1. 12.18.15


    • John Boyega
    • Daisy Ridley
    • Adam Driver
    • Oscar Isaac
    • Andy Serkis
    • Domhnall Gleeson
    • Max von Sydow
    • Harrison Ford as Han Solo
    • Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa
    • Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
    • Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
    • Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
    • Kenny Baker as R2-D2
    Set approximately thirty years after Return of the Jedi and the demise of Darth Vader, the plot centers around a trio of young leads, along with characters from the previous installments.

    There's been a bunch of story rumors but I'm not going to post any of that. Nothing has been confirmed anyway and it's mostly bs.



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  2. You guys have no idea how excited I am for this movie.
  3. Harrison Ford back on his feet yet?
  4. Give the guy a break, he's 72 years old.

    The fact that he is still willing to do his own stunts, is a testament to his spry manliness.
    I genuinely doubt I'll even live to 72.
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  5. lol ^ Spry he is not. Senior Citizen Jones. Decrepit Solo.. I guarantee you this.. IHe's been told he won't be doing his own stunts again at least for this movie lol.
  6. And then.. a stunt comes up that needs to be done that only he can do..
  7. Make fun of the aging all you want, but with a net worth of over 200 million... fords probably laughing tears and wiping them away with C-Notes.
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  8. Well i remember last year in the discussion on the new trilogy i said the original cast was doable if they played their own age. Plus Carrie Fisher lost quite a bit of weight for the new part. I remember a few people saying it wasn't gonna happen with the original 3 coming back.......

    Size is a little big, but i can see her as a 60 year old Princess Leia. Can't you??? Im Pumped up for this

    I find your lack of faith disturbing lol
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  9. pfft those pics especially Fisher.. that's nothing more than photoshop. Child please.
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  11. That's fucking awesome and what I wanted to hear. I mean I wasn't expecting some shit movie from a guy like JJ but when you get a new person at the helm of something like Star Wars you can't help but have some doubts and the whole lens flare shit and whatnot.

    I get they'll do some cgi/green screens.. you have to obviously but thank god they are going back to the roots. I want to see shit that feels organic to me. This will be the top grossing movie ever easily.
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  13. Movie is going to be so full of win man... just please no lens flare.. pls for the love of god.
  14. Did The Force go to sleep at some point?
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  15. Yeah what kind of a title is that anyway. The force awakens?

    So I've read some spoilers which I won't go into here but I am definitely liking where this flick is going if they are true involving Luke. 1st Trailer is done by the way and they wrapped up shooting more or less. I have 0 worries about this movie except if I see one goddamn lens flare. 1.. I am happy though that he won't be doing the next ones and of course the solo films.

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