1. Brah that was back in May. It's August now. It's like 2 months apart plus I didn't hear anything about the development or the actors filming. It's like I was completely in the dark about this till 2 weeks ago.
  2. I don't think anybody here heard anything about this until after the movie had entered the post-production phase.
  3. They were showing a ton of trailers and TV spots on ESPN that's all I kept seeing when i was watching that channel for this movie. especially during Shark Week
  4. Movie was really good. Liked the fact that they made some tie-ins with the previous films, and even had Malfoy say the classic phrase from them. They say that the next film if they make it will be about the war between the apes and man so that should be good.
  5. still...
    war between us and apes? there is 7 billion of us with experience and knowledge few hundred millions (if we are generous here) with smarts but nothing else :D

    i expect lots of nukes in second movie. or trying to kill apes they will kill themselves with blowing up rainforests.
  6. I liked this movie but I was expecting another conflict before the movie ended. It gave me the same feeling as a chapter of The Breakers.
  7. Well, we would be dealing with apes that are stronger, faster, and smarter than us because of the virus.
    Plus a human population that is being decimated by a world wide pandemic caused by an enhanced version of the virus that is making the apes smarter.
  8. Reminds me of the shit going down in London.
  9. Who's tha apes muthafuka :fry, :troll
  10. The movie was really good. I had fun watching it, really entertaining. Caesar's so awesome haha. The guy who took car of him I forget his name should have seen this coming when he started questioning his leash.
  11. Ya, James Franco's character seemed to arbitrarily jump from treating Caesar as a family member to treating him like a pet.

    At the same time, Ceasar has gotten suspiciously quickly attached to the apes. James Franco raises him for 8 or so years, and it takes a week or two for Ceasar to feel more at home with a bunch of apes that kicked his ass, because why? They look more similarly?
    As an unusually intelligent chimp, he has more in common with humans than some gorillas...

    All in all, it was a decent movie though. I think given the concept they did well.
  12. yea...movie was better than I expected...still say the apes would have died easily...and since they fled into the forests...just takes a few controlled burns to get them out and gunned down proper

    but the part where Caesar spoke and screamed NO bothered me on some level for some reason...got uncomfortable goosebumps
  13. Watched it today and really liked it. It actually makes sense, that they could possibly take over the world once the end credits start to roll. Also like the references to the other movies...also once again I wanted to jump through the screen and punch Malfoy in the nuts.

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