it links to at the end though, so it's not a total let down.

    It definitely looks like it's got some issues, but I was surprised by how few red flags compared to what I usually find in trailers of bad shows that would indicate it's going to be awful. I'm also guessing that those are all clips taken from the first episode or two, since I imagine most of the show will be them interacting with Earth. I'm not an Inhumans reader though, so what do I know.

    That Jumanji though...
  19. What was up with the corny punching noises in the fight scene at the end? It literally sounded like an old playstation beatemup game.
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