1. I must have watched this trailer a hundred times, and the end scene a hundred times more. So stoked for this my god. I just can't wait to see the explanation for Hulk being on the planet in the first place. Probably Loki from the looks of it.
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  2. [IMG]

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  3. She's 47 and they made her look GOOD! Granted she's always been attractive but something about this gothic look she has playing Hela is just hot.

    The director of this film wanted to explore more of Hemsworth's comedic range after seeing him in Ghostbusters and Vacation. He is pretty funny. I really like him in the Thor shorts where he's living with a roommate.

    Also, Immigrant Song is perfect for this trailer.
  4. Using Immigrant Song, check.
    Hot as fuck Cate Blanchett, check.
    Mjolnir destroyed, check.
    Meeting a friend from work, check and fucking priceless.
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  5. Yep cannot wait for this movie and the bright late 80's color theme didn't end up being such an issue for me. I thought it might be a little ..odd for 2017 but looks great. Leroy what is that sig? Is that some fantastic 4 animation or that new voltron? Fight looks great. Maybe that pitiful guardians of the galaxy toon?
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  6. Hela is definitely going to be Loki's biological mother. Where they flip the original story where Hela is the daughter of a previous incarnation of Loki. Is she gonna be Thanos' obsession instead of Death?

    For those who are unaware, Thanos is obsessed with the concept of death. He falls in love with Death, the personification of death in the Marvel universe. All of the gods in the Marvel Universe that represent death essentially get the okay from her to take souls and rule their own version of Hell. Throughout the entire infinity gauntlet story Thanos is trying to impress her. I suspect Hela will be taking that role this time around...I mean just look at her.
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  7. Yup. It's from Voltron.
    I am so glad that they are showing Hela's classic headpiece thing. I geeked out for that moment.
    @DM, Yeah it's gonna be hard to follow this Hela for anyone playing Death.
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  8. I also think the successes of frivolous and humor heavy films like Guardians of the galaxy and Deadpool has influenced marvels filmmaking techniques a bit. They struck gold with those two franchises and added a deeper layer of contrast from the somber brooding nature of the DC titles.

    It was pretty much inevitable that DC would eventually take the hint and counter with suicide squad.
    Even though the movie was in development for years, you can clearly see the undeniable GOTG undertones and influences.

    Personally I'm loving the fact that the studios aren't taking super-hero movies too seriously anymore, It's so much more enjoyable.
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  9. It never really occurred to me that I thought I was enjoying the dark, serious stuff until after so many marvel movies I realized I would rather have ..fun. I wanted more Marvel. I am not sure how the Marvel universe would have been received without Downey as Iron Man. It started there and w/o him I think you have a reboot again years later. You just cannot do that kind of thing with the Justice League. The flash? Too young..not enough presence to carry films.

    Comics change over time.. so I am not sure how Iron Man always was and they take liberties with the movies but it is just how DC characters are to me. Supes..serious. Bats...serious. WW..serious. Aqua..serious, Who you gonna get to bring that laughter that carries movies? Guy Gardner? lol. I just do not see what they can do other than fire Zack if that even solved anything. I accept that is how DC movies are but then we got SS lol. They literally had to go to other characters to get that fun. I guess the Joker can carry a flick but man imagine him being the star of a JL movie and the JL characters as serious duds.

    In the end I am just glad we have so many great comic book movies and I think and have been hoping ..lol... that Marvel will make DC better. I'm a big DC fan but man so far I have not been pleased. DC humor is kind of cringe worthy except some SS moments. People want to laugh and be entertained not feel like they are at a funeral when we go to movies or I would go see a horror movie or serious drama.
  10. Marvel Studios didn't make Deadpool.
  11. I didn't say marvel studios, I said marvel.
    Marvel Entertainment was part of the production team.
  12. AoS has been great so far in the virtual world. Everyone is playing who they wish they could be sometimes. Fitz has always wanted to be a BAWSE, cold and calculated; just not give a shit and kill anyone when need be.
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  13. Marvel was part of the production team in name only for deadpool and most of the x-men stuff. But marvel is more involved in co producing the 2 x-men shows.
  14. So it seems that Guardians Vol.2 has 5 post credit scenes. You might as well have gotten rid of the credits and just roll some more footage.
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  15. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck announced as the directors for Captain Marvel.

  16. Big fat, "Nope." to that.
  17. Eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh I don't know what to think. Probably a no from me too... But I just don't really know. I may try and pick it up with the girlfriend. She enjoys those dramatic shows, and I enjoy Marvel, so it could become an "Our thing". On my own, probably no.
  18. Oh and as well as Squirrel Girl, Mister Immortal, Night Thrasher, Speedball, Microbe, and Debrii will be on Marvel's New Warriors on Freeform as well.
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  20. When was it said that he was cut from Vol 2 lol?

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