1. I remember the shadow king from the x men evolution cartoon series. If that is Lenny true identity it's pretty damn awesome and original how they choose to handle his character. Next week is the finale and by the way season 2 has already been green lit.
  2. That's the name I was trying to think of last week!
  3. It is the King and that's also why he er she said I know your father...meaning Xavier and why he only wanted his body and not his mind.

    King said some nasty things about Prof X lol including he gave his son away but didn't X hide him with the intent to keep him away from King.

    Who was the mother and why didn't he just keep him at the school. Also, I thought Strykers son was like the third most powerful telepath. Oh Fox Xmen continuity..
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  4. Oh you know. Its probably "I did it to protect you" usual bullshit. But yeah David is one of the biggest failings of Xavier.
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  6. I liked how the Shadow King told David that 'he' (meaning Xavier) didn't think I would find you (David). I'm enjoying Legion but I just wished they not spend so much time in the Astral Plane. I hope David being trapped forces him to fully control his powers.
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  7. I don't agree with those early reviewers at all. Iron Fist was pretty nice. Sure it could've been better but overall it wasn't as bad as they all claimed it to be. And it handled the bad guys much better than Luke Cage did.
  8. I had really been looking forward to Iron Fist as soon as it became obvious that they were going to do a Defenders thing but then after all my anticipation the reviews came out and they were not positive.

    Daredevil was incredibly good. I liked the characters, I cared about them, I enjoyed the story, the acting was fantastic, the soundtrack was great and the action was brilliant. Generally I thought this series lived up to the hype. If I was going to make one criticism that would be that it was (perhaps) unnecessarily gruesome. Blood and gore can improve something, make it more real and make things seem more important but there were times when it felt slightly excessive.

    Daredevil came out, it was excellent and then it was followed by Jessica Jones. I thought this was almost as good and I loved the fact that it was a very different genre. THey’re both comic book adaptations so could fall under a “superhero” genre but the series’ would be enjoyed by people looking for very different types of entertainment.

    Luke Cage was next and I felt there was a noticeable drop in quality or at least I cared less about the characters and was generally more bored with the series. Irritatingly the series I have most looked forward to (Iron Fist) is the one most harshly received.

    I’m 4 episodes in to Iron Fist so there is a lot more still to go. Despite being warned that this was not good I wanted to enjoy it and at the stage I am at now I can say that I may be able to. If it keeps improving (which episode by episode it has been) I may do.

    Ultimately at this stage I don’t care for the characters, the acting is very poor, the characters motives are strange, the music is shit and the action scenes are almost unforgivably bad.

    Mr Iron Fist quotes buddhist scripture occasionally and talks like he is supposed to be zen. Then he does and says petty shit. He’s a massive contradiction and does things that don’t make any sense. Some of the dialogue is criminally bad too. Without picking on everything I’ll cite some examples of things that have pissed me off so far.

    Danny Rand throws a computer off a desk. Bear minimum this now all needs to be plugged back in and rebooted. In the next scene the desk has been reorganised and when the monitor is turned on the same image opens that was on it before it was thrown off the desk.

    Mr Rand needs to get a grip on his fucking eyes. He either has a lazy eye or occasionally allows them to drift. It’s really distracting and the director should have reshot the scenes. Anyone I know who have eyes that can occasionally lose focus and “drift apart” has told me that they’re aware when it happens, they’re just lazy and don’t want to refocus.

    Rand at varying times is begging people to “let him talk” but when he’s one on one with someone in a car he doesn’t say anything. He just keeps saying let me talk and goes driving off.

    Why is he having flashbacks to a plane crash that happened 15 years ago? I'm sure it was devestating and was clearly life changing but he wouldn't still be having frequent flashbacks!

    In another one to one situation he is told “I’m sure you have questions so you go first” and then he ignores that and starts to waffle on about a backstory and not ask any questions at all.

    Clearly I don’t have a lot of positives to say at this stage and I could go on a fairly thorough rant in more detail about things but I won’t. Ultimately at this time the series is just very boring and uninteresting. It does show signs of getting better but uninteresting characters and poor acting is killing it. Fingers crossed for the rest of it...
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  9. I agree the fighting could and should've been better. As well as some of the acting and dialogue. The flashback thing is explained in the later episodes. And I'm still trying to figure out how he learned to drive so well since he was only 10 when he got stuck in K'un L'un for 15 years. They definitely set things up for a sequel at the end but who knows if they'll get the chance. Though they just might benefit from a new show runner seeing as how the one for this is now the showrunner for The Inhumans.

    Oh, Madame Gao was pretty good in this, and I so wanted to see the match between Danny and Shou-Lao the Undying.

    And BP set pic.

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  10. You know what is pissing me off with the Marvel shows? Fucking aliens invaded NYC and the Avengers exist yet people can't believe someone survives a plane crash and PERHAPS lived in a place that is in another dimension. For fucks sake. ALIENS AND GIANT GREEN HULK MEN!

    I'm on the 2nd episode btw. I just really hate this separation between the films and the TV shows.

    EDIT: Also, gotta love the whole 110lbs woman beating up 200+lbs fighters in a cage. Granted it was better than what typically happens in movies and TV. In reality she'd hit them once, they wouldn't flinch and then they'd punch her in the face and she'd die. She isn't Jessica Jones. I mean give me some sort of reality.
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  11. Just finished watching iron fist. Definitely the weakest of these shows. The story lacked a definite direction. The characters wavered so much you don't know what to expect from them in the next scene. And Danny Rand is the worst of them all. I honestly couldn't care less about him. I was hoping to see Madame Gao fight this time. So I was a bit disappointed.
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  12. I'm on episode 11 and man, I know that Danny's emotional development was stunted for 15 years but he really does just act like a child all the damn time. All he does is brood and react.

    I don't really care of Colleen. This doesn't have to do with Jessica Henwick's acting, she's just kind of a plot device. Henwick gotta nice booty though. She definitely inherited the short legs/wide base combo that Asian women tend to have. I know it seems weird but Asian women have surprisingly wide hips.
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  13. Would it be just me or is there a sense in the air or something that Madame Gou could have escaped at any time from any of the times she was a 'prisoner" ?
  14. She said specifically that she chose not to escape.
  15. I know I say this every week but I'm pretty damn sure we have seen the first ever personality from David. The logical british David.
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  16. I thought in the show he has schizophrenia? Schizophrenics have hallucinations, dissociative identity disorder (what he had in the comics) is entirely different.
  17. American David doing the English accent to the British David had me laughing because the actor that plays David is actually British. That was a good bit. Pretty epic finale but really abrupt and weird ending. I watched it on TV (airs one day after it airs in America) and after the episode ended it went straight to a different show which had me looking pretty surprised because I was expecting at least one last major psycho blast from David to finish it of.

    Ohw and can we also highlight the fact that the shadow king is a fucking monster. The way he bends people into little cubicles is just freaking epic and scary at the same time.

    Ohw and did we see a bit of Prof x rolling around in his x wheelchair, well at least the wheel that is.

    Edit: I just read in IGN that next week's episode is gonna be the season finale. Thank God. I knew something wasn't right
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  18. [IMG][IMG]
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  19. Great episode of Legion this week. How did those soldiers find the hideout? I hope the sister really didn't make that phone call. Also wtf is everyone doing taking a break and having breakfast instead of getting the Shadow King out of David's mind immediately.
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  20. [IMG]
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