1. So, as you guys may see, a lot of the Marvel threads are bustling, but some of the talk is going off topic from the actual movie intended to discuss. This thread is for any upcoming, in talks, tie in, netflix series, ect. that revolve around the MCU that do not have threads of their own.

    Topics such as the speculated Black Panther movie, or the hopeful Inhumans are such topics that can be discussed.

    Theories for MCU, such as what you guys think about the Infinity Gauntlet wrap up or future titles to be added in can be discussed here as well if formal threads for them do not exist.

    Upcoming Marvel stuff


    05/06 Captain America Civil War
    05/27 X-Men Apocalypse (Fox)
    09/30 Luke Cage
    11/04 Doctor Strange


    03/03 Wolverine (Old Man Logan) (Fox)
    05/05 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    06/16 Kingsman The Golden Circle (Fox)
    07/07 Spider-Man (Sony)
    11/03 Thor Ragnarok


    02/16 Black Panther
    05/04 Avengers Infinity War Pt 1
    07/06 Ant-Man and the Wasp
    12/21 Spider-Man (animated) (Sony)


    03/08 Captain Marvel
    05/03 Avengers Infinity War Pt 2
    07/12 Inhumans

    In development

    Iron Fist
    The Defenders
    Jessica Jones season 2
    Damage Control
    Most Wanted
    Cloak and Dagger
    Legion (Fox)
    Hellfire Club (Fox)
  2. finally a thread for the mcu as a whole. I said we should have done this ages ago. Infinity gauntlet is pretty obvious for avengers 3. I'd prefer it if avengers 3 was pushed back. I doubt we have enough movies for thanos to get the infity gems. I'd love a thanos quest type movie where he actually comes into possession of them. remember the tessarct is on asgard, the collector has 1, and the nova corp has a third.
  3. I am really lobbying for a Thanos quest as well. I loved the Thanos Quest comic of how he came about to get all the gems. It really showed how cunning and insanely powerful the Titan really is, and having Thanos quest movie would be so cool. A Marvel movie about the villain would honestly be sick.

    Also, it would really help them expand their galactic universe as he travels all over space. In this case, it would be him travelling back to Knowhere to get to The Collector, travel to Asgard for the Tesseract, head to Xandar to get the natural stone from the Nova Prime, and you know, the six more haha....

    Any thoughts or speculations of the next few stones we may see? As I have my own theories on them (At least two, I believe will be coming up soon.
  4. I could have sworn there was already a thread about this, but alas, I'm too lazy to go look.

    A Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, and Inhumans movie are more in a state of when they will happen rather than if they will happen at this point.

    And speaking of Daredevil.

  5. Were we speaking of Daredevil? That photo is dope though. Thats the promo for his Netflix deal? (I swear he has one, correct me if I am wrong)
  6. Could have been in a different thread. It's a promo pic of his beginning costume. Don't know if it was shown at NYCC or not, but they did have footage at that event.

  7. I saw the Daredevil teaser at NY Comic Con. It's a good cast and I have a good feeling about this show.
  8. def feeling good about daredevil. I have no idea about what the future stones will be
  9. Holy crap Edd, that sounds significantly better than the movie was haha.

    I am definitely calling out Adam Warlock as Peter Quill's father. It would be the perfect way to bring him into the universe, and introduce the soul gem. Honest to god, refer back to this once Guardians 2 is released, and Warlock is his father haha.
  10. I have heard that Idea tossed around a lot and it makes sense. Warlock would have the soul gem, how to introduce time though that's the real question. I am a little sad that civil war is being done in capt. 3. I felt that its worth it's own Avengers Movie.

    Just a little theory on M:AOS I think that the doc is maximus the mad, frequent inhumans villians. It would connect kree to the earth and the show more to the movies. That or the doctor is a skrull which I don't like that idea
  11. That would be cool if he was Maximus. I think the alien Coulson saw was a Kree anyways, so theres that.

    But if anything, maybe the time gem could be introduced via Ultron? If the movie follows suit to the comics. there is that time jumping element, which can very well be the Time gem. Im not saying it is, just a theory.
  12. What doctor?

    I kind of hope that there aren't any more infinity gems on earth. The more there are there, the less of the cosmic universe can be explored.
  13. skye's dad on M:AOS hes known as the doctor
  14. Oh, him. That would be a interesting twist.
  15. Yeah, I am not a fan of if another gem is on earth either, I was just speculating as to where one could be found.

    But you cant tell me the idea of Warlock being Quill's father is that far reaching. Think of his appearance and power, and how Quill's mother described him like an angel, who came down with brilliant light. Unless this guys is an Asgardian, its gotta be Warlock.

    The Nova Prime said that Quill's arigin was much more ancient than their records could find. So unless Asgard and the realms is completely unknown to all other cosmic civilizations, I dont see it being Asgardian or anything from that area of the universe.

    Warlock, admittedly is not that ancient, but maybe they do not know of his origin or can not track it because of how he was created. That, or they take a new origin story with him.

    I really hope its Warlock haha
  16. Could also be a spaceship or escape pod. Asgard is known by other races. Remember when Sif mentioned the blue aliens that Asgardians had met?

    I kind of wanted his father to be J'son, but Gunn has already said that it's gonna be someone else from the comics, so I guess Warlock is a possibility.
  17. Yeah, it was mentioned they were staying away from the original father, which is why I bring my point back to Warlock. Obviously they could have went with anyone, but Quill`s father must be integral to the storyline if they specifically changed it to mysteryman number one. And if anyone is integral to Infinite Gauntlet who hasnt already got a movie, or a part in the movies, its Warlock.
  18. marlie said that black panther movie will never happen. he is always right.
  19. it's officially happening its only a matter of time. My friends said the same about ant man. I could see warlock being made a creation of the celestials or something like that.It would make sense. It would be a big change to his origin story though. I am still worried that we won't get sliver surfer when they do infinity gauntlet who could take his place.

    Most obvious choice to have the earth warn about thanos is Uatu the watcher. If you watch guardians, the scene where the collector that talks about the race that tried to harnass the power of the stones looks a little like watchers. Big heads pointy cloaks. That or Thor will come down from as Asguard to warn the Avengers.
  20. Silver Surfer, Galactus, Super Skrulls, and the Brood are with Fox thanks in part to the X-Men and Fantastic Four being there. So don't expect either of them to come for a very long time.

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