1. I don't.
  2. Has anyone considered when Snoke at the start of the new trailer is maybe talking about Luke .."when I saw you.. potential, power etc" I mean Snoke is supposedly old as hell and possibly an ancient sith lord. Just sayin..
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  4. It says, "Light or Darkness?" PLEASE let Rey go to the dark side and have Kylo come back to the light. PLLEEEEASSSE. Technically it would be a creative risk but damn it would be cool.
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  6. I was never a huge Star Wars fan, I actually kinda hated force awakens. This looks like ittl be entertaining though. I hate Rey, Finn, and Kylo though. Don't know how i could enjoy this set of movies if I hate the 3 most important characters.
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  7. Force Awakened was definitely worth disliking, as the characters you just mentioned
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  8. I also wasn't feeling the force awakens.To me it felt more like a reboot then a sequel

    It's like all JJ did was take episode 4 change it around just a little bit and gave us the force awakens
  9. I can't see Rey going full dark. I'm pretty sure that in the end this trilogy is going to have a happy ending (well, except for Leia). I can definitely see them having Rey defeat Luke so that she can go do something like save her friends (a la Empire), thus his line about how it's not going to go how she thinks.

    That's probably also how she ends up getting force-owned by Snoke, which I guess means Luke has to go die and save her.

    So really I'm now expecting episodes 5.5 and 6.5. I mean, it looks like we get a new Hoth too.

    Edit: Of course I could just be falling for their misdirection too.
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  10. last trailer looked good!
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  13. Spoiler kinda.. I wish I had not seen this yet at least for me so just a FYI. May mean something..may just be what was available to use but someone else doesn't have it so..

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  14. I stay away from TV spots.
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  16. So there is a guy who is credible with leaks and ..no I am not going to discuss them here..but man oh man there is some serious head scratching going on.

    Obviously gonna see the movie and decide for myself but yikes. Not a lot of happy fans. Sounds like Rian and Disney had some Durr moments.
  17. I dunno man. One headline i saw yesterday was that the reaction is "overwhelmingly positive". Anyways i'm staying away from this thread for the next 48hrs.
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