1. but how awesome would avengers vs X-men be to watch on the big screen
  2. Fox already fucked the Phoenix up once. I don't want to see them do it again.
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  3. The X-men narrative doesn't fit into the Marvel cinematic universe.
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  4. Yeah, the way MCU is currently, mutants and the Xmen would just not work.
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  5. Lots of it is pretty good, though I have problems with many of this theories and where he just pulls out Marvel lore to fill gaps that were never introduced or mentioned in the MCU.

    I didnt agree with the AoU where he said there are a whole bunch of people wearing the same thing for something like the "Avengers Academy".

    I believe these people are a part of Stark Guard, Tony's attempt at creating his own police force, which was in the AoU comics (Although in the future), I could see it being Stark Guard more than an Avenger Academy.

    He talked about INhumans waaay too much for me to follow this as believable, as nothing of the Inhumans has really been talked about, or mentioned yet in the MCU at all. I know we are getting a movie, but Quake and Mr. Hyde (Skye and her dad) arent even Inhumans.

    Most of the theory has merit, and I agree with it, but he has holes which he fills with old lore from Marvel comics that doesnt quite fit for my tastes. Also, the thought of the mists spreading across the world, creating Inhumans, he didnt discuss the fallout of everyone else dying. That would leave the MCU with no people, only meta's left. fail.

    I stopped reading after he started oin the New Warriors and the Defenders. He really just went on to turn it into a fanfic at this point in my opinion. Though some of it was cool and worked, I found a lot was pulled outa no where for no reason, and I did not agree with it.
  6. Vin Diesel is rumoured to be Black Bolt
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  8. I would accept it. Plus he doesn't have to speak.
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  9. Poor Vin, a non-speaking role except when he is unleashing hell, and a role where he says the same thing over and over. Cant catch a break
  10. So what happens when Black Bolt has to belch??
  11. Unless they did inner monologues.

    Kind of hard to feel sorry for him when he's earning a paycheck for more movies. Plus one is only a voice over.
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  12. I know, I was just messin haha, I am sure playing these roles are amazing. Especially Groot, as he apparently recorded the phrase thousands of times, and even did the other languages the movie was released in, just to avoid dub work. So awesome.

    And if they do anything with origin stories, we could hear him speak a bit, though I cant see that happening much, as Marvel seems to be straying away from all origin stories, what with T'Challa and Carol Danvers jumping right into their adventures. (Unless we see some sort of origin with Panther in Avengers 2 or Civil War)
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  13. He even did the other dubs for the international versions you say? Dude isn't Groot, Groot in every language?
  14. So they didn't have to hire someone else to do international "Groot" voice over... sounds like he might have gotten more money...
  15. Given his few lines, it was probably in his original contract to do all the non-English localizations as opposed to a contract for the original movie, then another one for the other languages.

  16. Here is them messing around with some of the languages he did internationally.

    @Edds - What the hell is that. God Marvel are pulling some shit to get their shows watched haha. Im definitely watching Agent Carter though, so its all good. I just wonder if HYDRA can get this one released early too :p
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  17. Marvel continues to be golden.
  18. funny thing about that clip is he had nothing to do with the physical motion acting of groot's character.. I think that was Gunn's brother who was also an actor in the movie. Vin just did voices. So Vin watching that was probably thinking yeah I had nothing to do with that scene except some 1 second grunt lol.

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