1. I bet there are hints or cameos of him dropped in Vol 2 anyways haha. I was one of those ADAM WARLOCK IS STARLORDS FATHER people, so here is hoping he still somehow makes some sort of appearance in mention or easter egg in Vol 2
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  2. Heard Nathan Fillion's Wonder Man scenes were cut too.
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  3. Well, with 5 post credit scenes, we may just see any of them haha
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  4. Watched Guardians last night. Fun movie. Went in thinking that Ayesha was the villain but she was the secondary villain. Ego had a nice twist to him rather than him being just a living planet. As for the story it wasn't anything special. We have seen this story countless times so not gonna talk or complain about it here. Instead let's talk about the 5 credit scenes. Only 1 of them is going to be relevant to any future stories and that has to do with Adam Warlock. The rest of them were just for laughs. This movie does mark the first time we have seen The Watchers in MCU. Both in the movie and in one of the credits scene. Sly's character is one of the original guardians of the galaxy and we see a reunion of them at the end of the movie but since i have no idea who they are it didn't have any impact on me. I guess that would be for the real hardcore guardians comic fans.
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  5. Defenders trailer
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  6. It's funny, how on earth does this version of Jessica Jones end up being the mother of Luke Cage's daughter?
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  7. SHIELD was great yet again this week and now Ada is flesh and bones with some teleportation power. Trip asking if he banged any of the shield girls in real life was hilarious to me. I imagine the mindfuck Fitz is going through right now is the same how Daisy/Sky felt when she was under control by Hive. If Mac wanted couldn't he just create his daughter a real body how Ada did as well as Dr. Radcliffe? I'm going to guess that is what's going to happen.
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  8. ^ It's not really Hope's consciousness but just what Mac remembers her being like since she died a long time ago. Radcliffe wasn't going to go because FItz killed the only reason he'd of had for going back.

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  9. With the exception of one guy in the pic above.. I am ecstatic to not see a bunch of leather costumes. Also, there is an asian who looks like he can kick ass so yay.

    Firecrotch in the blue ftw.
  10. Ya but Ada doesn't have a consciousness either and now she does.

    Who are the students on the top and who are the people below?
  11. Angst ridden, butt hurt, safe space millennials who can kick your ass


    Gen X high end wall street portfolio pissed off sexual deprived superheroes.

    All with a common theme..black, asian and a crazy white person who scares everyone.
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  12. Students on the top are people who you shouldn't give a crap about. The ones below are the Inhumans royal family which you should give a crap about since Black Bolt is a motherfucking beast. From left to right, Gorgon, Karnak, Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal and Maximus. Although i think i would like to see Black Bolt with his mask on.
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  13. Runaways...don't care.

    Inhumans...Black Bolt has an Asian cousin and a black cousin. They're Inhumans so it's okay. haha.
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  14. The Asian guy is Karnak, and he has the hax power of being able to see the weakness in everything. And has kung-fu'd his way out of many situations. Also Medusa (the girl playing her is the one that played Zatanna in Smallville) is in purple not blue.

    I'm talking about the original conscious not the one that was made up. Mac would also have to find a way to get Hope into Hydra headquarters if he wanted to get her a body, and that would be almost impossible right now with the framework about to go down in the next episode.

    The students on the top are the runaways. They are teens who find out that their parents are supervillains and decide to rebel against them while on the run from both them and the superheroes who think that they need saving. The Asian girl in it is the sorcerer Nico Minoru who's mother had a very brief cameo in Doctor Strange with Brother Voodoo's brother. The show is also rumored to have the group's genetically engineered velociraptor Old Lace in it as well.

    The ones on the bottom are the Inhuman royal family. There's Gorgon who has seismic powers, Karnak who sees the weakness in everything, the Inhuman king Black Bolt who's a telepathic flyer who can destroy mountains with a whisper, Medusa who has unbreakable prehensile hair, Crystal who can manipulate earth wind fire and water, and Maximus the Mad who is extremely intelligent with limited telepathy as well.

    Both The Runaways and Cloak and Dagger aren't coming out till some time next year. New Warriors likely isn't coming out till next year as well. The Inhumans has the first 2 episodes air in Imax theaters in September with them reairing them later that month with additional content as well as the other 6 episodes.
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  16. Just got back from Guardians 2!

    So, I enjoyed the movie! It wasn't the masterpiece that I hoped for, but it was good. The first one is definitely better in my opinion. I feel like a few of the moments were really forced. The whole Yondu/Rocket bonding came kind of out of left field. They didn't have as much leading up to it as they should have which kind of left me out of the emotion. As much as I have always defended Marvel's jokey nature, I feel a lot of the jokes could have been left out. There really was ZERO moments you could take seriously and having a good tone to it, because they would throw a joke, or make Drax burst out laughing, which played out a little for me. Still good, but lots could have been left out. I always hated Nebula in the first, still hate her. I think of all the joking in this movie, they took Nebula TOOOO seriously. Like, there was nothing to her other than brooding and stiffness. Didn't enjoy that.

    On to what I liked. Teenage Groot was funny as hell in the post credit scene. The final climax all the way to the end was great. I thought that was one of the more fun climaxes in a Marvel movie, and Yondu's send off was amazing. Ego was definitely one of the way better done villains in the MCU. End credit scenes all did not disappoint, especially ADAM! WOOOO! My initial theory post Guardians 1 was that Warlock would be Peters father, so it's dope to see him still in this, though he isn't Kree made, which meh, I don't mind. The movie was good overall, kinda campy and forced in my honest opinion. I'll still see it again sometime soon, but I am not nearly as excited as I was to see Guardians 1, Civil War, or even Age of Ultron again.
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  17. SHIELD was the best this week. I don't think I've been on the edge of my seat and laugh so hard more than this episode. Good that Ghost Rider is back!!!!!! He will be the equalizer to Ada's wut the fuck h4x abilities. It looks like she can do everything that any inhuman can.
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  18. Man Guardians 2 was freaking funny, I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was better than the first film. That Mantis girl is hot too.
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  19. ^^You mean she is disgusting! And ugly!
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  20. Saw Guardians 2 today and it was good, the bit at the end there with the Cat Stevens song Father and Son, had me sitting there with a giant lump in my throat. Man that was some heavy ass ending lol.

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