1. I was surprised that there wasn't already a thread for this.

    Summary (as though none of you know anything about it)

    The Last Jedi is scheduled for release on December 15, 2017.

    I've never seen the Skellig islands look like that. It was a nice surprise to see them featured at much at the end of Episode VII and it looks like they'll be used much more in this one.
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  2. What does he mean by its time for the Jedi to end? The war to end or no more Jedi?
  3. I'm going to put this in spoilers because some people might not want to read guesses and hypothisis on the plot. I don't think it matters because nothing is confirmed one way or the other yet though.

    The think the seeds have been sown in various ways that Rey won't end up being a jedi. Luke is the last one and she'll be someone who's grey with the force. The Jedi are light, the sith are Dark and the balance is somewhere in between.

    There is a lot of discussion around who Rey's parents are and the popular opinion seems to be that she may be aKenobi. Personally I don't like the theory and I think she's a Skywalker but we'll soon see. Either way though I don't think she'll be a jedi.

    Below is a video I saw a few months ago that I thought explained things quite well. As with all of these theories though you can find evidence for just about anything. A great example if the Jarjar Binks sith theory.

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  4. [IMG]

    That poster though. :shiny:
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  5. Poster is awesome
  6. It was a teaser so keeping it in perspective but the new trailer was meh. Anyone who has watched the lost eps with Yoda and the whills from clone wars or kept up with Rebels knows where this is headed.

    ...and that is what Lukey meant with buhbye jedi. I can spoil the whole movie if you guys want. Even the poster is a huge giveaway.


    Also in that shot 1:11 there is a 3rd person watching Rey saber train to the right.
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  7. ^
    Don't spoil it but you kinda just did smh
  8. Then again I honestly have no idea cause I am jusr a fan.
  9. I'm with you on this. The trailer was meh. Nothing special. And I agree with where Luke wants to take this. He is finally going to do what Anakin should have done decades ago.
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  10. Yup. Definitely going towards something gray. I am not hyped at all for this. Not after the poop that was TFA. There is definitely something missing from the sequels now that Disney has control and there is no George Lucas.
  11. I blame that more on JJ tbh. Kennedy was with Lucas forever and she knows.. lol what if the standalone movies like rogue one end up all being better than the sequels. what?!!?!
  12. So I was just curious.. after watching S3 of rebels when I noticed Ezra talking to the Sith holocron. Is it possible that Kylo Ren was doing the same thing in Force Awakens when he was talking to Vader supposedly.
  13. I'm not sure how I feel about this, you could look at it one way or another... either way is has left me feeling a bit nervous.

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  14. ehh.. Mark needs to stfu. Let's be honest he is known for 2 things: Luke and Joker which are iconic both but take your money and renewed fame and go back to animation VA before you and Ford complete the trifecta. Too soon?
    I have no idea if Rian will produce a pos or not just like the director for the next one. God help them if they do but Skywalker needs to go sit in the corner and shoosh.
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  16. [IMG]
    The Praetorian Guards of Supreme Leader Snoke.
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  17. [IMG]
    Supreme Leader Snoke from Hasbro's Black Series 6" figure line. Gives you an idea of how he looks.
    And here are some images of Snoke's ship, the Supremacy
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  18. The ship is cool and everything but why do they feel the need to name it the same ole bs. Super Mega Ridiculous Extra FU in your Face Star Destroyer. How about... Supremacy of the First Order or First Order Supremacy.
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