1. Man the new Spidey already looks much more epic then all the amazing Spidey movies combined. Def gonna visit the cinema for this one


    Here's the link in case you guys didn't see it yet.
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  2. Interesting. It looks like he is going back to the homemade suit at some point in the movie.
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  3. I hope they don't kill of Vulture or Shocker in this cause a Sinister 6 movie would be nice to see.
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  4. Shocker! that's who that was, brings back memories.
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  5. Shocker, Vulture and the Tinkerer are in this.

    So they still have Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter, Hydro-Man, Morbius the Living Vampire, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Jackal, Jack O' Lantern, Carnage, Hobgoblin, Alistair Smythe, Black Tarantula, Scorpion, Silvermane, Kaine, and the Spider-Slayers that haven't been used yet. And that's not including the Inheritors who can be used for a spider-verse movie.

    Unfortunately Sony is giving Venom as well as Black Cat and Silver Sable are their own movies outside of the MCU.
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  6. It made sense for Farouk to go into Oliver. He was the next strongest psychic in the vicinity.
  7. Yep and in case you missed it the Sony exec woman brought up the fact some have forgotten.. the spidey mcu deal only goes for 3 movies ish so don't expect a continuation of mcu universe with Spidey. It's not a given is what I'm saying and Amy Pascal is a fail. I don't know what to make of this R rated horror movie Venom flick. The Inhumans show seems cool but man if it's anything like we got in AoS I'll have to pass. That got real boring. It was so cool at first then a big meh. The spidey movie looks so awesome though. M. Keaton ftw!
  8. Actually Spidey would have been in like 4 or 5 movies once the Homecoming sequel is out. And she doesn't actually say that the sequel would be the last movie just that it could be and that she doesn't see anything like that happening again. AoS has actually gotten better over the seasons and even more so once they switched to their current time slot. If you haven't seen the current season then start with that mini web series before starting it since that occurs between the current season and the last one.

    As for the Inhumans show, well only thing we have to go on that now is how well the showrunner for Iron Fist did since he's the showrunner for Inhumans as well.
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  9. I think someone should make a Usain Bolt character in the Marvel universe. He should be fast or faster than the Flash and some unique feats. There are already enough speedsters in the DC Universe. Bolt is what we need and been waiting for.

    It didn't make sense to me, at least with little to no resistance put up in fighting off the Shadow King
  10. There's Yo-yo, quicksilver, northstar, aurora, nova, and then you get to people like sentry.
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  11. Just watched the season finally for legion. What the fuck happened at the end. I want some explanations. What the hell was that small scanner thing that sucked up David?
    Also how awesome was David sticking all those soldiers together. Can't wait what he'll do in season 2 now that he has gained his sanity back and I wonder what they're going to do with his skitsofranic personalty. This has really won me over. Like I said before I'm definitely getting those awesome season 1 heroes vibe here. Here's just hoping they won't screw this up like they did with heroes
  12. If I'm not mistaken only yo-yo and quicksilver run, the rest fly and bitch I'm talking about the fastest man alive his epicness should be injected in the Marvel universe lol. Also none of them are on Flash level.





  13. ^ Hahaha no.

    Also hopefully AoS does a better job on madame hydra then fox did.

  14. ^
    bro you know The Bolt would be awesome. AoS is just annoying now in that they no longer have consistent weekly episode releases.

  15. August 18th.
  16. And it's here.

    Cate Blanchett is making my penis feel all kinds of weird right now.
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  17. lmfao that ending of the trailer was awesome. Looks like we are gonna get a good Thor movie. That chic is badass to break Thor's hammer.
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  19. Marvel have done it again and everytime they do I'm still surprised! Granted this is only a trailer but the tone is fantastic and I love the colours. It's so good to see so many bright and vibrant colours on the screen.

    Thor Ragnarok meets Planet Hulk. Sign me up! :p
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  20. I had the EXACT SAME RESPONSE.

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