1. Beyond darkness, beyond desolation, lies the greatest danger of all...

    Smaug, I wonna see more of you! And Orlando Bloom as Legolas still makes me ill.

    The Hobbit
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  2. I can't wait to hear Cumberbatchs voice emerge from Smaug
  3. "That, my lad... is a dragon"

    More dwarf epicness coming up!!
  4. I will be watching this. I enjoyed part I.
  5. Come now, don't be shy~

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  6. Yes!
  7. New Darker Trailer:

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  8. Saw the midnight showing.

    A lot of the mysteriousness from the book is replaced by action and CG such as Beorn. A great deal of Fangorn is left out, which I thought was one of the best parts of the book. Props if anyone caught Peter Jackson's new Bree cameo which is identical to his cameo there in Fellowship minus a lot of fat.

    IMO it ended in a bad place unless Jackson plans to draw out the Smaug felling. Even then, there's no resolution, which all the previous movies provide in some fashion. We're left with Bard going up to the tower and shooting the dragon down. Instead, the growing Sauron threat, which everyone now recognizes, should have been the looming focus of the adventure to end it with considering the third installment is to cover the events outlined by LOTR appendices. Too much of a cliff hanger for LOTR/Hobbit in which we all know what's going to happen anyways, even those that didn't read The Hobbit.

    Of course there's also the whole Legolas, Tauriel, and Kili love triangle. Can't have a movie without a love story I guess.

    Also, while Smaug was distracted by the dwarves at the forge, Bilbo could have gone and picked up the Arkenstone. This would have provided a Plan B should a retreat be needed. This would have assured Thorin's place as king and ability to unite the dwarves.
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  9. I was very disappointed with all the rewrites and additions. Its honestly like PJs boss at Warmer said 'Make it 3 movies and bullshit what you need to in this one. Smaig himself was rucking awesome.
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  10. Yeah having the Hobbit be 3 movies is a stretch considering the book is about half the size of one of the 3 LOTR books. Another problem is PJ can't legally use any of JRR's materials other than LOTR and The Hobbit. So he has no choice but to make things up to fill 3 movies. For example he can't explain the distrust between Elves and Dwarves because it's Silmarillion material. In the previous movie Gandalf says he doesn't remember the names of the two blue wizards; legally PJ couldn't give us the names since they're only in the Silmarillion.
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  11. Saw it last night and all things considered it was a great piece of entertainment. Well done, I'd say. Story-wise is something else of course. Some things were also a bit weird, but considering things need to be dragged out a bit..

    Like Legolas not just shooting that White Orc through the head from his horse when he was pursuing him. Like dafuq..; he uses his bow from point-blank range, shoots orcs while jumping on dwarves' heads, but no... Suddenly he can't shoot in a straight line.

    Smaug=instant favourite.
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  12. I loved the 2nd installment. The end part had me like 'Really? :rage But great movie all around. I loved the fight scenes.
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  13. I called the ending like, almost down to the second. As it neared it, I just yelled "Here's where it ends" and sure enough, boom. My buddies all thought I saw it before, but really I just read some of your guyses spoilers.

    ust got back and I was really pleased. This movie showed the dwarves as fearsome fighters that they should be, other than everything from the first movie of them constantly getting their asses kicked. Barrels was god damned amazing. Either that or when Bilbo first confronted Smaug were my favourite parts of the movie by far.
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  14. I personally enjoyed the shit outta the movie. That barrel scene was crazy and Legolas in this damn movie YES. Now I haven't read the books so I can't speak about the differences and changes mad but since it's come up from some of the post here can someone explain what was going up with Legolas pops face and krozar what's the real distrust between the dwarfs and elves?

    Smaug tho...man.
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  15. Visuals were stunning in 3D, plot wise its kinda meh
  16. Make sure one day man you pick up the books and give 'em a read. My father bought some of the ..oh idk which but.. one of the first, second edition hardbacks long time ago. So I was reading that, where the red fern grows and lion, witch, wardrobe cs lewis.
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  17. http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox...d_inflation_can_you_spend_all_that_money.html

    The Inflation of Smaug by Matthew Yglesias

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  18. The barrel scene was awesome but still it seemed a little cgi over the top. Legolas is a a beast but and asshole huh.
    This is a lot better to me than the hobbit part 1. Yeah I'm just seeing it tonight for first time. Not even 45% through
  19. watched the bluray ext version tonight and wow.. the scenes that were cut out were awesome and made a difference.

  20. LQ version of new trailer out today for five armies. HQ should be up soon.
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