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  2. The first predator is arguably still the manliest, most raw movie out there. I'm hoping the guy that directs this one brings back that vibe
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  3. I hope so cause seeing Keegan-Michael in it will probably be for comic relief.
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  5. Just seen the latest trailer and that twist at the end makes it look even better.
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  6. The super predators return.
  7. The question is, how long does the regular Predator last before it's killed by the Super Predator. The Super Pred seems to be the main enemy.
  8. So was anybody else disappointed with this movie?
  9. It was mindless fun. I think it was better than the modern Predator films. Worse than the first two of course.
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  10. My sentiments exactly.
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  11. I don't put this above the Predators 2010 movie. I like how they dived in a bit deeper on how complex and useful the Predator technology is, like the mask can do so much more than just infrared thermography.
  12. Just saw it and I agree. I wouldn't call it a "good" movie, but I enjoyed the action and humor all the way through. It was good mindless fun.
  13. My bro watched it recently and felt the same way but said it needed to be way darker.

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