1. So just watched this. Oh there is a after credits scene just fyi and also some screenshots during the credits time to time.
    First off the music was awesome. Had a really grand symphony feel going on that caught my attention even during the end credits. I was mostly whelmed for the whole flick. Nothing spectacular. Nothing horrible. Oh during the end credits at various spots you'll see the screenshots of final battle.. thought that was kind of cool. I'm not a huge fan of blum's voicing Lex. Sounds.. odd. I like what they did with Aquaman though. Watchtower coming soon. Also there were a few cameos for heroes.
  2. [IMG]

    I'm probably not the only one that thought that. :awesome

    As for the movie, the plot wasn't anything special, and neither was most of the dialogue.
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  3. It was a vehicle for introducing Aquaman into the JL and I think a Aquaman movie was way over due. They just did a very half ass job. Not impressed with this new 52 crew especially war and this one. Shoving in the watchtower and naming aquaman at the end in a matter of seconds was odd.

    Also, I hate the new WW from her costume to her voice acting... thought it might get better but she is so annoying? awkward maybe? Seems too damn manly even though she's a Amazon. They are pushing these movies out fast though..we have another one coming this year: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Justice-League-Gods-and-Monsters-Blu-ray/113482/
  4. damn mera and wonder woman arent holding back are they, stabbing and slicing away. a pretty brutal movie for kids.
    apart from the feeling that some of the scenes felt a bit rushed, i liked it. and lol at, manta getting taken out like a boss.
  5. brutal for kids?? Where have you been for the last few dc animated movies. This was lame compared to flashpoint.
    Times I heard the word shit lol: 8 I love Nathon for GL but make him a hero and not some insulting jackass. Is that what the guardians saw in him? Really getting old.
  6. this movie was a let down for me. I was expecting this to be as cool as the last few DC movies. The art and animation were ok but the story was pretty boring.
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  7. Is batman saving everyone's rears a theme for these JL movies?
  8. I thought the movie was ok.
  9. Justice league comics in general
  10. I appreciate that they have to introduce aquarium..but I hate when they have to nerf the other characters to make him the hero

    Supes...WW...and GL struggled against Ocean Master?

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