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  2. Looks really chaotic. Marvel has its shit much more in order.
  3. Not gonna read all that right now, but Hobbit was not a failed movie.
  4. Box office smash, storytelling fail
  5. [IMG]
    The king is here.
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  6. Kingdoms or Seas
  7. Looks pretty nice.
  8. For Suicide Squad but...

  9. you dont like?
  10. Just too lazy to start a thread. :p
  11. we can start a thread for the other movies once there is a trailer or a poster or even a synopsis. for now all future DC movies can live in this thread.
  12. That's not a bad idea since... well - every hero is going to be this movie even though it started out just a Man of Steel movie 2. It became a Superman vs Batman movie, then became a justice league prequel movie...
  13. [IMG]
  14. Um... why so SERIOUS?
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  17. Im freaking out right now
  18. So the new title is superman vs batman origins of justice?
  19. Yeah I noticed that too..
  20. I wish I hadn't seen that because I didn't really like it at all. Everything is very very dark and ugh, I am left unimpressed. Again it is only a teaser and not any indication of the film but it hasn't left a positive impression on me.

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