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  2. Wait, what the hell is that? ^^ When was that announced? It looks great!
  3. Mentions of X-men and Brotherhood. Looks like confirmed tie-ins to the movies.
  4. Nope. Not interested. I've had enough of the mutant suffering. Give me a happy go lucky mutant show where nobody is trying to prosecute you because you can do cool shit. Being a mutant just comes with so much baggage.
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  5. So Jamie Chung is playing Blink in this series. So I'm guessing it's supposed to take place in the "current" X-men timeline (whatever the fuck that means) where this isn't DoFP Blink. Polaris is in it as well as Thunderbird.

    Not really interested.
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  6. Looks like you were right as we all expected. But I was surprised by the how. I wasn't expecting Coulson with the Rider. That was an awesome moment.
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  7. Yes that was a great plan also we learned that Coulson is hiding something.
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  8. Gaurdians 2 had an awesome soundtrack
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  9. yep but some of the comedy lines were cringe worthy. Too much comedy and I bet the next Thor movie is the same.
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  10. Yeah i was laughing at first, but towards the end i had enough. It never really felt like there was any real threat either.
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  11. lol I know right.. the gold people seemed like something out of a mel brooks movie May the schwartz be with you.
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  12. Funny. I used to complain about this even from phase 1 of marvel stuff. But now I've come to expect it. I half expect Thanos to be beaten in a dance off.
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  13. Let's see... Iron man and Rocket Raccoon are supposed to 'take the shot' to take out thanos, but they get into an argument with each other so Skylord has to distract Thanos with said danceoff.

    Sound about right?
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  14. And it won't be set in the MCU.
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  15. Saw Guardians. It was good. Very comic booky but I've come to expect that and I knew those gold people were going to be connected to Adam Warlock. The minute that credit scene started and she mentioned there ultimate weapon I was like, "Adam Warlock." Oh...for the record, I would totally of had sex with one of those gold women.

    The movie really laid on the sappiness. It was good. Nothing revolutionary, just the Marvel formula.

    I do love how now that it's space they really just go loose with stuff. Also, I really liked Mantis.
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  16. So which movie was better vol. 1 or vol. 2?

    Mantis for the win!
  17. That's Adam's sister Ayesha leading them. And she'll be back for vol. 3.
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  18. Yeah, well Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki in general) could GET IT! She's so uptight. A good dicking is all she needs to lighten up.

    (The feminist are coming for me now)

    Elizabeth Debicki is 6'3'' by the way. They used platform shoes to make her 6'7'' in the movie.

    Probably the first one because it was something new for Marvel and it set the space adventure standard.

    As much as I enjoyed Mantis, her innocence and Pom Klementieff's comedic timing in the comics she's also a martial arts badass, she is like Karnak from the Inhumans and can sense weak points. She knocked out Thor. She is essentially one of the best martial artist in the Marvel universe. I was kinda hoping that she would display to Gamora that despite her innocence she can actually defend herself when needed.

    I mean look at these abilities:

    Her creator was pissed off at her portrayal in the GoTG.
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  19. Hahaha so they RDJ'd her.

    Also, AoS is coming back next January with season 5 that will have no breaks between the episodes. And is moving to Friday nights like the Inhumans will.
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  20. Holy shit, even DM has seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before I did and he lives in Japan. I can't seem to make time to see this movie. This Friday I def will. No more excuses. Gotta know what all this fuss is about and interested in reading y'all thoughts (didn't read spoiler posts yet)
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