1. In the case of Pratt, he just admitted that he just doesn't want to be that fit. Hemsworth did 2 movies that come out before AoU, and is already doing another one that comes after it. Evans had 2 movies after Avengers, and starred, directed, and produced a movie that comes out who knows when.

    So different situations for different actors. Especially depending on the role they have in a movie.
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  2. Not a single person is gonna comment on the official news of Cumberbatch being cast as our friendly neighborhood Sorcerer Supreme?
  3. ^ Didn't know since I just got home. That said, it had been leaked that he was very close to signing and was in final negotiations last month.

    But at least we get Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones.
  4. Chris Evans was in the film Snowpiercer and the director said that one of the problems was trying to hide his muscular physique because he was supposed to be poor and underfed.
  5. LOL! That's actually funny.
  6. So, anybody been keeping up with these Sony email leaks?
  7. Yes dear good please let Marvel get Spidey
  8. From what I gather, Marvel has two scripts ready to go forward for Civil War. One with Black Panther, and one with both Black Panther and Spiderman. Though it seems if Marvel grabs Spidey, we may see a good bye to Garfield, and Spiderman will get the Hulk treatment where they toss him in with everyone having pre-existing knowledge on him without his previous movies being mentioned. Which I am okay with (Even though, unlike the hefty majority of fans, I enjoyed the hell outa Amazing Spiderman 2)
  9. I pray they get spidey it will open up so many doors.
  10. Iron Man's smartassness + Rocket Raccoon's smartassness + Spidey's smartassness together in one movie.....
  11. + Deadpool's Smartassness. I'm going to unalive them!
  12. To my understanding though, the deal being worked out, Sony will "loan" Spidey to Marvel, but still own the rights. Unless I read those emails between the studios wrong.
  13. The latest batch of emails/rumors is that Sony still retains all rights, Marvel gets creative control while Sony gets final word, Sony advertises and distributes, Marvel produces, both put up money for it which I believe was 60-40 in favor of Sony, Marvel gets all merchandise profits since they already have that, and Feige wants Avi Arad no where near the whole thing.
  14. Im actually pretty okay with this outcome. I mean, with creative control and the ability to use all of Sony's characters within their movies as long as Sony green lights it shouldnt raise any flags for me.
  15. So sony chairman Lynton or whatever his official title is.. email inbox had somewhere in the 15k number of emails? I don't remember but it was a lot and he apparently never cleaned it out as they went back to 2008 and all that got dumped online via the leak.

    One thing that came out of it that's been posted and I'm posting this from my pb account. Jesus christ these people can't type proper emails. I hesitate to even call it shorthand as that would be a disservice. Pascal's is even worse.

    lots of the email leaks posted here:
    So many a list actors, writers,directors being bashed behind the scenes. pitt, denzel and the list just goes on forever. I'm sure this goes on everywhere but still it's just kinda sad to see how much back stabbing goes on. Ruthless business much? Guess you have to be with all the egos.

    I think Sony really has no choice but to give in to marvel's demands or more than they would like to at this point with spidey. They are just so fucked in so many ways right now.. they need something good to happen even if it's just having Sony's name attached to a marvel film and spidey.

    That twitter link.. you have to scroll down and read some of the scott rudin emails.. holy shit. There are quite a few too w/o him in the convo and just bashing him and then him in the convo cussing out others, calling them names lol. I know this isn't marvel related but it's still in house fun drama to read:

    This is marvel related though:

  16. Thats awesome Clay, nice find.

    With something as small as the provided funding to help out, I can see this going very well, and with Marvel backing Sony in the latter of the deal, it could really present both with great opportunity. I really believe we could see this happening!
  17. And we can finally get Spidey dealing with a greater Marvel universe. And the Iron Spider costume
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  18. If only they could do this with the X-Men
  19. I quite like XMen sitting in another universe. As much as I like some of the storylines they are involved in within the Marvel Universe, I enjoy what is being done with them, and really, Im not a big Xmen fan anyways

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