1. First Logan review is in. 9.7 from IGN. Don't know how much that says since IGN is all over the place with their reviews but here's hoping that it's as epic as the given grade
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  4. SHIELD was so good this week. They deserve a pat on the bad for the ending scene, it was so cinematic. Daisy is getting better and better, that little vibration ball was a good move. I expect her to be shooting out kamehameha's in no time.
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  5. My sis started watching shield the other day and told me it was pretty dope. I might start to as well to replace the emptiness inside that arrow left behind after it became crap.
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  6. Ya'll not watching Legion? I just watched episode 3 and its already pretty damn epic. Can't believe people aren't more interested in this
  7. Its still more in the confusing stage than epic I would say.

    All these people trying to test David are thinking in too small terms. They have an inkling of how powerful he can be but they don't know that they are dealing with one who has been called a God Mutant. I'm still waiting for his personalities to come out and play. And by that i mean don't hide just inside his head but actually alter David's personality.

    So far I count 3 distinct personalities. The creepy big headed kid from the story, the man with the yellow eyes and Lenny (who is the most recent). But of course I could be wrong. And as for the powers I can only be certain of the teleportation ability of the man with yellow eyes. Because when he appears more often than not a teleportation happens like in the mental facility and the MRI machine. I want to say Lenny is responsible for him being able to hear and see his sister but I'm not sure if it is just an extension of him getting control over his telepathy in which case it can't be Lenny.
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  8. I didn't even get half way through the first episode, so yeah I've been watching it... Sort of.
  9. I think it's already pretty epic. I'm getting that heroes season 1 feeling from this. This show could be just as epic as that first season was. The cool thing about this show is that they don't even have to show any other mutants. The shit going on in Davids head is already a whole show by itself. I've read some info on Legion on IGN and damn is he a beast when it comes to powers and even more interestingly is he a psycho with all the personalities he posseses.
    I think you're right so far about the personalities. That dude with the yellow eyes creepes the hell out of me. That scene where he crippled the old ladies fingers with the book scared the shit out of me.
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  10. I'm watching Legion, I'm a bit more convinced now. The first ep I didn't know if I should continue but the 2nd ep was good so I'll watch ep 3 when I get a chance.
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  11. Hell on Wheels' Anson Mount will be playing Black Bolt in The Inhumans.
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  12. I think I'm committed to Legion now, pretty unique how they show what's going on in that crazy white man's mind. I just want David to man up and take control of his mind. I think he's going to make the figments of his imagination real which can be seen when that doctor psychic lady felt pain after coming out of the memories.
  13. I'm your Dad Peter.. I love that man and every movie he makes from The Thing to Escape from NY to Big Trouble in Little China to hell.. even Capt Ron. Backdraft, Tombstone, Stargate, Graceland, and on and on.. you are the man. By the way if you want a delight.. listen to him and John Carpenter on the special features for Big Trouble. So so good and they do the same thing on The Thing.
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  14. If you ever needed a refresher of Wolverine's timeline before watching Logan. The major point is that he is physically nearly 200 years old and mentally in the 250s what with the whole time travel thing and he has seen his all friends die twice.
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  15. Just came back from watching Logan. First of I def agree with most reviewers saying this is one of the best if not best x-men (Wolverine) movies out there. Now I won't spoil anything for you guys because I guess most of you haven't seen it yet.
    So to just sum it shortly, it was a great movie with some damn funnies moments (which I wasn't really expecting if you see what the tone of the movie is), great damn feels from Logan and Chuck (Prof X), and the best Wolverine action you've seen in any X men movie. I mean the number of times those 3 claws dig into someone's head (I didn't keep count) but I couldn't get enough of it. It was so damn raw and epic. And X-23, damnnn, I mean are you for real. That little girl was made for that role. Here's hoping she will play that role again in future x-men movies.
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  16. so finally watched Dr Strange today

    ...my least favorite marvel movie

    and if they can make the Ancient One a white women instead of Asian....why not just let Benedict Cucumber just have his regular english accent?
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  17. Logan was fucking amazing so bloody and gruesome I loved it. One thing that this movie made me realize that they failed in the first x-men movies is that Charles Xavier is a damn beast and this movie gave a little glimpse on why he is considered one of the strongest mutants. The girl that played X-23 (is she 23 because Jordan is the goat? :troll) did an amazing, her Wolverine and Charles had the perfect synergy. Glad Hugh Jackman went out with a bang in this movie. Easily one of the best Marvel movies ever.

    A lot of cool action and comical moments. One of them that wasn't made to be funny but I lol'd was the U.S.A chant parts. I facepalmed and said to myself can't I just watch a movie w/o any politics lol.
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  18. Saw Logan this morning. It was awesome to see professor X drop f-bombs. X-23 as i thought was fucking brilliant. I geeked out hard when logan and laura went about slicing and dicing people left and right together. The only thing that bummed me out was the ending. I was expecting more I guess. But then I realized this movie isn't about Laura or mutants or Charles, it was about Logan. In that sense I suppose it was a good place if any to end the movie.
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  19. ^ I had the samen feeling About the ending. I was hoping it would be more epic if you know what i mean
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