1. Trailer
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  2. Everyone that hated the last jedi movie felt hyped for this.
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  3. I've been Star Wars burned so...my levels of hype are now forever low.
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  4. Full trailer
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  5. Memorial Day, not Christmas? Sounds like it's about to be more than 1/year.

    Looks like generic action flick A, B, and C. "I was kicked out for having a mind of my own." Instant expectation killer.
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  6. I am seeing the same vibe. I cannot tell you how many posts I have seen of people pissed off asking what Disney has done with their Shipper bs. :rolleyes:

    I've been burned too between the TNT/TBS SW marathons lol and TLJ debates. I still think that movie is an abomination.
    This movie and Rebels will be enough for awhile.

    As for Solo..and I loved ROne so I dig these side flicks.. has me on the fence. Everyone wants this dude to look like Harrison Ford. I don't know where to begin on that nonsense. He is close enough and he is supposed to be younger. Wth do people want a clone?

    We hardly saw or heard anything from him but I think he will do a fantastic job. I mean Rian did not write this script so we shouldn't expect some TLJ cringe jokes but the comedy should be there and be well written. Lando's actor looked awesome and I like just like in Rogue One how they show us the kind of industrial inner workings of the Empire like we got in Clone Wars and Rebels.

    What people do not understand is RO and this movie are so much what Lucas and Filoni did in Clone Wars animated and Rebels. The stories that give us more detailed history of the SW universe than what we got in 6 movies.

    There is so much more that Lucas / Filoni told and wanted to tell it is amazing so shit like Solo is important to me and the real SW. Writers for some of the Rebels eps and Rogue One are writing some comics for TLJ to fill in the blanks.

    In time Filoni and co. will fill in the years between rotj and tfa and then we will get more detailed stories and information from tfa through tlj and the next movie. Animation and side movies is where it's at baby.
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  7. Honestly, based off this trailer I think they are gonna fuck up Han Solo's character.
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  8. Just to piss everyone off... see if you can distinguish between young Han in this trailer and young Kirk in the first Star Trek reboot.

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  9. :rolleyes:
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