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    Honestly, I dont care what DC thinks they can do, and what points DC fans come at us with. Marvel wins. Marvel wins it all. This MCU is so huge, and now all out in the open. So far reaching, nothing DCU can do will bring them up to base.
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  2. Heres the version of the trailer with the hammer scene. Really sets a different tone. I enjoy the scene alot haha, its funny.

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  3. still a little sad both, fallen son and civil war will be jammed in to a cap movie. Civil war is probally the second most important marvel event to IG imo. I felt it deserved its own phase. I feel like this pretty much confrims that klaw is in AOU. Avengers 3 being 2 parts will be interesting contractually. Also I don't know enough about captain marvel to speculate on potential villains and what not. For inhumans I can see doing something with maxiums the mad as a villian
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  5. Awesome talk from the AMC crew again discussing the release of all this information. Black Panther is a major character in Cap 3, which pretty much confirms Serkis is Klaw in Avengers, as apparently, we get a slight origin story of him there, and he will play Spidey's role in Cap 3.

    These guys give out all the information as well as their insight and speculation. I know it is an hour long, but well worth the watch for all the facts (As well as it is an interesting watch)

    Also this:


    Which includes the full Infinity Wars teaser (Everything leading up to the Thanos and Gauntlet scene) and a 20 minute Q&A with Kevin Fiege. Man, so much to take in in one week, I dont know how much more I can stand before exploding!
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  6. BTW, I totally don't care about having black or female directors for Black Panther and Captain Marvel. I feel like that is just pandering. Get the best director, if they happen to be black or a woman then cool. Don't pander like DC is doing with Wonder Woman.
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  7. Yeah, I dont understand why they are wondering about that. I dont care if the director is an alien. Like, give us someone good, and give us an incredible movie. Honestly, what does the race or gender matter?
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  9. Captain America is so fucking metal. Where did you find that clip? I havent even heard any mention of it, much less see it. Thought I was up to date damnit haha.

    Seriously though, love the little heat you get between those two already. Trying to implant their ideals. So far, Cap always seems to come out on top for me in who paints the better picture.
  10. I would be lying if I said that random tears of joy and excitement didn't form when seeing the announcement teaser for Infinity War. I got that feeling I got while watching the first Avengers, the feeling that I'm sure others who follow comics get when they see things like this, the feeling of "Oh...my...god, this is really happening. I've been wanting this since I started reading comics as a kid!"
  11. I mean, the teaser is nothing but footage we've already seen right? Or did I miss something. (Other than Thanos and the Gauntlet)
  12. You are correct...but that's not the point.
  13. Hahaha what a burn by MC Clean.
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  14. Have to agree with the Daredevil show runner that the one playing Nyssa on Arrow would make a awesome Elektra.
  15. Little conversation starter here, kinda deviating from my most recent post in the SHIELD thread, but do you guys think any of the characters coming to be released in these movies could be hinted at, cameo'd, or fully be characters in anything before their own movies?

    Examples such as hos Black Panther plays a large part in Cap 3. Panther is a year and has like two movies between it and Cap 3, so obviously Black Panther is not his origin, but probably him going back to Wakanda and dealing with threat there. (I believe Fiege already stated he was staying away from origin stories for now)

    With this, brings Edi thought about a city known in the Inhumans universe popping up in the recent SHIELD episode (well, theoretically at this time, we still have no idea yet, just an idea)

    You guys have any ideas theories of when and where characters could pop up before their own "Official" debut.

    I mean heck, Strange got name dropped in Cap 2, and they dont have an actor or any information out on it yet!
  16. Well, Denvers could still be name dropped in AoU or in Cap 3, T'Challa is gonna be in Cap 3 before his solo movie, and Luke is set to appear in something like 6 of Jessica's episodes. Then you have a possible Inhuman reference in AoS, though they can just as well mention them in the next GotG movie.
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  17. Crossbones confirmed for Cap 3. Apparently he is getting a big role too. Says he has a bit to put on some weight, so he's gotta hit the gym to get bodyscanned for his costume.
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  18. Boseman has already started his workout as well.
  19. That's exciting. I don't know why the actors don't keep up the shape. Obviously Boseman didn't have any roles to have to keep up the physique needed for Panther, put for people like the 3 Chris's of Marvel, they do a movie, chub out and love life before preparing months in advance for the role again. Pratt said he got the role cause of his beastliness in Zero Dark Thirty (In part at least) and had to get back into shape for a good Star-Lord. I dont know about them, and I do know it is hard to get into that type of condition, but I am a very fit person, and find myself trying to keep up as much as possible. If I find myself dropping weight or mass at all, I train harder to keep it up.

    I understand that different roles demand different body types, but what does Evans have to do between Cap and Avengers movies really? Cause I dont see him in many notables other than...

    Just my opinion though.
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  20. You're talking from the premise that these guys want to be that size, eating that way and going to the gym that often. Yes it might be easier leading up to a film to already be that size but then it starts to take over your life.

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