1. http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/05/28/cowabunga-michael-bay-to-revive-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles/

    Couldn't find a thread about this. If it exists somewhere just merge this thread with that one.

    Anyway, this makes me want to cry. I hated what Bay did to Transformers. Being a bigger fan of TMNT this does not make me happy. I can only hope it's a full CGI movie like the last one
  2. I just punched my self in the testicles ...


    You can't Bayplosion ... you just can't

    Maybe since they are working with Paramount and Nickelodeon to re-adapt it though it wont be complete fail.
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  3. Enough with the remakes!
  4. There just aren't any creativity anymore.
  5. That was awesome.

    I haven't seen those movies in years so I didn't know it was comnig.
  6. I saw this last week on tv and this exact part had me LMFAO!!!!
    To think when I was younger watching this movie I never remember the foot ninja bitch slapping april.
  7. Yeah...all the reboots are bothering me. But more than that, it's the fact that it's a Michael Bay remake that makes me worried.

    At a very young age this taught me everything I needed to know about women.
  8. imokwiththis.pdf
  9. You'll be ok with it until Mikey starts wielding nun-chucks made of dynamite
  10. Daaaaam I remember seeing that movie in the theater when I was a little kid. Too bad I forgot about that scene til now.
  11. >implying that would be a bad thing
  12. ^Yeah, that would be great.

    I'm pretty excited to see the turtles in theaters again. Seeing a new "envision" will be pretty interesting. I just hope it's done in the style of the 90s movies, and not CGI.

    And besides...if it sucks...I can just pop in my VHS tapes of the old ones and make the pain go away, haha
  13. New info has surface. Bay are making the Turtles aliens in the new film.

    All of my hate
  14. Bay has no idea what any of this is.
  15. Bay does like to lie about plot. I hope to god he is about alien turtles.
  16. If he's not I hope he kills himself.
  17. Krang possibly the villain of the new film

  18. They will also prefer healthier alternatives to pizza.
  19. In b4 people start crying that the turtles are aliens. Oh wait you guys already are. You just as bad as /co/. Can we already get some pictures, plot or concept art before we start petitioning to have Bay killed for treason? Also Krang as the main villian mean they might be taking the plot more into the space adventure side of the Turtles which we've rarely gotten to see until the 2003 animated series.

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