1. YAH...said no one. :(
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  2. Meh.
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  3. Just meh? Doesn't get you hyped DM?
  4. I wasn't a fan of Force Awakens, so I'm going into this with low expectations. That didn't look too bad though.
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  5. Not Too bad? Meh? What are you guys smoking lol. That looked awesome. One less JJ movie. This trailer actually makes me feel the movie will be awesome and original. TFA trailer..that one..was great but it always felt JJish and New Hope ish.
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  6. I marked out big when I saw snoke choking the hell out of Rey and when Rey was asking advice from Kylo. She's totally going to the dark side. Once she is corrupted enough we will get the true successor to both sith and jedi, Ben Solo.
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  7. You assume she was talking to Kylo. The same as who is Snoke talking to and who is Luke talking to. Lots of misdirection in this trailer.

    To me Snoke is always talking to Rey.. Snoke had or himself dropped her off on Jakku. Kylo is holding his hand out to Luke and Rey is either talking to Luke about the help for guidance stuff or obi or Yoda if she has learned to commune but that is highly doubtful.

    It could be Kylo still but those backgrounds were from two different scenes.

    Snoke is an ancient sith Lord sucking the life out of force wielders thus his somewhat regeneration in the face and I will guess Leia is the one until he gets his hands on Luke.

    That's probably what pisses off Kylo to go back to Luke thus he doesn't kill her in the space scene. I have no freaking clue as to what will happen to Luke or which way he will go. He is looking more like a scared and indecisive person than a Jedi.

    Not so sure about the grey Jedi theory anymore.
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  8. I said, "Meh." because I really dislike this post-Lucas SW world. I mean specifically the world that takes place after the original trilogy. Not stuff like Rebels.

    And yeah, that scene at the end of the trailer is definitely two different scenes.
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  9. New Director, new expectations as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to jump on any pessimistic or optimistic bandwagon just yet, not until I see the final product.

    Every Star Wars movie since the original trilogy has upped the excitement and drama In the second installment and while I'm hardly expecting to be wowed along the same lines as Empire strikes back, I do foresee a momentum shift intended to rectify the deficiencies of TFA.
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  10. I would actually be very okay with Rey turning to the dark side and Kylo coming back.
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  11. Alot of misdirection for sure, I am still smarting over the misdirection of Finn being a Jedi in the old TFA trailers, and then they took a dump on his character making him a dancing clown that gets his ass kicked by robots and chewbaccas alike.
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  12. Me too. Finn became the character nobody will care about. I suspect they will try to make him cool due in an effort to fix TFA but with Rey, Kylo and Poe around, good luck.
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  13. Couldn't even give him the Han Solo role as the new Millennium Falcon pilot lol, they gave that to Rey and had her be the Jedi.

    Clown got a kiss on the head and left in the morgue for the second half of the movie

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  14. Or Kylo tells her he is her brother and dies vs Snoke in front of Rey and Finn becomes the next Jedi to take on Rey or turn her back since they are so close.

    There are so many ways this could go it's nuts. I still think Snoke kills Leia in front of Kylo and he just goes bananas and dies. Maybe Luke goes to save Rey and fails or ends up fighting evil Rey and Snoke.

    Seems Finn will go back to the Order to save Rey. I am still not sure how he is openly walking around like that in the officer suit unless he convinced them he isn't a traitor.

    I do not see how that is possible as Kylo would slice and dice him instantly. They showed him in the monkey suit way too much to just be something he ripped off an officer.

    Either way I expect Finn to be with Luke at the end and Rey a baddie and Kylo dead?
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  15. I get being a little miffed at a theatrical trailer red herring, but I have to ask.....what's so inherently special about finn's character that elevates him to a more deserving and notable status over rey? I can understand having a certain archetypal preference, but in my estimation neither has that certain je ne sais quoi that distinguishes one over the other. Rey was written to be the central protagonist, finn the support......the end.

    To be perfectly honest, I'm more concerned with what they are doing with Lukes character. If even just half of hammil's vexation over the direction the character is heading is justified, then say goodbye to skywalker and hello to "Skytalker".
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  16. Doesn't the tree / towers @39 secs into the new trailer remind you of:

  17. Well the tree or the remnants of the tree that you see in the trailer came from a fragment of the force sensitive tree that was in the center of the Jedi Temple. The emperor had the tree taken down and only 2 living fragments remained. Luke recovered the two fragments and while he kept one for himself he gave the other to the pilot who helped him to recover the fragment, Poe's mother. So maybe its a nod to that connection or its just a coincidence.
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  18. Yea thats just it, the trailer trolled us hard on his character. And I like Rey, but I am saying if not a Jedi they should have atleast let him be the new Millennium Falcon pilot. Having Rey wear all those hats just added to the trolling of the initial trailer
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  19. Idk if I want him to be a Lando or a Mace.. maybe neither. He has strength, courage and leadership traits but also he embodies what Yoda said:. "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate... leads to suffering."

    Maybe a martyr too in the making. Also, Disney isn't likely to kill off a lead black man anytime soon on top of he is a really good actor I believe. It would be a waste this trilogy.

    Krillin, too soon!

    Speaking of that sentiment..I do not see any of the big 3 (4?) dying off this trilogy except for Gleeson's maybe. That ginger is just too evil.

    They better be careful though. "We are running out of old geezers!"
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